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Aug 22, 2014



Finance interview QuestionsIn The finance, banking and accounts are closely related to each other. Jobs in this financial sectors are one of the highest profitable careers in the US and their interviews represent from questions. virtually your personality to the ones investigation your business knowledge. Although one can't groom for each of the management discourse questions, it is definitely distinguished to rest one's underlying concepts extremely limpid. This can support an organism to super the converse. Finance Interview Questions and Answers Candidates who are interviewed for jobs in direction dealings or finance jobs must have skills in finance get knowledge, on every aspects like financial terms, assets and different branches of finance. Here is whatever substance might business discourse finance interview questions and answers for freshers. Explain About yourself? Intimately, we all hump that this is the most radical reflect that is asked in any interview, not with standing, an fabulous salutation to this topic is same successful half the attempt. This ponder can impart to the interviewers your confidence and agony for the energy. In regards to the tell to this subject, you can advert virtually your strengths and formal aspects of your personality. You can also tell your hobbies and areas of primary interest. Your Educational qualifications? This inquiring can be answered by summarizing your pertain areas since your cultivate life. You must scuttle but virtually your educational qualifications. Stretch examples of difficult projects that you handled piece excavation in economics set. Explain about your goals? This is one of those economics converse questions that can easily solve about your progression contrive and how you are with tenderness to your business. In a response to this challenge, What are steps to succeed your goals? This method is an excellent way to attain your potential employers judge that you are really involved in this advancement. This is one of the most intriguing economics interview questions that moldiness be answered with confidence. Finance Interview Questions for finance jobs that are mentioned as follows: [These Questions Asked in major interviews like TCS Finance Interview, Gen pact Finance Interview and other interviews : Deloitte Finance Interview Questions, Quant Finance Interview Questions, Genpact Finance Interview Questions]

How you will take challenges? Parameters to be consider for choosing the stock? Explain about debt and equity financing? in a firm? Factors that impact in mergers and acquisitions? Explain interest on capital? What is your main strengths in finance? Explain about success and failures in finance?

Advantages and disadvantages of different accounting packages that uses by you? Tell about cash flow statement using pipeline theory? Explain about accumulated depreciation? What is fictitious assets? What is a trail balance? Suggest some famous accounting packages that works more effectively? Why finance job as your career? Explain about Purchase Order? Tell about Bank Reconciliation Statement? Explain about company code? What is sundry creditors? Differences between accounts and finance? What is fixed cost, variable cost and marginal cost? What is Break Even Point? how it is calculated How goodwill affect to your firms economy? Current event that affects the fiance market? Explain about the recession and factors for causing? What is the odd things between pay slip and pay check ? Relate I-banking and Private Equity? Magazines that you prefer for business news? Newspapers that you prefer to read for financial news?

Thursday, September 4, 2008Interview Questions for Accountants1. what is the diffrence between gross profit& net proffit? capitaliq what is the journal? one question dr mean debit cr mean credit but cr full form credit but dr full form debit that mean debit not word dr what the answer What is smallest 4 digit number? what is the difference between Purchase order and invoice what is suspence capital? Capital-IQ Information on Cost accounting vs. Management accounting HDFC What are the source of gaining long-term funds???? What are the limitations of gaining long-term funds??? What is an Acrual Interest? In which side of the Balance Sheet, it should be shown???? ICAI how is cost concept extension of on going concept? WHAT IS IFRS? WHAT IS IDEAL DEBT-EQITY RATIO BPO what is the finalisation of balancesheet and how it can be made BPO Which Exchange determine Foreign Exchange/Currency Rate? Which Exchange determine Foreign ? hedge fund, hedging What cost-cutting measures have you implemented? differences between liabilities and assessts when the money introduced in india what type of account appear on a post closing trial balance? a) income statement accounts b) balance sheet accounts c) cash flow accounts d) temporary owner's equity accounts What is the Difference between Rectification of Errors and Adjustment Entry ? What are the general Ledgers? 2.

What is bank reconcilation a/c Accenture what is profit maximisation what is a financial statement UBS What is the Journal entry for advance payments and advance receipts from Debtors and creditors what is contigent liability and state some examples also. what is balance sheet, capital budgeting, financial statements, current ratio, profit

maximization? UBS What is the formula of Debt Equity Ratio? Also define its importance in a firm. ICAI Capital secure should be shown in which side of the balance sheet??? ICAI 3. why closing balance do not come in trial balance?if it is in which case it comes? HDFC what is the definition of derivative, what is a security? TDS is for claming purpose or for filing purpose. when does accounts receivable have a credit balance? whatis meant by contigent liability IQ why is TDS treated as an asset while preparing Balance sheet. What is the Meaning of Current ratio? When Trial Balance match? what is the adjusting entry for wages posted twice? Genpact wages posted twice what is the entry for that? Genpact 4. Bank Overdraf is an Asset or a liability for a Bank? ICAI How is the Cost of Goods Calculated???? ICAI why should we do accounts in company WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RESERVE CAPITAL AND CAPITAL RESERVE? Capital-IQ what is difference between depreciation and amortization ? principles of accounts what are the difference between bookkeeping and accounting ? WHY SHOULD WE PREPARE PROFIT & LOSS APPROPRIATION a/c??? Accenture what is the difference between shares & debentures What is a General Ledger Balance? How can it be arrieved at? RBI whether cash book is a subsidiary book? What is mean by Tab Group in MS-Excel? IBM WHAT ENTRY SHOULD WE PASSED IN BOOK A PERSON HAVING SALARY BASIC 10000.00 HRA 4000 PF 1500.00 why opening stock posted in the credit side Who Invented Accountancy?? Capital-IQ 5. What steps to be taken at the time of implementation of Oracle ERP and please give the chart of accounts and links to be given Aster-Teleservices what is the accounting treatemnt for issuing material to a subcontractor on recovery basis? Entry for the settlement of loans? Wipro Entry for prepaid expenses? Wipro what is journal entries for cheque dishonored?

Difference Between Tax Invoice and reatail Invoice ? Explain the effect of closing stock on gross profit and net profit. comment on the financial health of their business. whatis mean by accured income? Capital-IQ what is derivative? Capital-IQ what is balancesheet adjustment a/c. what is the use of this a/c in sap fico Reliance what is zero balance clearing a/c. why we r maintaining this a/c in sap fico Reliance what is inflation accounting What is put option, call option, mutual fund? Wipro What is audit,auditing? Wipro Should I deduct TDS for Dyeing Charges in Garments Industry? If yes what is the percentage under which group it will come? 6. npv, arbitrage RRDonnelley equity RRDonnelley market capitalisation RRDonnelley nav , npv RRDonnelley hedge fund, hedging RRDonnelley investment banking RRDonnelley types of derivatives RRDonnelley capital expenditure , revenue expenditure RRDonnelley deferred revenue expenditure RRDonnelley what is meant by derivatives RRDonnelley Plz Give the Inventry Accounting Procedure 1.Domestic Purchases ( VAT,CST,& Excise) 2.Import Purchases ( Direct Expences & Excise ) 3.When Will the Price Diffrence Entry Happen? 4.Cash Discount & Trade Discount On Purchases? 5.Domestic Sales ( VAT,CST,& Excise) 6.Export Sales ( Customes ,Excise ) 7.Cash Discount & Trade Discount On Sales? Please let me know the journal entry for the below. "A" paid Rs.100 to "C" on behalf of "B" What are the legal entities that constitute your business? Does a legal entity have a seperate Federal Tax Id? In which country does a legal entity operate? In which currency does a legal entity operate? When does each legal entity's fiscal year begin? what are the fundamentals of book keeping What is Accounting? How to prepare the manual accounts? What are the manual accounts? What are the subsidary books? How to classify, summerising and posting accounts. What are basic and important stpes to take while preparing journal,ledger,cashbook, Bank book, Trailbalance, Trading and profit and loss a/c and Balance sheet. 7.

what is crr when the money introduced in india What Is repo transaction What is Risk Assessment? what is the golden rules of accountancy ?withdrwal frm atm what will be the transaction ? what is ZBA hold & balance hold in banking? What is difference between NSE and BSE? Which company are include in NSE and which are include in BSE? How do i will cme to now that i have invested in NSE or BSE? Catalyst give narration of cash----a/c---Dr To cash Hindalco What is Standard Cost? Cap-Gemini What is mean by ETDS Syntel Please tell me the process of Selction of Junior Research Associate in Capitaliq(Intervie rounds&written