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Noah Guthrie, YouTube Cover Genius

May 21, 2015


This is a PowerPoint Presentation about Noah Guthrie, a bluesy-pop YouTube sensation, more commonly known for his cover of LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It".

  • 1. Noah Guthrie 2014 - Noah Guthrie. All Rights Reser

2. Noah GuthrieIts not difficult to assume that you have probably never heard of Noah beforeThe 19 year-old signer/songwriter is described as having a Pop/Americana sound blended with soul (, 2014). This young and ingenious YouTube sensation is revered for his creative covers of songs. Although he is most well known for his cover of LMFAOs Sexy and I Know It which has been viewed over 20 million times and climbing. 2014 - Noah Guthrie. All Rights Reserved. 3. Noah Guthrie This South Carolina native has had tremendous musicality since the age of 13 when he was gifted the first of many guitars. Noah credits his raspy and blues-like voice to his father who helped him hone his vocal talent at a young age. Since then, this old soul has been building a 4. Noah Even though his Guthrie popularity has gained a lot of momentum in the last year, his true fans will recognize his YouTube handle as Only1Noah. Noah also very consistently maintains his social media sites such as: Facebook: only1noah 2014 - Noah Guthrie. All Rights Reserved. Twitter: @only1noah Instagram: 5. Noah Guthrie Noah is all about his fans. In one interview with OK! Magazine about his new album, he said, its a piece of me (Kaitlin Menza, 2013). He thought it was time for [his fans] to know [him] for [his] original music and not just [his] covers anymore (2013). His fans helped fund his original album Among The Wildest Things through campaigns on and and were able to raise over $39,000! The NoahNation has been there since the beginning 6. Noah Guthrie In her article Musicians & Social Media: 5 Tips, Debra Eckerling breaks down five important rules to follow to build a social media following: 1. Find you audience. 2. Post meaningful, sharable content. 3. Engage your current fans. 4. Continue the social push IRL. Hand out swag. Put up flyers. 5. Post consistently. So where does artist Noah Guthrie rank by these 7. Noah Guthrie1. Find your audience. Noah has definitely found that audience. His social media followers have supported him monetarily and with praise to pursue his dreams of being a recording artist. With his 80+ college tour this year, he is bound to win over more hearts with his lovely, soulful music. 8. Noah Guthrie 2. Post meaningful, sharable content. Yet again, Noah excels in another area! He is always posting pictures of his creative processes and concerts for his fans to be up-to-date with what hes working on and involved in. He also shouts out his other artistic friends and acquaintances who have collaborated with him in 9. Noah Guthrie 3. Engage your current fans. There is always something new buzzing on Noahs social media pages. On special occasions or holidays, he has posted a free track to download from his website. There is always a Facebook event created for every concert he performs where his followers can like and accept or decline the invites. Although he is busy on tour, he doesnt fail to post a new cover the keep his fans attention. 10. Noah Guthrie 4. Continue the social push IRL. Hand out swag. Put up flyers. Noah does his very best to tweet and pose for Instagram pictures as his concerts. He has even posted pictures of fans on his personal profiles who have travelled very long distances to see him. Hopefully in the future he will start posting more Behind the Scenes pictures to show his audience what goes on before a set. 11. Noah Guthrie 5. Post consistently. This young artist is newer to the world of Instagram, but on his way to being more out there! He updates his Twitter and Facebook feed often with his events, concerts and new YouTube covers. As he gains more popularity, his social media sites are sure to be more frequently 12. Noah GuthrieThe best way to find more information about Noah Guthrie is through his new website: 13. Noah Guthrie On his website, fans and business associates can: Check out the latest News Check out his Media Look up Tour Dates and Locations Read the Lyrics to the songs off his album Learn more About Only1Noah Purchase merchandise at the Store Contact his agent for Bookings And Sign Up for email newsletters and special offers 14. Noah GuthrieAs he gains more experience in the industry, believe it or not, he'll be capable of even greater things, so this is just a small taste of what his full talent level will be able to produce. At the end of the day, though, it's arguable that the album [Among The Wildest Things] is one of the catchiest, most diverse of the year, and as such, it's getting the score that it's getting today. What an artist! - Jonathan Frahm, Yahoo Contributor Network 15. Noah Guthrie Download Noahs new album Among The Wildest Things NOW on iTunes for only$7.99! Presentation By: Heidi Whitnall