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Nachyo Babari A Pradhanbros Presentation

Nov 02, 2014




  • 1. Nachyo Babari Sikkims Dance Reality Talent Hunt2009

2. Creative Unit Your Company Presents Co-sponsor: Your company.Associate Sponsors: Company 1, Company 2. Company 3 3. Background

  • Swar Sikkim and Nayuma Televisionbrings Nachyo Babari, a Dance Galaxy Championship 2009 within a category of group dance.
  • Cash Price of Rs 1.5 lakhs
  • Age group 14-25 years will be allowed to perform
  • Each dancing group has to perform two categories
    • One in pure folk form, which is compulsory
    • Any other form of dance.

09/15/09 4. About Nayuma Television

  • Nayuma Entertainmentis formed by enthusiastic and dedicated Sikkimese possessing a determined and clear intention of providing the best of services to herald forth a new-novel trend to the Television-Screen-World of Sikkim.
  • Nayuma , the only Television Network in the capital city of Sikkim having three Local Channels:
  • Nayuma Television ,Nayuma MoviesandNayuma Musicthrough which Local News, Programs , movies and Music are presented regularly.
  • We are serving lakhs of families and several corporate houses by providing High Digital Quality Cable Connections. We have OFC (Optic Fiber Cable) back bone through out the city of Gangtok and suburbs.
  • We are also providing platforms for many personnel and corporate houses to spring board unto the zenith of success. Also many opportunities for promoting and marketing various products and services through our advertising department shall enhance possibilities to reach out to numerous individual customers and industrial houses. Many retail and corporate houses are getting considerable benefits and substantial response by advertisements through our channel.
  • At Nayuma Television , we promote Sikkimese talents and culture to progress towards a new dimension. We are committed to Tele-viewing growth, as it is a proven fact that virtually every household has a TV Set through which messages of manifold nature are conveyed. Our vision encompasses the need to reach out to every nook and corner of the state and bring awareness to everyone. In so doing our channels serves as a medium to take the people of Sikkim as well as the state of Sikkim towards further growth.

5. About Swar Sikkim

  • Committee formed by enthusiastic sikkimese people who loves to promote culture, traditions & development of the people of Sikkim
  • Has been actively organisingand managingsinging competitions for Kids & Adults in SIkkim with a sole purpose to provide a better platform to develop local talents.
  • For last 4 years Swar Sikkim and Nayuma Television has been successful in bringing quality entertainment programsexclusively for the people of SIkkim, and the journey continues with Nachyo Babari.

6. Objective

  • To provide a platform for dancing to develop and nurture Sikkimese talent for national competitions.

09/15/09 7. Program flow

  • Introduction of Swar SIKKIMs Nachyo Babari Dance Galaxy Championship 2009
  • Audition
  • Invitation to view
  • Invitation to vote
  • Gala Nights (quarter finals & semi finals)
  • Grand Finale

09/15/09 8. The Target Audience

  • Men and women of age group 25-50 years
  • Working , housewifes
  • Parents having an aspiration to see their kids on TV
  • Are keen on the local talents development
  • Are the same individuals who voted for Bhaichung Bhutia & Prashant Tamang whole heartedly
  • 56% of the married women watch television and 54%are exposed to Radio (2001) data.
  • (source : family planning report Sikkim)

09/15/09 9. Communication Strategy 09/15/09 10. Our Plan 09/15/09 11. Show Schedule Weeks Telecast dates Area Shooting date 1 st 29-30 thAug Mangan 22 groups 2 nd 05-06 thAug Gyazing 15 groups 3 12-13 sept Namchi 35 groups 4 19-20 Sept Gangtok 45 groups For top 20 5 26-27 Sept Gangtok Announcement of voting For top 10 Announcement of voting 6 3-4th Oct Gangtok 30th sept Voting starts results on 5th Oct 2 eliminations For Pre quarter 6-7-8-9 next eposide shoot and elimination & telecast 6-7-8-9 7 10-11 th Oct Gangtok Voting starts Result on 13th OCT 2 eliminations Quarter Final next eposide shoot and elimination & telecast 14-15-16-17 8 17-18th oct Gangtok 14-15-16-17 Voting starts Result on 19th Oct 2 eliminations Semi Final 20-21-22-23 next eposide shoot and elimination & telecast 20-21-22-23 9 24-25th oct Gangtok Final VotingResult on 1st nov 4 contestents Final 10 1st Nov Gangtok 12. 13. Sponsorship Deals & Packages 14. Opportunity and scope:

  • A captivating audience of 1-2 lakhs viewers
  • Relayed only in SIKKIM for the people of Sikkim
  • Focused and niche market
  • All the target audience have a mobile phone accessibility
  • Voted for Bhaichung Bhutia (Nach Baliya) & Prashant Tamang (Indian Idol) whole heartedly
  • Value add to the Sikkimese society by supporting local & young talents to get a better future and provide inspiration for the Sikkimese people.

15. Proposal for Title Sponsorship:

  • Title of the program will be Your company Presents Nachyo Babari
  • Free airtime during the show and on other programs till the time of the competition
  • Display of products
  • Showcase of products during the gala events and grand finale
  • Can bring their brand ambassador to promote their products
  • Can use the photograph of the winner to promote their products

16. Title Sponsorship Rs.10 lakhs 17. Proposal For Co-Sponsorship

  • Free promotions of commercials during the show and on selected times of other programs
  • In all the ads for Nachyo Babari logo will apear and be announed
  • Display area during the episodes of grand finale
  • Banners and posters

18. Co-sponsorship Rs. 7 Lakhs 19. Proposal for Associate sponsor Rs 2.5 lakhs Free airtime during the episodes Banners and posters at the venue 20. Your Feedback