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Noodle Tools Basics

Jan 20, 2016




Noodle Tools Basics. 11/21/2008 CB South English Dept. [email protected] Log In. Choose a username and password that you will remember Maybe your CB log in info?. You have been automatically authenticated into the Central Bucks School District subscription. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Noodle Tools Basics

Noodle Tools Basics11/21/2008CB South English [email protected]

Log InChoose a username and password that you will rememberMaybe your CB log in info?You have been automatically authenticated into the Central Bucks School District subscription.Make a ListCreate a New ListTitle it something relevant to project/ assignment

Try a CitationUse the drop down to select the resource type you needYou will need to review different types of resources

There will be a series of questions to help you determine if you have selected the correct resource typeComplete the entries with information from the source

Help buttons can aid student in finding what they need

AnnotationsAdd an annotationAt the bottom of the basic information entry

Try an AnnotationEnter some information in the Annotation boxDont trust the option not to time-out on youType in Word firstTry a note cardFrom your homepage, select the Note Cards button at the top of the screen.

Note Card Features

TAGSPrint & e-mailAnti-PlagiarismTry to ShareReturn to your Test list

Select an entry to share

Type in your name and your share folder nameGilbert Test Share (case specific)

Create a Share folderReturn to your homepage

Scroll to the bottom

Select the Sharing Setup button

Create a folder name that will be SPECIFIC and EASY for students to useEx. Your Name + course Ex. Your Name + Assignment

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