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Nov 07, 2014





  • 1. + HI! My name is Ana Luz
  • 2. + I was born in Rio de Janeiro
  • 3. + And raized in So Paulo. I also lived in San Francisco California.
  • 4. + As a brand manager I partner with great brands to define what differentiates them from their competition and strategically position them to land its next great gig.
  • 5. + Say What? I`m a Marketer & Communicator with product & brand design s k i l l s . 5 years experience collaborating to launch and consolidate brands of young platform - Nike Sportswear, Nixon, Von Zipper, Rvcca & New Balance in Brazilian market. 6 years of experience in marketing management, communication and sales in textile market and fashion - Lycra* and Hugo Boss. 3 years experience in marketing management in luxury goods B a c c a r a t a n d A n n i c k G o u t a l .
  • 6. + New Balance Brand Reset. Balance between lifestyle & running categories. Brand activation. 90`s Inspired. Lifestyle, Heritage, Storytelling and Running category introduction. Youth Platform Mkt 2.0 & 3.0 Biggest Facebook fan page in the world. 175% rev growth.
  • 7. + Nixon Brand leadership in Surf and Skate among athlets. Brand positioning in Fashion & Design among influencers. Brand Ignition product focus watches, acessories, apparel.60% rev growth.
  • 8. + Von Zipper Brand ignition in surf, skate & lifestyle Sun-glass/Goggles/apparel. Von Zipper achieved 80% revenues increase in retail & 70% wholesale with 120 pos. Product assortment. Lucre Collection Launch . VZ Amapo Say What ?. Moustache Revival Context. Donavon Unique Hotel Pocket Show & Festival Alma Surf. Focus young stylish consumer. Fun, non-sense, exclusive.
  • 9. + Nike Sportswear New brand launch. Position the brand among 18-24 consumers. Focus on distribution, street art and music. Brand conceptshowroom to strategyc customers. Stimulate obsolescence at sneakers market. New distribution chain development. Innovation in product category and visual merchandising. 180 doors in 3 years.
  • 10. + Baccarat Luxury and Jewell. Brand Rejunenation Plan. Global Marketing campaign launch. Attended to Cristallery product mix launch in Paris for seasonal orders. High PR attivation. Productplacement and seed to celebs. Globo TV partnership for indirect merchandising at soap operas. Luxury Hotel partnership. Crystal Palace GNT Documentary with Philip Starck.
  • 11. + Annick Goutal Niche french perfumary brand. Selective consumer. No advertising. Only PR. Distributed in 80 doors perfumary and fashion boutiques. New product launch and events. Perfumary trainning. Very Exclusive. H Stern partneship to brand launch. New designers context Anhembi Morumbi. Orkut fan page Brazil.
  • 12. + Hugo Boss New label Start-Up. Position Orange Label among 25-35 male young executives. Casual differentiated lifestyle apparel and fashion. Retail & Distribution wise among top multibrands stores. Sales & Visual merchandising skills. 70% growth.
  • 13. + Lycra* Brand leadership maintenance in intimatte apparel and swimwear & Brand image built plan for Fashion Apparel industry introduction. Strategic partnerships for brand experience. Activating all key points of the Textile distribution Chain - from the textile to the consumer and vice-versa. 36% market share growth.
  • 14. + I work 360 degrees, Mkt 2.0 & 3.0. Marketing Integrated Concept
  • 15. + I`m innovative as much I`m business oriented.
  • 16. + I `m very curious, creative, observer and effective.
  • 17. + What +inspires me...
  • 18. + Surf What I do with my +free time.
  • 19. + Dance What`s +balance for me...
  • 20. + Camra and action! I always +take with me.
  • 21. + My life mixture music, dance, snow, skate, surf, technology & design. My clothing is a bridge between boardsports & fashion. Fashion gives me a chance to be creative and free. I love street-style, minimalism and quality. Everything I do, I do with a lot of love and detail. I always search for the next trend.
  • 22. + Want to know more? Email - [email protected] Linkedin & Facebook Ana Paula Vellozo Luz!/AnaPaulaVLuz
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