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New Year’s Eve

Apr 15, 2017



New Years Eve

New Years EveEmma Garcia Prieto

New Years EveIn the morning:

Last preparations

New Years EveIn the afternoon:

Set the tablePrepare rest of foodCharge of receiving

New Years EveAt the night:

Typical new years eve programme

Thanks for listen to me

New Years EveI have chosen the New Years Eve because as the saying goes: New year, new lifeIn the morning, my mum bought last preparations for prepare the foodIn the afternoon I took a shower, got dressed and got ready. After we began to set the table and prepare the rest of the food. When it was time they came, I was in charge of receiving them. We took some pictures and when were all started eatingAt the night, we put the typical new years eve programme. When there were a few minutes, we gave the grapes. The chimes rang and I tried to keep up, but I not eat so fast. And then provide for a better year and all together