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Nepal Area Earthquake Vacation Bible School Photo Slides
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Nepal Area EarthquakeVacation Bible School Photo SlidesEarthquake damage near Kathmandu. Credit: LWF

The earthquakes damaged homes, buildings and streets. They also caused landslides. Some villages are totally blocked off by debris and damaged roads and are only accessible on foot. Credit: ACT Alliance

A mother in front of her destroyed house in Bhattedanda. Credit: ACT Alliance

People lined up for relief material distribution in Dhading. More than 8 million people were affected by the earthquakes in Nepal. Credit: UMN

Relief distribution in Ghusel. Lutheran Disaster Response is working with 3 partners in Nepal to distribute relief items to thousands of people. Items include food, blankets, water, shelter materials and hygiene materials. Credit: LWF

Distributing blankets in Lalitpur. Credit: LWF

Distributing tarps to be used for temporary shelter. Nearly 800,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake. Credit: LWR

Building a temporary shelter in Byasi Tole. Credit: ACT Alliance

Cooking and serving food in Bhaktapur. 70 percent of families who were affected by the earthquakes do not have access to enough food. Credit: ACT Alliance