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MYP PP Parent presentation

Nov 12, 2014




  • 1. Personal ProjectParents Evening 23 March 2011 If you dont know where you are going, how can you expect to get there? Basil S. Walsh
  • 2. The MYP Personal Project is: a significant and self-directed project driven by personal interests & passions focused through one of the Areas of Interaction an opportunity to learn and develop skills, attitudes and knowledge turning skills and beliefs into action about succeeding
  • 3. What is your child thinking of doing?
  • 4. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main eventpoints toward Total of possible 63 pointsMYP Certicate for total MYP curriculum
  • 5. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main event points minimum to pass Personal Project all other subjects it is 2 marks to pass.
  • 6. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main eventAssessment is based on criteria possible 4 points awarded for each criteria see the rubric in the student guide for specic criteria
  • 7. The Personal Project ... Areas of Interaction (AOI)5 ways of understanding the world
  • 8. Areas of Interaction (AOI) See page 3 of the student guide for more information on AOI EnvironmentsApproaches to Human learning IngenuityCommunity & Health & Service Social Education
  • 9. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main event 4 parts
  • 10. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main event THE GOAL =4 marksExplicitly assessed in criterion A,also part of criterion E assessment
  • 11. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main eventTHE Process Journal
  • 12. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main event THE Process JournalExplicitly assessed in Criterion A,also part of criterion C, D & F
  • 13. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main event The Project
  • 14. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main event The ProjectExplicitly assessed in Criterion E
  • 15. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main event Exhibition
  • 16. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main eventThe Project Report Reection and self assessment of : the goal the planning the learning the work the use of information
  • 17. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main eventThe Project Report Has specic inclusions & formatting Explicitly assessed in Criteria G and appears in all other criteria!
  • 18. The Personal Project ... MYPs Main event How it all ts together The goal needs to be specic enough to guide and drive the project forward and allow for assessment of achievement. The journal is the anchor for everything, If the journal is maintained it contributes to both the project and the report while reecting on the goal, tying everything together. Overall it will contain about 50% of the assessable material. The project report is the reection and explanation of the goal, planning, learning and experiences based on the journal entries and doing the project. The project is the culmination of the goal,planning and learning based on the journal entries.
  • 19. Draft TimelineLegendAGN, DME Discovery College MYP Personal Project Visual Planner 2011/12DME Supervisors 30/3Whole group meetings Supervisors conrmed 29/4 - 1Important Exhibition Dates 4/5 3/2 9 Training 15/6 3Work to be handed in meeting for supervisors 24/8 4 18/11 7 Marking of PP 30/4 - Meeting of Supervisor 26/3 AGN, DME 24/11 Work in 12/1 8 17/2 10 13/4 and student review of goal submissions Superviso 18/5 2 21/9 5 progress Exhibit rs and students 26/10 6 30/3 3/1 Staff Intro 24/3 DC nalised 20/5 5/12 Project 13/1 Sup. 29/2 11 PP Exhibition Parent Super 16/10 Sup. report report info report report workshop, progress evening progress progress DME, AGN to PPC Sta