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Nonfiction Intro Presentation

Dec 05, 2014




Nonfictiontime and place in which events occur
The sequence of events in a story
Who’s telling it?
But wait… there’s more!
Ex: smell, taste, feel, touch, see, hear
Tone: the way the writer feels about his/her subject.
Ex: sarcastic, hateful, admiring
Informational Nonfiction
A book or article written to explain real things by using facts.
Introduction Gives a general description about the topic
Body Specific details about the topic
Conclusion Summary of the important points
Personal/Literary Nonfiction
Characters A person other than the author.
Setting A specific period in a person’s life and place(s) where the story occurs
Plot High or low point of his or her life
Characters The person writing the story.
Setting A specific period in the author’s life and place(s) where the story occurs.
Plot High or low points of his or her life.
4. Theme 5. Point of View
6. What is the tone of a story?
7. What does description mean in literature?
8. What is the difference between fiction and nonfiction?
9. What is personal/literary nonfiction? Give examples.
10. What is informational nonfiction? Give examples.
11. What is the difference between autobiography and biography?
12. List the elements of literary/personal nonfiction.
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