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New Year and christmas Celebrations

May 12, 2015


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  • 1.Celebration of Christmas and New Year

2. Introduction Celebration of Christmas and New Year is all about how these festivals arecelebratedaroundtheworld.Christmas is a joyful festival and the Birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and isvastly celebrated by Christians. It is celebrated on 25 Th of December every year. The celebration starts with the carols. New Year is the celebration of excitement and dreams for the next year 2014.Sincethesetwofestivalsarecelebrated in holidays, it is reunion and enjoyment for friends and family. 3. Preparations for Christmas: In every part of the world Christmas celebrations start in the starting of the December itself. Christians use to clean and whitewash their house. They will decorate their house with Christmas tree and Stars. Christmas tree plays an important role in the celebration part. People use to decorate the tree with Sparkled Balls and Stars. It is tied in Colourful and attractive ribbons. Even shops and Stores also have these Christmas trees and Stars. They use to set toys depicting Jesus birth 4. Christmas Carols Carols is nothing but informing the friends, family and neighbours that the Christmas have arrived by singing songs about Lord Jesus and about Christmas importance and celebration. People use to sing these songs in public places and stores and neighbourhood to spread the spirit of Christmas and collect money for charity. Santa Claus is always accompanied by this Carols group. Every church has carols group. 5. Christmas day celebrations: The Christians use to get ready in their best and go to the churches on the 24 Th evening itself. They attend the long mass about Lord Jesus history and the importance of his birth to save the mankind. In the morning they use toexchange Christmas gifts between friends and Family. They have an enjoyable dinner with their loved ones. Children receive gifts from Santa Claus. They use to attend many Message of Christmas:shows and Carnivals are arranged in favour of Christmas.Since Christmas is also celebrated by non Christians in large number, it is not only the celebration about the birth of Jesus Christ and religious songs; it is the celebration of Brotherhood and Kindness. It is the festival of Love. So, spread the love and kindness as the message of Jesus Christ. 6. New Year Celebration: New Year is celebrated on the 1 st January of Georgian calendar. New Year is the festival for all ages particularly for their celebrations and dreams for the year. The New Year celebrations start on the evening of 31 December as New Year Eve. Hotels and Clubs will arrange the New Year party on that night in a grand manner. On 1 January people use to visit church for the special mass and prayer and exchange greetings and gifts for New Year with their loved ones. 7. Wishes you 8. The Solution For your search Since 1998 No. 1 Free Tamil Matrimonial Sites with Lakhs of Brides & GroomsRegistration is Free !! 9.

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