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Horror Posters Nicole Stell
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1. Horror Posters Nicole Stell 2. Mirrors is a horror film released in 2008.It was directed by Alex Aja.The top of the poster mentions that it wasdirected by the same people who madeanother famous and successful film. This isto attract the other films fans. It gives cluesto the audience about what to expect.The face in the middle of the poster issuggesting what the film is going to consistof. Its blurred to suggest the speed of thescream.The mise-en-scene is very dark which impliesmystery and the unknown. This attracts theaudience as they want to find out what ishappening where they cant see.The film features Kiefer Sutherland andthey mention this in a big font above thetitle. This ensures that all fans of theactress come to see the film.The title is written in a red font. Red hasconnotations of blood, danger, violenceand passion. The letter R is mirrored toadd effect to the title. 3. This poster is from a remake of the 1984 film A NightmareOn Elm Street. This version was directed by Samuel Bayer.The mise-en-scene is dark around the edges but tintedred in the middle. The light flows in through the windowcreating a red glow, almost suggesting that the windowsare red with blood. Red has connotations ofblood, danger, passion and evil which suggest differentthings about the film. The characters are in a narrowand confined hallway implying that the more vulnerablecharacter is trapped. This appeals to the audiencebecause they can see a clearly dominant figure and thecamera is tilted up towards it. The dominant characterdoes not have a visible face, making the audienceintrigued to find out more about him.The vulnerable character on the poster is a youngfemale; a typical convention in horror films. Thefact that she is in a pool of blood up to her waistsuggests that she is getting smaller and weaker.This makes the audience want to know how shewill survive.The tagline is short yet still effective. By sayingYou it makes the audience involved with thefilm. It also gives a clue as to what the film isabout. 4. The film poster for Sinister is very effectiveand attracts the target audience by using arange of horror conventions.At the top of the poster, there is a sentencereminding the audience that it is made by theproducers of two other successful horror films.This gives the audience a hint of the genre of thefilm and what is to be expected. Any fans ofParanormal Activity and Insidious will be drawnto the film.The character on the poster is a child whichreflects the vulnerability of her and hersituation. The fact that she is looking down,suggests that she fears what is around her. Herface is not seen which adds mystery to thecharacter almost like she is hiding her identity.Also children are typically innocent and peopleempathise with them.The blood on the wall suggests what happensin the film. Blood suggests danger andviolence. The face in the blood is a hint ofwhat is to come, and suggests anothercharacter is dominant. 5. The Last House On The Left is a horror filmdirected by Dennis Iliadis. The poster usesdark mise-en-scene as a typical horrorconvention to have connotations of theunknown, because we cant see beyond themain focus of the house. The only lit area onthe poster is coming from behind thehouse, which leads the audience directly to it.The sky is black which is typically whenhorror films are set around.The word House is in a red font to makeit stand out. The colour red hasconnotations of danger, blood and evil.The word House looks smudged, almostlike it has been scratched out bysomeone.The tagline is very powerful and asks theaudience a rhetorical question to get theminvolved with the film. 6. The Exorcist poster uses the well-knowndirectors name William Friedkin to helpattract fans of his other films to this one.The full moon shows the time ofday, and the use of night time is atypical horror convention.The mise-en-scene is mainly dark with onlyone beam of light coming from a room inthe large house. This light frames asilhouette of a man. His identity is disguisedwhich leaves the audience asking questionsabout him.The bars in front of the house suggest thatsomeone is trapped within the grounds ofthe house. This implies that there is dangeraround because, the bars have links toprison and prison suggests danger andviolence.