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NHS Event | Learning on the Move | Webanywhere

Feb 07, 2017



Welcome & Introduction


Who are Webanywhere

Mobile Learning

Patient Training

Native Apps for Learning



Global Solution Provider

Practical Roadmap to Engaging ContentStu Dyson - Instructional Designer Jessica Dempsey - Instructional DesignerTotara LMSMoodleTin Can ApiTotara is an open-source scalable and configurable LMS, designed to meet the requirements of large, complex organisations

Moodle is the worlds most popular open-source LMSUsing Tin Can API youre able to track your employees learning; both online and offline

Course creation toolset enabling design of rich, engaging content directly within the platformPromatum

MASTER CLASSPractical Roadmap to Engaging ContentStu Dyson - Instructional Designer Jessica Dempsey - Instructional Designer

Mobile LearningA guide

Mobile Learning

Responsive Design

designed to change its appearance depending on different device sizes.Elements rearrange themselves depending on the type of device being used.

Why Responsive design?

Growing Demand for Smartphones

Multiple Screen Sizes and Mobile Browsers

Essential for Getting User Adoption

Everyone has a device now in the palms of their handsGetting users to use own devices and learn on the go means good responsive design

Advantages to users/learners

A Responsive website is flexible to use.

It automatically shuffles content, resizes images, and adjusts font size.

Users are able to read information as per their needs and preferences.

Saves users time while browsing the site.

Helps increasing the user experience.

Using Smartphone, Tablets, and Notebooks for accessing internet has become a common fashion or trend. A popularity or charm had been seen among the users for responsive sites as it serve the following advantages.


Mobile first development

Traditional Vs Mobile

Traditional Development

Build for PC, Build again for MobileMobile First Development

Build for Mobile, stretch for PCV

Traditional development: We build a websiteand then once its done look at developinga mobile site.Mobile first development: Knowing a lot ofpeople use mobile devices as their primaryinterface, all development is conductedensuring mobile compatibility in thefirst instance.

Mobile LearningA guide

Know your Audience

Mobile LearningA guide

Design for Mobile

e.g. INTERACTIVE CONTENTNot just downloadsThink about file size, large images etc (download speed)

Mobile LearningA guide

Bring your own device (BYOD)

e.g. INTERACTIVE CONTENTNot just downloadsThink about file size, large images etc (download speed)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Moodle/Totara supports mobile devices

Staff have access to many more devices than you could afford to supply

Have access to their own devices that they are more comfortable with

2016 Trends

BYOD will become more of a requirement than a privilege

Apps/cloud resources are becomingthe norm

Mobile LearningA guide

Train anywhereTrain on the move, Train at home, Train within the Organisation

When users are able to use their own devices they also have the ability to choose where they train. They can take training at home, wherever they are around the organisation or on the move.

In Situ training

One of the advantages of being able to train anywhere is to be able to have training in situ, for instance training taking place on the ward.

This means that users dont have to go to dedicated training suites, or take time away from the ward to do a small piece of training. It also means users can top up their training using downtime without having to find specialist equipment.

Pre induction training

One of the advantages of training anywhere is that you dont have to wait for a user to come on site on their first day to start doing their induction.

Once a job offer has been accepted you can give them access to the LMS and have them start their training before they start. This means that when they do start induction is shorter saving you time.

Peer led learning

One of the other advantages of being able to train anywhere is to collaborate with colleagues. A lot of the learning you do in a role comes from those around you, a mobile friendly LMS helps you to bring the LMS into these discussions.

It can let you work on group activities together, or to record new learning or mentoring that is helping you to progress.

Knowledge checks & Just in Time

Another useful benefit of being able to train anywhere is always being able to do small knowledge checks or look something up (just in time learning).

During downtime someone can practice with quizzing and if a new situation comes up they can use search functions to pull up the information they need.

Just in Case

What is it?Have you ever asked:Why do I need to know this?Then be told:because someday you will need it?

Just in Time

What is it?Learner Centric

Provides when needed

Customized content

Can be web based or Can have coaches on stand-by



Mobile LearningA guide

Patient Training

The ProcessPatient Initial ConsultationPatient Given Access to LMSPatient completes activitiesPatient 2nd Consultation {{ Too much information to take in at once }}{{ Patient understands more during 2nd consultation }}

LMS replaces leaflets, more up to date modern experience for consultations.

Re-Enforces understanding

Better understanding during consultation process

3 step approachInformationKnowledgeUnderstanding

Gathering information

Gaining knowledge

Confirming understanding

Moodle has activities/resources to enable this approach


Gathering informationProviding feedbackConfirming understanding? maybe?


pdfs/word/ppt files that can be downloaded

Slides embedded along with videos and interactive videos

Glossaries (Knowledge)


Support mechanism, private spaces

Live Chat(Knowledge)




Sample Course

ResponsiveAccess anywhereMobile first approachTracking


Mobile LearningA guide

Mobile App Learning

Native Vs Web


Simple interfaceQuick and easy accessOffline learning

Devices / Platforms

iOS / AndroidMoodle / Totara*

*Learning Content Only

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