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Enterprise Mobility How Technology is Transforming the Mobile Landscape 1

NASSCOM Enterprise Mobility 3.0 FINAL PACKED [Read-Only]...Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - NASSCOM Enterprise Mobility 3.0 FINAL PACKED [Read-Only] Author: Blr Created Date: 12/2/2013

Apr 05, 2020



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  • Enterprise MobilityHow Technology is Transforming the Mobile Landscape


  • Enterprise Mobility – Current Landscape

    Mobile 1.0

    Web Enabling

    Mobile 2.0

    Automate Process

    Mobile 3.0

    Technology Coupled

    Companies attempt to

    mobile enable their web

    sites and web applications

    Transform Business

    Operations using

    Mobile apps

    Reach out directly to

    target market using

    Mobile Apps

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  • Driver’s of Enterprise Mobility and

    Mobile 3.0

  • More Penetration of Smart Devices

    Spending on mobile devices are surpassing PCs as part of a shift to platforms built on mobile computing,

    cloud services, social networking, and big data (IDC).

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  • Rapid Deployment of BYOD

    • 40% report their agency has or will implement BYOD within the next 2 years (Mobile Work Exchange

    May 2013)

    • 38% of companies expect to stop providing devices to workers by 2016 (Gartner April 2013)

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  • Need for Real Time Information by CXOs

    …As ways to Transform the business


    Executives need to access

    critical business information


    Workforce becoming

    increasingly virtual and mobile


    Employees and/or customers increasingly

    demand real-time information

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    Transformational(a way to

    change how things are done)


    Strategic(a way to get things done while

    advancing organizational goals)


    Tactical(a way to get things done faster

    through productivity improvements)

    n=140 Source: IDG Research Services, 2012

  • Technology Shift Inducing Enterprise Mobility Leap

  • Technology Challenges to Enterprise Mobility Strategy

    Choosing Platform and Technology


    Integration with Back end

    Device Management

    Application Design

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    Source: IDC's U.S. Mobile Enterprise Professional and Outsourced Services Survey,

  • Technology Shift Inducing Enterprise Mobility

    Integration with Back End

    • Web Services and API’s

    • Middle ware technology

    Managed Mobility

    • Mobile Device Management - MDM

    • Mobile Security

    • BYOD


    • Improved Connectivity (Wi Fi, 3G, 4G)

    • GPS and Sensors for Context/Location

    Aware App

    • Sophisticated device hardware

    Application Development

    • Native Technology

    • Cross Platform Technology

    • Mobile Web Apps

    • Mobile Enterprise App Platform (MEAP)

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  • Technology Shift Upwards

    Clear Enterprise Mobile Strategy

    Changing Enterprise

    Results in clearer Enterprise Mobile Strategy

    Business &







    Identity and







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    Source: Gartner: Enterprise Mobility and Its Impact on IT , 2012



    Field Service

    • Field Service Job Management

    • Service Job History

    • Depot-stock Management

    • Break/Fix Service

    • Scheduled Service Jobs

    • Urgent Response Service Jobs

    Sales & Marketing

    • Sales Order & Quote Entry

    • Mobile CRM

    (Access leads, opportunities & tasks)


    • Warehouse Management

    • Quality Assurance Programs

    • Manufacturing Execution Systems

    Logistics & Distribution

    • Fleet Management Applications

    • Driver Job Scheduling

    • Proof of Delivery

    • Shipment Tracking & Notifications

    Asset & Facilities Management

    • Asset Tracking & Management

    • Building Inspections

    • Security Inspections

    • OH & S Inspections (e.g. building safety inspections)

    Reports & Workflow

    • Workflows and Approvals

    • Business Intelligence & Dashboards

    • Time & Expense Tracking

    Spectrum of Enterprise Mobile Solutions

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  • Life Without an Enterprise Mobile App …

    Let us go to a “Field Service” Office running Manual Operations sans Mobility

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  • No real-time update on jobs.

    No location information to track field staff.

    Managing and responding on job is a nightmare…

    …And when it comes to on-field job, productivity affects

    I am stuck here. Not

    sure which part to use

    for this job. Wish I had

    previous service history

    for the client and

    knowledge base.

    Service Dispatcher

    Inefficient process leading to difficulty in

    streamlining tasks.

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  • It has always been difficult to report work…

    • Manual paper-based reporting of material, labor and expenses

    • Multiple travels to same client, and clients in nearby locations

    • Delayed time to resolve critical issues


    service schedule

    Delayed and



    …Leading to unsatisfied customers

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  • …And translates to reduced profitability for your firm

    • Delayed invoicing and collections

    • No real-time information on key metrics

    • Increased cost of operations



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  • Manage End-to-End Field Service Operations from MobileA Day in Field Service Technicians Life

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  • I am the Service Engineer for Refrigeration and Aircon

    Products of my company…. For most part of the day I am

    on field and travelling…. I was fed up of missing schedules

    and repeated follow up calls .

    …. Until my Company adopted a Mobility strategy

    to improve Productivity

    Let us meet Harry…Field Service Technician for ABC Engineering &

    Contracting Co.

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  • I got a Mobile App which lists all my “Daily Tasks” created by

    my supervisor from the back end system

    …And shows Customer Location, Nearby Tasks and Driving

    Directions on Google Maps

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    I can Update “Charge Summary” from Mobile… Which helps

    me to “Sign off” in style

    As well Collaborate using Online Image Capture, Audio and

    Text functions

  • Using the Mobile “Field Service”, I could improve the productivity

    and service more number of customers a day.

    I never miss a schedule and ensures sign off from the field… No

    paper work and a professional approach.

    The Mobile app has transformed my

    business and work

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  • Effecting Visible Changes in Organization

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    Real Time Information “On the Go”

    Improved Productivity

    Increased Revenue & Profitability

    Delighted Customers / Repeated Orders

    Branding & Professionalism

  • Thank You

    Presented by:

    Abhijit RamaChandran: Sr.Consultant/Project Manager

    Abhijith Jayakumar: Project Manager

    RapidValue Solutions

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