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NASSCOM INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM (NIPP)  · PDF file 2021. 4. 23. · NASSCOM - Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho. Speaker: Sowmya Murthy - Senior...

Aug 05, 2021




Newsletter 2021 Q1JANUARY TO MARCH 2021
NASSCOM Global Capital Access Program EU | Singapore | Korea | Japan
4 E-pitching sessions conducted one each for Japan, EU, Singapore and
Korea to facilitate connection between Indian startups and global investors
120+ global VCs attended live pitch sessions
20 Indian startups across difference sectors showcased their solutions
Indian startups secured 116+ meeting
requests with investors
Comviva InnoNXT Tech Challenge
360 total applications
(Feb– April 2021)
tier 2 and 3 cities across India
Tech.WE Program: Idea Validation
have had their startup idea validated
and received customized feedback from
industry mentors
with partners with 101
Exclusive Partner Events
Fireside Chat with Maruti Suzuki Leadership - Future of Mobility & How Startups can Contribute 6th Jan 2021
An interactive Fireside Chat was conducted by NIPP and Maruti Suzuki, with over 110 attendees who joined the session to
learn about insights on innovation and startup collaboration in the field of Mobility. During the session, startups also learned
about Maruti Suzuki’s corporate accelerator program, offering startups with digital innovations, an opportunity to do a paid
Proof of Concept with Maruti Suzuki, a paid networking trip to Japan and a chance to win a car, among other benefits.
Key discussions:
• Maruti Suzuki’s vision on mobility
• Innovation as a key factor in paving the way towards future and collaboration with Stratups
• Maruti Suzuki Mobility & Automobile Innovation Lab (MAIL) cohort 5 and benefits startups get by being a part of it
Achyuta Ghosh Head of Research,
India Ltd.
Arena), Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Vikram Upadyaya Chief Mentor & Accel
-erator Evangellist, GHV
Expert Session by EF Polymer with Unilever Techtonic Challenge Winners 14th March 2021
Exclusive Pitch Session: Maruti Suzuki 18th January 2021
An exclusive session with Narayan Lal Gurjar – Founder, EF Polymer, was successfully conducted with the winning team of
Unilever’s Techtonic Challenge. The session aimed to expand the students’ understanding of the startup journey and road to
success, directly from the founder of a successful student startup.
TechTonic - HUL’s technology case study competition, curated for B-school students, aimed to give them an understanding into real-life
business challenges and help them come up with innovative technology-led solutions. The latest edition made a mark as one of the biggest ones,
owing to the collaboration with NASSCOM 10,000 startups, as students were offered an opportunity to understand the ideology of startups and
the way they function. With a total of 3,921+ registrations and 689 team submissions from across 17 Top B-schools from India, the
competition chose the Top 5 teams during the Grand Finale in October 2020. Winner: Team Digital Empathizers from SIBM, Pune – Twinkle
Pajiyar, Mayur Gangwal and Vedantsing Pardeshi.
A Pitch Session was organised for the 5th cohort intake of Maruti Suzuki MAIL with a total of 18 startups being given
the opportunity to pitch to the leadership team. The following 6 startups were shortlisted through the pitch session:
Chistats Labs Private Limited, E waste social Pvt Ltd, Eigenlytics Data Solutions, Nanoprecise Sci Corp, Pavo &
Tusker Innovations Pvt Ltd and Doppelio Technologies Pvt Ltd
31st March 2021
The session on SalesTech in Retail & FMCG by Rahul Sharma - CIO, Reckitt Benckiser
(Health & Nutrition) South Asia and Manish Gupta - Sales Director, RB India (Health &
Nutrition) gave insights on the gaps, opportunities, and possibilities that lie in the Retail sector. During
the interactive session, Manish and Rahul answered questions posted by 30+ founders. Owing to the
response from attendees, a follow-up session is being conducted in April.
Key discussions:
• Introduction for tech startups to the world of FMCG distribution.
• What it takes for a soap or a biscuit pack to reach neighbourhood stores or directly to our homes.
• Offline and online models.
• Sharing of everyday business problems that tech could help solve.
London & Partners in association with NIPP: Workshop on The role of Data in the Mobility CASE
12th February 2021
The session focused on priorities and opportunities in the Connected – Autonomous – Shared – Electric (CASE) sector in
both the UK and India, with experts from both markets sharing their views on the local ecosystems, future developments
and opportunities for startups and scaleups working in this space.
Kritika Murugesan - Director NASSCOM 10,000 Startups
Aparmaya Shukla - Senior Manager, Nissan Motors, India
Dr. Manaswini Rath - Vice President and Global Head,
Autonomous Driving at KPIT
Maya Pindeus - CEO and Co-Founder, Humanising Autonomy
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and support women
schemes and incentives associated
Meity – NASSCOM Startup Women Entrepreneur Awards for Software Products
in Partnership with UN Women
February 2021
Women Entrepreneur Awards 2019, its successive
edition Meity- NASSCOM Startup Women Entrepreneur Awards
(WEA) 2020-21 in partnership with UN Women was announced in
February 2021. Under the initiative, the winners will be given the
opportunity to connect to a large network of women entrepreneurs
in the Meity Startup Hub (MSH) through the MeitY-NASSCOM Tech.
WE Accelerator Program. The program will also help startups
leverage the MeitY, NASSCOM & UN Women’s global expertise in
strengthening capacities and establishing platforms
to connect entrepreneurs with industry players as
well as investors, while creating opportunities for
linking local solutions with global value chains.
Session: Startup India initiative - Schemes and incentives for
tech women founders
9th February 2021
session by K-tech was aimed at spreading
awareness about the Startup Karnataka
initiative, schemes, policies and grants
available for the tech women founders
within the state of Karnataka.
Session: Government schemes, policies and grants
for Tech. Women Entrepreneurs, by K-tech Hub
powered by NASSCOM
Forum (NTLF 2021)
A Showcase opportunity was extended to 16 women founders who
have developed unique technology based solutions across Health
Tech, Manufacturing, Fintech and EnergyTech, at the 29th edition
of NASSCOM technology and Leadership forum (NTLF 2021). The
event was inaugurated with the opening address by our Hon’ble
Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with 4 industry leaders - Rishad
Premji - Chairman, Wipro, Tiger Tyagarajan - CEO, Genpact,
Rekha M Menon - Chairperson, Accenture India, and Vice Chair,
NASSCOM - Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho.
Speaker: Sowmya Murthy - Senior Product Manager, Intuit
• Common mistakes one makes in GTM and Pricing as an
early-stage startup
maximum value
• How to increase you confidence
in pricing discussions with
potential customers
Session: A beginner’s guide to GTM and pricing strategies for early stage B2B Startups
PAN India Edition - 26th February Karnataka Edition in association with Ktech Innovation Hub - 11th March 2021
22nd February 2021
An exclusive Demo Day with 6 women led startups was
conducted with 30 investors. Post the demo day all startups
were connected with Investors who showed interest in
connecting offline to take the discussion forward.
Session: B2B Sales for early stage tech women founders
19th March 2021
Speaker: Nizamudheen Valliyattu, Founder & Business Head, Toolyt
Highlights: Sales strategies that one needs to incorporate in their sales
processes to have a successful businesses and how to automate B2B Sales
Speakers: Dr. Arvid Vishwanathan, CEO Pitch Scientific and Dr. Farah Deeba, Associate Professor - CMUniversity, Bangalore
• Strategies for early capturing and effective utilization of IPRs & creating well-defined IP portfolios
• Avoiding risks associated with IP infringement; ensuring freedom to innovate and freedom to operate
• Technology innovation lifecycle, product development, commercialization, branding and marketing
30th March 2021
NIPP - KSUM CORPORATE DEMAND WEEK – October 2020 to Jan 2021
October 2020 to Jan 2021
We extend our gratitude to: and our Industry Partners
NIPP in collaboration with KSUM (Kerala Startup Mission) - the nodal Govt. agency of Kerala for supporting and enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem,
organised the first edition of KSUM - NIPP Corporate Demand Week with participation from 290+ dynamic startups. The Kerala ecosystem, known to be
rich with a variety of startups working on sectors like Fintech, Edutech, Retailtech, Social Welfare, and more was showcased during the event, with
startups from various sectors virtually presenting their products/solutions, while corporates availed the platform to conduct a reverse pitch on current
needs & use-cases. Corporates are now in the final discussion stages with shortlisted startups.
Opportunity for participating Corporates:
pre-qualified startups
through reverse pitches
submitted use-case
Further to the success of 3 years of Innovation Challenges in Blockchain and Mobility, NASSCOM Industry
Partnership Program (NIPP) is conducting the latest edition of the national level Innovation Challenge on
RetailTech. Through the NIPP RetailTech Challenge 2021, we aim to identify the most innovative and scalable Startup solutions for
the most pressing business use-cases/problem statements that are critical to the industry, by taking a collaborative approach of
working with tech Start-ups across India. NIPP RetailTech Challenge 2021 will pave the way towards building a comprehensive forum
for enterprises and start-ups to come together and explore new opportunities for co-innovation.
We are currently in the process of taking in Startups’ applications for the 23+ use cases provided by 4 Strategic Partners
(to submit- use cases/collaborate, please write to [email protected])
In Focus
•Workshops/webinars for use-cases & Q&A •Round 1 evaluations /startups shortlisting
•Round 1 evaluations /startups shortlisting
•Finale Demo Day •NASSCOM RetailTech
Day (with winners’ announcement) - 2021
•Startup applications intake until 30th April
•Leaders Speak sessions & workshops by Tech and Domain
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