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Feb 16, 2022



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IBM® Cognos® Upgrade Services
IBM® Cognos® Upgrade Services | NEC Analytics Center of Excellence
Upgrade to advanced collaborative analytics with IBM Cognos 10 and NEC.
There is a myriad of excuses to hold onto older versions of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, such as upgrading
is too complicated, change is disruptive, strategizing is time consuming, deployment can be expensive or we lack
the expertise or resources. Yet the advantages of migrating to Cognos 10 clearly offset any such justifications.
With the ability to empower knowledge workers and decision makers with enhanced functionalities and
capabilities, Cognos 10 provides adaptive, actionable and collaborative business intelligence (BI) efficiently and
cost effectively.
Expanding on traditional BI by enabling information to be more easily collected, interpreted, understood and
reacted to, Cognos 10 centralizes planning, scenario modeling, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics and
puts these capabilities into the hands of those who can make the best use of these abilities.
• CUSTOMIZABLE INSIGHT – a new user interface provides the freedom to create meaningful, custom reports. A
unified BI workspace delivers analytics that users can apply to answer key business questions. With drag-and-drop
functionality, knowledge workers are able to put the information needed at their fingertips and build personalized
dashboards on demand. Exploration and authorizing activities mix seamlessly without having to switch interfaces or
• VISUAL ENRICHMENT – a new default charting engine and chart types, such as bullet charts, chart matrix and
enhancement styles, gives users more power to create eye-catching and salient reports. Data-rich analysis turns
easily into illustrated and engaging reports.
• FLEXIBLE ACCESSIBILITY – new report outputs make for a highly interactive, easy-to-use and intuitive navigable
environment. Accessible even when offline makes these report outputs the ideal solution for remote users.
• PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS – an integrated family of products (powered by IBM SPSS) are now integrated in IBM
Cognos Report Studio. With more than a dozen fully integrated modules to choose from, specialized capabilities are
available to increase revenue, outperform competitors, conduct research and make better decisions.
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By upgrading to Cognos 10 with NEC, our customers can expect lower maintenance and support costs, a
potential 20% reduction in the total number of reports, improved analytical functionality and capability, a
decrease in redundant metadata and reports, access to ad-hoc reporting and an overall improvement in the
quality of documentation.
NEC achieves these results through a modular upgrade methodology that enables our seasoned Analytics team
to quickly size, manage and execute the best upgrade plan to Cognos 10 from existing Cognos environments.
IBM® Cognos® Upgrade Services | NEC Analytics Center of Excellence
• INCREASED COLLABORATION – a common interface allows users to interpret BI content and discuss it among
colleagues, including making and sharing annotations within reports and in dashboards for a truly collaborative
environment and productive experience.
• ANALYTICS ON THE GO – Compatible with a broad range of Windows-based devices provides full view and
interaction with BI content in a secure mobile environment. Real-time alerts, drill-up and drill-down analysis and
improved prompting capabilities are possible as is running reports on mobile devices.
• NEW IN-MEMORY ANALYTICS – a new dynamic query mode uses in-memory query processing to allow report
authors and advanced business users to conduct faster analysis and make quicker business decisions.
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• Our assessment facilitates the
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needs of our customers.
For a Business Intelligence (BI) strategy to be successful, people, processes and technology must be taken into
consideration. NEC works to evaluate and incorporate these important factors to deliver analytical capability that
provides the capacity and insight to analyze and the power to act. With the ability to reliably collect and analyze critical
organizational information, BI from NEC delivers meaningful intelligence when, where and how it is needed.
NEC’s Business Intelligence Practice
NEC provides the best possible strategies and roadmap to effectively collect and present critical organizational
information by thoroughly assessing the needs of the organization across business, IT, information domains and
the workforce. A combination of actual and scenario-based modeling accurately determines level of investment and
process ability to realize a data-driven enterprise.
With NEC dash-boarding and visualization interface programs, data is transformed into comprehensive and
manageable information. The use of an easy-to-use graphic interface converts key performance and knowledge
indicators into ready-to-read updates and reports that can easily be interpreted and shared so informed decisions
can be made quickly and confidently.
NEC puts the power of insight into the hands of those who need it and can best use it with intuitive BI reporting
and self-service business applications. Through the ability to create personalized reports and analytical queries,
end users can access and work with business information easily and quickly. Reports and queries can be run
based on specific requirements and as frequently as required without having to understand the technology or
having to involve IT in the process.
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NEC’s goal is to help organizations reduce the time, complexity and cost associated with business analytics and
requisite infrastructure upgrades. Working with NEC’s Analytics team, upgrades can be maximized and new
capabilities introduced to increase overall efficiency and insight without burdening existing customer resources or
incurring unnecessary costs.
With 16+ years of solving complex data management challenges, 1,400+ successful analytics
projects, proven customer deployment from the mid market to the Fortune 1000 and a broad
range of industry-specific experience, including enterprise, government and public sector, NEC
has the experience to be relied on for a fast and successful IBM Cognos upgrade and migration.
With over 15 years of IBM and Cognos experience NEC is recognized by IBM for outstanding
service and support within the Cognos environment.
Why NEC For IBM Cognos Upgrades & Migrations?
IBM® Cognos® Upgrade Services | NEC Analytics Center of Excellence