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New Traditions in Public Safety Is change possible in our culture?

Dec 28, 2015



  • New Traditionsin Public SafetyIs change possible in our culture?

  • Whats this up to now?

  • A Different Perspective

  • First Defining PointWhose presentation is this?

  • Traditions/CultureWhy do we do what we do?What is our job about?What traditions exist in our workplace?

    How we answer these defines the culture

  • On TraditionsHow do we recognize or find an old tradition?

  • A HintThey are in the

    Thats The Way Weve Always Done It Book

    (Thanks Stacy!)

  • Assessing your Culture

    What pronouns do we use?Are we passionate about our work?New EmployeesPubic Safety Mentality

  • On Public Safety Passion

    How do we show our passion?

  • Passion Simple Organizational Test

    When discussing a perceived issue, is it about provement or improvement?

  • on Public Safety Leadership

  • Public Safety Team FindingsStatus and EgoUs vs. ThemLow Standards Policy DrivenAmbiguityNever at FaultArtificial Harmony Talk About OthersInvulnerability Never WrongThe Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Lencioni

  • Leadership Construct #1Our Management does not know what they want until we tell them

  • Leadership Construct #2Staff gets the Leadership they ask for or deserve

  • Leadership Construct #3You get what you give If you dont like what youre getting, you better check and change what youre giving.

  • Core ValueHumor Me

  • Old Traditions

  • Our Needed Traditions

    Unconditional Respect

    Development from Within

    Passion Without Negativity

    Common Unified Premise(s)

  • Back to BasicsProactive / Positive (Shift away from Negativity)Solution FocusedIt isnt about provement anymoreWe are the stewards of our attitudeMission OrientedEducation Based Structure Focused on Professional DevelopmentLeadership Team 25% what we do and 75% how we get it done

  • On the Education Based StructureKnowledge is the only instrument that is not subject to diminishing returns.J.M. Clark

    The only things that evolve by themselves in an organization are disorder, friction, and malperformance. Peter Drucker

  • What is our message with Correction and Discipline?

  • Policy Specific DisciplinePolicy Enforcement is ChallengingConsistency is a ConcernCorrection Occurs in One AreaProblems Appear in Other AreasComparatives to Other Employees Performance Always Create Noise

  • DisciplineProgressivePrioritized Offense DrivenUn-BiasedConcentric Circle Model

  • Concentric Circle ModelFocus on the TargetIndividualTeamDepartmentOutside Depts.ProfessionWhat did I/we do to cause this?Eliminate the background noise

  • Basis for Effective Discipline

  • 33.3% or One Third TestPole Top 1/3 of Staff at Various LevelsCompare to Actions of Party in QuestionDocument the FindingsSame Actions = Education for Entire TeamDifferent Actions = Opportunity to RemediateEducation Based Model

  • Education Based ModelDiscipline What definition is applied?Education is best done as a positive vs. a negative (initially)It is far easier to document education than it is to document disciplineIn many cases, we give the employee an eraser

  • Education Based Model

  • EBM Key Concept

    It is not the event / occurrence that matters, but how the party responds to education / redirection!(Think about Construct #3) Provide the Opportunities and Tools

  • 5 Cardinal SinsDereliction of DutiesDishonestyDestruction of Property / Injury to OthersWanton Irresponsibility (including Customer Service Issues)Failure to Remediate

  • Three Page Employee ManualPage 1 Do Your Job

    Page 2 Be a Reasonable Adult

    Page 3 When in Doubt, Refer to Pages 1 & 2

  • Success in the Workplace

  • Closing Thought #1Change is Inevitable

  • Facts are stubborn things;

    and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

    Closing Thought #2

  • Closing Thought #3 OShaughnessys Corollary

  • Closing Thought #4 Path of Least Resistance

    There is nothing common about common sense

  • New Traditions in Public Safety


  • New Traditions in Public Safety

    Thank you for your attention!

    Scott Parker, Deputy DirectorWilliamson County Emergency [email protected](512) 943-1389