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Nov 16, 2015




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    [email protected] 864-656-4762 March 30, 2015

    From the

    On Saturday, 37 Honors students attended Clemson's first Global Symposium, an event designed to showcase many of the international opportunities available to Clemson students and to inspire the entire community to a higher level of global engagement and citizenship.

    The student attendees heard a keynote address by Dr. Ken Addison of Oxford University on global climate change; presentations by current students and Clemson alumni on a wide range of international experiences; and a concluding talk by a Peace Corps alumnus on the cultural differences between the United States and his host country, Mozambique.

    The Symposium inspired me to write this week to en-courage you to think about how you can be more glob-ally engaged throughout your Clemson years and be-yond. Now would be a great time to think about making study abroad or an international internship a vital part of your undergraduate experience. You might commit to taking a foreign language or other international course next semester, resolve to keep better track of international news and issues, or find other ways to become a better global citizen.

    Thanks to all our Honors student delegates to the Glob-al Symposium! We hope to see even more Honors stu-dents at this event in the coming years.

    Dr. Lasser


    Fulbright Grant Interest Meetings

    The Fulbright US Student Program is the US Gov-ernments premier program of international edu-

    cational exchange, providing support for students

    to conduct independent study, research or Eng-lish language teaching in more than 150 coun-

    tries. Most grants are for a full academic year (9-10 months). To be eligible, applicants must be

    US citizens and possess at least a baccalaureate

    degree by the start date of the grant. Enrolled undergraduates apply in the fall of their senior

    year. Graduate students are also eligible, provid-

    ed that they do not have a doctoral degree in hand at the time of application. To learn more

    about the Fulbright US Student Program, please plan to attend one of the following sessions:

    Tuesday March 31

    All meetings are at 7:00PM in 108 Till-


    Clemsons Fulbright representative is Dr.

    Stephen Wainscott ([email protected]).

    For additional information go to http://

    Course Planning

    Need help with course

    scheduling for Fall 2015?

    Dont forget that you must

    register for one honors course

    every semester. If you wish

    to speak to one of your Hon-

    ors Academic Advisors about

    course planning, please email one of them at

    their email addresses below.

    Leah Boyd ([email protected])

    Joey Dunaway ([email protected])

    mailto:[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]://us.fulbrightonline.orghttp://us.fulbrightonline.orgmailto:[email protected]:[email protected]

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    [email protected] 864-656-4762 March 30, 2015

    mailto:[email protected]://

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    [email protected] 864-656-4762 March 30, 2015

    mailto:[email protected]://