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Netaji Subhas Bose Declassified files - Archive

Nov 06, 2021



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Netaji Subhas Bose Declassified filesD The IhiroottU Akali Dal Amritsar is reported to have
communicated the resolution recently passed by the Dal decid-
ing to supply a lakh of volunteers to the Congress for the
Civil Disobedience movement, to the President of the local
Branch enquiring from the latter as to his quota. The Bengal
President will hold a fleeting on 25.6,40 to fix the number to
be supplied from Bengal for tne purpose.
236. E.P.C.C Volunteers Wi. ^ n 'T. '
.r *»
A our of fe.l.ftfO/- of vhich &>if 000/- is being paid
by Mr.N.R.Serkar has been specially allotted by the
B.P.C.C. for the tr&iadjjg of a dozen volunteer organise. 3
(i.e. six from South Calcutta and six from Central Calcutta)
who, after the completion of their training, will be sent
out in different dictriots on a pay of Rs.20/- p.m. One
£ 3 2*
Anil Chandra Das of Mymensinah has been entrusted with i iTii—i r -twit ' mnwl>niiirr* ~ J ^
this work. One^o^ the organizers from South Calcutta
named Atul Chandra Bhattacharji is most prominent. Both
theoretical and practical (drill) classes are being held
every evening by Anil Chandra Das. During the lectures no
stress is made on non-violence. Rather they are taught
to use even little force in case of extreme difficulty.
On 21.6.40 the recruits were told by Anil Das that there
was every possibility of their being incorporated in the
National Militia to be fonned for the defence of their
country and of their being armed. The Bengal Corgrese
will not co-operate with the Government Volunteer organiza-
tion but it will not oppose any attempt by other bodies
forming any trained corps of volunteers. To preserve
internal order Congress volunteers will lend full support
to Government,
t 247. Benin Gkrxflulv’a party.
Ranon Guta of 26,Neogypukur Line tcztx patrartfotj he.e made over an automatic pistol No. 732692
Browning patent probably of .28 Bore (produced) to
the agent asking him to hand, it over to ftM Ohatterj:
of Jugipara bane for safe custody till 29-6 -if. Ranen
i. now training the new BJ>. 0.9.wAbaters on the roo
of the Swaswati He raid that he fcai Dean cell ot-
ing subscriptions opto Rs.JjC/- fro® *** "***-* * cr * 0
purchase of cartridges and. that be walls
put the w^srs through^! ring course in the suburbs
of Calcutta when sufficient quantity of cartridges we; e
procured. lie contemplates to commit a dacoity in a
certain house in Howrah where he aspects to get «t 1* st
Re.50 ,000/-.
examination) •
indKartick Dutt in connection with the naming of a lane
dja Howrah, a split in the Howrah Congress Committee is
imminent, Mr. Barada Prasad Pain, the Chairman of the
Howrah iunicipality, failei to bring about a compromise
between the *two.
Satyagraha for the removal of the Holwell Monument.
12- 7-40 .
from Delhi aft rttending the meeting of the Congress
Working Committee has bean rather secretive about the
proceedings of the meeting. Ho is reported to nave
given out tfcut ther^ is every possibility of the Congress
launching e Satyagruhe. movement after the ensuing asetii
of the d.I.C.C. at ioona on the 27th of this month. Alrr- t
all the members of the :i,I.C t C. from Bengal are expect' -
to attend the session.
A batch of *aloBtuaB °f the n” B.I.C.tJ. have already finished training. They will c~
sent to different districts of Bengal to organize
volunteer units after the B.F.O.C. receives specific ir,
structions from the **«I*C»C.>
In a meeting* of ward IX Congrese Committee on
17.7.40 it waa announced Hie t 45 volunteers had been
recruited for the Building Workers' Union, the Biri
Workers' Union arxi the Calcutta Tramway Workers' Union,
*Sisir Gangly Amulya Chakrab&rti (C.I,I.),
Samar Sen Gupta (C,?.I«),
Three instructors** were selected
form we& supplied to about 50 members
of this Corps from the Preparation
156, ^Tugatitar.
.77UU Birendra Kar (E.D.) and Manindra Ghosh have been trying
to form a union of the employees of the Iron and Steel
Workshop of Berruck & Comene at Tiljala. So far they
have not met with any response from the workers.
The party leaflet which was expected to be printed
by Aron Guha (E.S.P) will not now be printed. Ehupm
Dutta remarked that unlike other anti-imperialist
organizations either terrorist. Communist or Congress,
the Jugentar decided to suspend all over zealous
activities for the present to avoid arrests of im-
portant workers and to get time to organize the party.
The party would keep their fullest strength reserved f
the opportune moment to strike, which was expected
soon. Bhupaidra Dutta said that the future of their
party organisation depffiden to a great extent on the
result of Mymensing^i by©-election,
The B«P*C*C.-(new) teachers* training course in
parade nhich is being held on the roof of the B.P.C.C.
office (vide para Z&?)*i* also controlled by +he
party. About 12 volunteers receive training under Ajo;
Dutta (fcwD.) alias Tukshimashay almost every evening.
After being trained these volunteers will be sent to
different mofussil centres to train the local volun-
According to Sieir Gangly (C.P.I.) the C t P,I. men
in Ward IX Congress Committee have come to an understarc *
ing with tne M Hoc Committee, i.e. the official B.P.C.O.
in so far as the latter would control the Executi ve *
Committee and elect its office-bearers while the former
would manage the Volunteer Corps and have the use of the
office room*
under the patronage and with the financial support of
Dr.Sur esh Banerjee (B.L.A. f E.CJ*) and managed by Hiralal
Lohia (fatner of Dr.Ram Monohar Lohia of the A.I.C.C.).
About 20 up-countrymen have been enrolled as volunteers,
arxi will be provided with white khaddar uniform (half
shirt and short).
reported to be dissatisfied with a circular letter recent*
ly issued by the A.I*C,C. to the effect that Congress
volunteers should take the pledge of strict non-violenoe t
They are anxious that such a strict pledge should not
govern the organization of volunteers. They hope to
influence the Congress Higft Command to accept this view
at the forthcoming session of the A.I.C.C.
Meanwhile efforts are being made by Kohinoor Ghosh*
Suresft^Das and Fanindra Kiah'ore Acharya Chowdhuri to ra'- s
funds for the volunteer organization, v
Q 4~fh . ?
Lident of t'1* * iim that no para*^ mlttee and t
JJ c0Old be held \
6Pln Gansul1 ’ ex 'det®u - ™ taking at ape for the foraa- 10n °f a Volunte6r JorK> “ 34-Pargannae under inetruc-
tione Of the B.P.C.C, with the object of defaiding the country from foreign invaeion and protecting internal paace. Hue organization would not follow the Gandhian prinoipi, of non-violence. Bepin Ganguli has a8ked hi.
Bi) to exercise nie influence over the youngnen of the locality.
Municipal Amendment Bill, — t
president and the speakers* generally condeoning the
Secondary Education Bill and the
Calcutta Municipal Amendment Bill,
They proposed to set up a national
Eiucation Board for the Hindus in
Bengal- if and when the bill was
drawal of the Secondary Education Bill
and the Calcutta Municipal Amendment
Cpkshmi Kanta Moitra, Or rat Ch.Bose, jr,Syama Prosad Mukherjee, kr:. Gibbon (Anglo-Indian if sociation), bir Juanmatha Nath Mukherjee,
(brother of
Ltui those (B.D.), iiprondra Kumar Basu,Advocate, v'.C.Oupta, kekshmi Kanta Sil. Bill wae passed.
and shirt and wearing a Congreey badge were noticed,
Copiee of a printed pamphlet in Bengali containing tho
speech of Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherjee at the All Bengal
Protest Day meeting in the Sraddhananda Park on 4,8,40
were distributed in the meeting.
I :§
r % t w 3 l eceivecl C j™£ candidates desJM,* £?'**
Babtt lVatahflr i
C oiattf «w
werc ' jsion the follr,>eih» "
f.T r
D | DS
recent arrests, apprehending arrest of other leaders
Hemanta Bose has asked Baroj Bhowmik to remain -aloof
and organize Qfiig^ess volunteers secretly for the
movement to be launched by the suspended B.PjC.C. which
does not approve of the A. I.C.C.decision. *
At ae informal meeting held at the 3.P.C.C.
(suspended) office on 16-9-40 arrangements were made to
as Banerjee, i provide for 8 released Holweli Lonument ii Islam, j[
al Mitter, j batyagrahis as follows:-
*Tarakdas Banerjee, Aftabui Islam, Pannalal Mitter, bailee Basu, larimal Bhattacharji lurushottam Rai, Br.Jyotish Ghosh, Hemanta Bose, Rajen Deb, Kcshta Chat terji and others.
1. Krishna Chit terjee of Howrah took charge of one Satyagrahis.
2. Purushottam Rai ... 1.
3. Hindustan Printing ... 1<
to the B.P.C.C. office for the purpose of reading news-
J^miat-e-alemii Kind, Delhi, to reorganize the Provincial
Bruichee of the Jami.;.t .nd to fora Vji8»r" Volunteer
Corpe.for helping the Congress 8atyigr°h- aoveaient ahortl}
to be started*
A #1.0 «4rO •
7fj, Burraba 7,
held on 9.10.40 at 170, Harrison ® 5d » resolution *a»
passed deciding to collect a sum of . .2,000/- from
merchants of Burrebazar for jajUw up
arrear rent of the office room, the un-
paid dues of ite employees anu also to
provide fr6e board and lodging to the
Ta Committee nth Pandit Ji«anlal, Saty<-
narain .-iseir, lewb-rsn Jubey, G«.nga
Prosad Bnotika and Dr. Kiahorilal »as
also formed for the above purpose.
* Pandit jiwsni&I •
Ram a-onohE-r sing,
Durga Prosad Sukul,
gysssfejoB dms. Srikante Ih&kur,
Arjun Singh. Sewb^raA Duboy
kirtni Ben, Hsri Ben, iiaatadner Roy, Bhagv»ati Te^ry, Stir^jbgn.s.bingf
MadanI al ki£8ir, .
BbP 1 -n- 5in^ -
©urratezar -ongiees Committee held at i70,Harrioor
hoad on 20-10-40, printed receipt books were distributed
anarain iiiaiir -Secretary. ito the members for raising nlal Pandit, 0
*Satyunarain jiiaair -Secretary Jewanlal Pandit, Hiraial Lohia, Dr.Kishoriial
[from the merchants of
ohoia Singh, to the resolution pessed idaianlai Bis air, i
Ram *uonohar ai.igu, 1 by the Committee on Snkar.ta Thakur, Hari banker Bars*, 09-10-40 (vide jara.Fo.75) *
ouraj bans aingn , {
forthe volunteers by a it/larwari and remarked that
70 more sets of kit would be required to be provided
&&» Delhi .
Jamiat has informed iwoulana Abul r£alam Azad that it is
hi a belief that the eatyagraha started by Mr, Uandhi
will end in failure and that the Congress will have to
start a civil disobedience movement. The o amiat will
help the Congress satyagrahis with man and volunteers.
126, J afflie t- e-Ul emai , Cal cut taf
About 100 Ansar volunteers have been enlisted by
trie J ami at. A batch of 10 volunteers is being trained,
at the Jamie t Office at 1, Ismail kaidan Lane in 8atya~
grsha ana Congress propaganda., Kari Behmatullah and
others of the Jamiat attended a recent meeting of the
B.F.C.C. held in connection with the Satyagraha movement
and promised to help with Batyagrahis. A similar pro'* mise lias been givai to the B&rabazar Congress Committee* An, attempt is being made to enlist volunteers at
aid other mil i area c but so responsehas been * ecai trea from tue mussaimans. * * .
is £ result of the cirectionsof tho
B.P.C.C. ( K 3™ ) to the Congress Committees of
fflofuasil districts to enlist Sr.tyagraha volant
Congres s fori>rs are trying to enlist Muslim
, , . / Sityagrahis ir. the mo ffusil but are not get tin
much ras 30 iso from the Muslims.
..ccorcing to letters to the President of
the B.P.J.J. tnd Jr.Prafulle Ch. Chose, the follow-
ing persons Jxve voiunteerodas Satyagrahis.
(1) Dilip turner Biswas- BJ,. Ba gerhat ,Khulna.
(2) Frafulia Oh, Sen, P.0 . jrambagh, Dist *Hco$ily
but quiet propaganda diich is bound to be effective* More
instructions regarding this will be issued later.
Sd/- J. B. Kripalani
, .
Editor of the //md! about one and a half lakh of volunteers are ready to
join the proposed Civil Disobedience Movement. They are only awaiting
for the word of command.
Vclimt««r or*imi»Uon obow in tb« lot HiXt t+rif
r >, ort> of iMlt but now dofUnct -
1. erd IX •«***•« Co«»ittot Volnntocro#
2. «*«*. IXfXfXI» and XIV Fotwrd Bloc volunfr.
^s®. Ts.6.) Nripen Mitra Hanpada Bose, Aswini Ganguly A.M.A.Zaman
J*1, 1 (^Sgefided ) National belief Committee. In continuation of para, 97:
- /• AL a j^t'^A^dat 5 * Hastings Street on
* 4Z, the National belief Committee* was formed.
in charge of collection
ids*a {of funds
Ky(E,B.) ,|ie M.L.A, { Ghi
charge of xauoi
and Howrah areas. Iaela Roy.E.D. T ia charge
Narendra Narayan Chakravarty j
of the Com- mittee.
The object of the Committee is to capturo the mind of the masses
lie— , tout the co-operation of Government. Volunteers are being recruited ward and district committees are bein<
_ , committee*.
organised throughou Calcutta. The Wjntral Calcutta District Con- gress Committee has already formed a similar
At a meeting of Word IX Congress Committee held at 11, Holwell Lane, on 22. 2. 42, a decision to form a committee for this ward also, was made.
H9 Ml# ;E
9 1 Sko
f0 (S3M • • •
w (pp
fi i
». ; 3 3 M*» in i 1 (P 0 Ok r* >
l ' to
** ^1 ftf m* l
n g*l»
# a- *» •
j 1C c 0 •*.’ V, 1 \J'O 2**
p itI if*- ¥^r
fSfc 1
m m to «*o PH ^ Iff
Pp fjflk lfft» fp ^ fiis£A,J| fa «|iq mM pp Pf # H>»
ft i fp a
«rtg -%
P 00 HP n o s p Sr’r C I
• cP
• L'v«- ;••
Jp # •
3$ gp* *— W toM tom •
r+ 3 if* #"4
P i*~*o
fm 0*
H* * I
Extract from/Summary of Secret Reports received about Revolutionary matters for the week ending 25th. April 1S40.
Part V-Congress.
* * *
3. Calcutta - B.P.C.C. (suspended). A-S.201 reports on 16th. April that according to Subhas Chandra Bose, Suren- dra Mohan Ghosh (ex-State prisoner, Jugantar) ,
* *
C.196. Pt .Nehru avoided all questipns regarding the
23. 2. 42. real motive of Marshall and Madame Chiang Kai Shek s
visit to India. At an exclusive interview to select Congressmen at Dr. B.G. Roy’s house on 21. 2. 42. he
Raj Kumar Chakravarti, j|
posts against the greatest odds* • He helo
Amar Ghosh, ' that the personnel of the A.R.P. and Kamal Krishna Roy, Civic Guards were chosen from such strat-
Sailajananda Sen, that with the commencement of a raid or Ramsundar Singh, invasion, most would run away. He warned Bhupati Mazumaar, the Seva Dal against coming into conflict Sudhir Ghosh, with government organizations and averreo Sushil Banerjee, that responsible Congressmen should fortl- Jyotish Bhowmio, and with visit rural areas where there was Prafulla Banerji. really insufficient protective arrange-
0 ments and prepare villagers against the sinister plans of unscrupulous persons who
might overawe the local chowkidars and create local disturbances. He expected that Bengal Congressmen would creditably tide over the hard ordeal that awaited them shortly. In answer to Kamala Das Gupta’s query if in the evenh of an invasion Indians should declare themselves
Extract from Statement Of Dacca C.A.311 d/
Class a.
Congress Official
1. A meeting of the Central Calcutta District Congress Conjm^ee (official) ms held in its office at 16, iahul Baral Lano on 18-2-42. It was attended by Marendra Nath Sen (3ecy. JMitral Calcutta D.C.C. ). Bijay ^in^h, Nahar, ilisa Kjtmala
/'Chatarji (B.H. 5564), -umulya Chatarji son of Lalit Mohan of / Carifa, P.j.Naihati , 24-Pargane.s and of Calcutta and others,
in accordance with the direction of the B.P.C.C. a ’Civil Protection Coorni ttee' was formed, with 25 members with powers to co-oot more to make arrangements for the protection of the Civil population in case of hostile air raids and to ri
Volunteer Corps for the purpose, ihe following are tb members of the "Civil Protection Committee":-'
1. Narendra Nath Ben. .. .Convenor. 2. Bijay Singh Nahar. 3. i os ^smai Chatarji (B.r(.5564).
s . *inulya Chatar j i •

town. nd others (names not known).
ihe members of the Volunteer Corps would be impart- ed A.R.P.and Pi ret Aid training etc. in the Model school on the Wellington Btreet (near Wellington Park). Volunteers are being enrolled for then proposed volunteer Corps.
Mfoao *1 o .C/B 1728.
^3^1 / t) ofltro c
is 19*
190 ‘ Congress Civil Protection Committee (Ad, foci .
_ At the first meeting* held on 25.2.42 at - -- "*2 4 the 3/esidence of No.l (36 Wellington street) under
n D r r> _ , the 'presidentship of Maulana Abul Kalam Azaa,
Br.B.c Roy, Kiron oankar Roy, 0 office-bearers+were elected. Anar ^hosn (E.D.J. Ra j K, i A Committee ** was also form- Chakrabarti (Prof . jKshitish
* - J ^ -
4* w VUUU A W V vv UAW * V* JLU
ed to draw up a scheme of wox
£*Dr.B.C.Roy, Amar Ghosh, fJhupati Ms jumdar,Tulsi Sarogi, Kiran oan‘xar Roy .Manoran j an NeogijBe.^oy Singh Nahar.
meanwhile, appoint thirty-two ward organizers in the differ- ent wards, one for each, who should be present at the next meeting. The President, in urging the immediate format io- of a corps, advised the work-
J ersto get in touch with citizens and assure them that the organization would help them in an emergency. On heir asked by the president to give him some impressions of their relief work with regard to the Burma evacuees, Jegannath Teiapatre, the Provisional captain of the Congress Volunteers, handed over a note
_____ besides giving his views on ....... r the matter. In the note, it
was said that the Leputy Commissioner, Port Police, reiused to allow Congress volunteers as such inside the jetties and did not communicate to the Congress
President - Dr.B.C.Roy, Secretary - Bhupati Majumdar, Treasurer •- G.D.Birla.
o > <
In. continuation of February Pern Mg« Sudhir
SaJlinc with the programme of Congress in an emergeno;
riratta public in all emergencies and a volunteer
cSSTit ?eing°raised. In taking the people not to be
panicky, it r.sks those who wish to evacuate, to
organize themselves in the mofussil areas, pay n c
Rttention to the constructive programme of the oongress,.
and to communicate their a^ress ?f^%^
h® tock
8 two
office. It also requests the public to stock W "Y? S d
months’ requirements of^food*stuff , difJ ^halter in
slit trenches, arrange for shelters, t ake sibelt er in
trenches or neighbouring houses ao Ume ol air
raid, co-operate with Congress volunteers and
communicate to the local Congress Units#
Sudhir ^hosh enrolled several C.P.I. wo £u
0 f®*
6 the I!p.c!c^ in
Satya \ j
3. Calcutta, —(a) J.P. 319 reports on 2fith January that Sailajananda Sen has b^en entrusted with the task of organising volunteer corps of the l^KjCU^’in the districts and directing all its activities during air raids by Japan or any other foreign power.
in these areas, by supplying them with food and maps of important objec-
tives in Calcutta and the neighbouring districts, for facilitating their work
of destruction to cripple Britain. In these efforts they would try to get help
of all the revolutionary groups working in these areas. Phani Chatarji
agreed to prepare maps of important objectives in Howrah district^ and
Pulin Ray undertook to arrange supply of food at Bantra, Howrah. They
also agreed to make secret propaganda amongst young men to rouse their
sympathies in favour of Japan.
[Note.—There, is no corroboration of this information from any other
For “Rajbandi Bakery”, see paragraph 1 (ft), page 1222 of 1941.]
3. Calcutta— Madaripur Jugantar Party-Forward Bloc.—A S. 244
reports on 15th December that Brajen Das (B.R. 4930) and Ramesh Datta
visualised an immediate Struggle for which all members should remain pre-
pared. Instructions are lining issued to the members in Calcutta and dis-
tricts to collect statistics regarding the strength of the military forces
stationed at different military, stations in Bengal, the number of police-
stations with the strength of officers and men in each district, approximate
figures regarding arms and ammunition in each police-station and armoury
in the interior and district headquarters and other allied matters, lhe party
also proposes to have a press ol its own with a view to printing and circu-
lating leaflets periodically inciting the public in general. It will take the
initiative in this connection and negotiate with other revolutionary groups
comprising the Forward Bloc [cf. paragraph 2(6), pages 487-88 of 1941].
The Sree Sangha is said to have already approved of the plan. Volunteer
recruitment is being carried on in the different wards. This plan of action
is said to be a preliminary to the capture of power in the event of a break-
down of the Government which is anticipated.
[Note .—For the proposed F.B. armed rising and leafleteering, see para-
graph 8(6), page 764 of 1941.]
4 Calcutta— Madaripur Group.—C. 200 reports on 15th December
that according to Purna Chandra Das (ex-Sta4,e prisoner) the terrorist
5. Faridpur—Madaripur Jugantar-Forward Bloc.—F.A. 143 reports
on 28th December that according to Bholanath Datta of Masura (who was
the Organising Secretary of the B.P.S.F.—external from Calcutta see
oaragrapli 7, page 843 of 1941) members should work under the cover ol
local bona fide organisations such as Village Defence l arties. Rural
Development Societies, etc. Recruitment should be carried on by sham
organisations which may be given colourless names such as Rabindra
Smriti Pathagar”, “Sarat Sangha and the like, lhe patty should also
be ready to fight openly against the British when the Japanese succeed in
invading India and supply arms to the Indian revolutionaries. He was vet
unaware of any precise direction from the lorward Bloc but belore ms
externment he heard that their party had been negotiating with foreign
(' Note The agent reported on 24th September 1940 that according to
Bijayananda Datta, the All-India Central Executive Committee of the
Forward Bloc had arranged with -foreign countries for a supply ol arms
and ammunition—-see paragraph 11(6), pages 1115-16 of 1940.
The agent reported ori r3rd 'SeptembeV^IW 'fltat Panchanan Chakra-
bartti (B.R. 4869, now a convict) said that they must not think that arms
and ammunition were not available, as these may be had without much
difficulty (see paragraph 11, page 1019 of 1940). >
For Frontier connections -of Bijayananda Datta regarding supph o
ar*his {sei paragraph 12, page 930 of 1941).]
ft Rikaream B.A. 108 reports on 10th December that Indn Bhusan
Da%Gupta, Pleader, Kanti Chatarji (B.R. 137) and Mrs. Manada Sundan
Aicft visit “Bandhu Sangha” centres at Govmdapur, Goalban, Nalgora,
Bengal Form No. 8.