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Nison Expert Level Web Class Exclusively for Owners of Nison Expert Level Web Class Exclusively for Owners of Nison Mega Package and and Candlesticks ReRe-IgnitedIgnited Topic : The

Mar 19, 2020




  • Nison Expert Level Nison Expert Level Web Class Web Class

    Exclusively for Owners of Exclusively for Owners of Nison Mega PackageNison Mega Package and and CandlesticksCandlesticks ReRe IgnitedIgnitedCandlesticks Candlesticks ReRe--IgnitedIgnited

    Topic: The ADXTopic: The ADX

  • 1) If trend is up and ADX slope is down indicates trend is1) If trend is up and ADX slope is down indicates trend is  up – no 

    2) If the trend is down and the ADX slope is up it  indicate downward momentum – no

  • ADX increasing  shows strongshows strong  trend, but price  trends are  different

  • To measure the strong and weak trend price difference is  measured from today' s close of the candlestick to priormeasured from today  s close of the candlestick to prior  close, is this correct way to measure to determine the  direction of trend.

  • 14 Period  Minimum: 14 Period  Strict: 14 

    PeriodADX slope  increasing 

    ADX slope  +.25 or  less

    Period  ADX slope  decreasing

    .5 or more less  decreasing

  • Minimum: ADX:18.57 ADX:18.26


    14 Period  ADX slope  + 25+.25 or  less 

    Strict: 14  PeriodPeriod  ADX slope  decreasing



  • ADX slope:  +1 52+1.52

    ADX slope:  +.93

    What candle patterns at the green arrows?

    h h ll ?What is the ADX telling us?

  • Candles and ADX

    ADX slope:  1 86+1.86

  • “ l d k h b l h“Entering a long position in an uptrending stock I want the ADX to be less than 0.25  and reversal candle formation so as to  enter on a retracement. Does the ADX  suggests that immediate counter trend (pullback) is weakening (

  • Candles and ADX

    Slope ‐.60

    Slope +1.32


    Slope +.96


  • Candles and ADX

    ADX slope: ADX slope:  +.43

    ADX slope:   ‐.30

  • Candles and ADX

    ADX slope:  +.19

    ADX slope: ‐ 70.70

  • I understand that I should wait for confirmation of a  support or resistance to initiate a trade therefore, is  thi th b t ti t l k t th ADX t id tifthis the best time to look at the ADX to identify a  possible momentum trade or a trend reversal? 

  • I was thinking of buying GM for a  longer term investment and was  willing  to give up a few $ to buy on g g p $ y momentum above the falling  window.  Note the high ADX, but  hammer held minor support. 

  • Momentum trading and ADX

    Steve‐ Apple has recently gone from 120 to 150 and the ADX 18 on a daily  basis has not moved  up. This is surprising. C ? P SComments? ‐ Pete S.

    Rule: Because of ADX lag use for seeing when trend slows, not when new trend starts

  • "If we have a candlestick signal confirming a prior resistance  or support, such as a bearish engulfing pattern confirming a  h ti t t th i t 12 b i b t thshooting star at the same resistance 12 bars prior, but the  ADX is still showing a relative strong trend (more than 0.5),  would you still consider going short given that it confirms  prior resistance?"

    Marc F.Marc F.

  • +.56

  • Candles and ADX

    ADX slope:  +.43

  • A l t A l iA l t A l iAccelerate your AnalysisAccelerate your Analysis

    Find Steve’s Find Steve’s d Ste e s Favorite Candle  Signals in

    d Ste e s Favorite Candle  Signals inSignals in  Seconds Signals in  Seconds

  • B t Y C dl C fidB t Y C dl C fidBoost Your Candle ConfidenceBoost Your Candle Confidence

    Is it a validIs it a validIs it a valid

    candle signal?

    Is it a valid

    candle signal?candle signal?candle signal?

  • R fi M k ti Ti iR fi M k ti Ti iRefine Marketing TimingRefine Marketing Timing

    Get Entry/ExitGet Entry/ExitGet Entry/Exit  Signals Before Get Entry/Exit  Signals Before Other Traders  See Them!

    Other Traders  See Them!See Them! See Them! 

  • Coming Soon! A Ni DVDAs Nison DVD

    owners you are on the first alert list tothe first alert list to be notified as soon

    as it released.

  • Exclusively Exclusively for Owners of for Owners of o O e s oo O e s o Nison Mega Nison Mega PackagePackage andandPackagePackage and and Candlesticks Candlesticks


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