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MYP Newsletter Newsletter - December... MYP Newsletter 2 The MYP newsletter provides a snapshot of the life of MYP students at Amman Academy. 2nd

Oct 08, 2020




  • MYP Newsletter 2 The MYP newsletter provides a snapshot of the life of MYP students at Amman Academy.

    2nd Edition

    December 20, 2018

    In This Issue

    • News from around the School

    • MYP Events

  • • Sports Activities

    • News from the MYP Departments

    News from around the School

    Body-Mind Connections Session

    A session encompassing a theoretical and practical approach to delivering the basic yet awe inspiring

    science behind mental health, stress management and human performance was given to grade 9

    students by Human Energy Management. Dr. Hani Akasheh explained the science and art of

    imagining our mental health and explained more about the relationship between our mind and body.

  • Teacher Professional Development

    Mrs Helena Sayegh, a counselor and consultant with over 25 years of experience, was invited to the

    school to provide a seminar for our MYP teachers about the roadmap to the teenage mind.

  • Seminar on Impact of Technology on Child Development

    AA MYP parents had a lecture on Monday 3/12 that introduced the impact of technology on

    children’s overall development. The lecture provided an overview of the implication regarding the

    use of technology. The lecture was presented by Ms Sirsa Qursha, a Child/Adolescent Development and Parents Education Specialist.

  • UCMAS Wiz!

    We are proud to announce that our own 6th Grader, Hala Moussa, stood out during the 23rd

    UCMAS International competition held in Malaysia, in the visual category, level 10. Way to go Hala!

  • Technology Hour at Amman Academy

    Our student have showcased their creativity and ability to master new technology science skills, as

    they had the chance to learn more about robotics and mobile apps coding.

    We are so proud of our students and we will work with them to further develop their skills and be ready for their future.

  • National Robotics Tournament

  • Amman Academy participated in the 14th National Robotics Tournament organized by the Jubilee

    Center for Educational Excellence with the participation of 55 teams from government and private

    schools and other institutions.

    Amman Academy won third place in the Line Tracking competition and third place in the Ball Collector competition.

    Our team is now qualified to compete with other Arab countries in the Arab Robotics Championship which will be held in Kuwait.

    Congratulations to our dear students for their outstanding achievement!

  • Technology Hour Grade 8 Achievements

  • Amman Academy grade 8 students underwent a competition in which they built their own mobile

    applications using their creativity, teamwork and organization skills. Winning students received a

    certificate to appreciate and recognize their hard work and innovation.

    Technology Hour Grade 6 and 7 Achievements

    Grade 6 and 7 students were awarded certificates in celebration of their achievements in the technology classes.

    MYP Events

    School-Wide Treasure Hunt

    Our first ever school-wide treasure hunt was an exciting clue solving activity that involved different

    stations that were spread around the school. Escape the Room was also available with us as a bonus

    station! The students were divided into teams, where each team was given a different map with

    different tracks to discover the treasure! Our students used teamwork and critical thinking to complete as many stations in the limited time allotted!

  • Mawlid Al Nabawi

    In celebration of Mawlid Al Nabawi, chocolates were distributed to students in their classrooms.

  • Adopt an Angel Campaign

    A student committee organized this year’s charity campaign under the name of Adopt an Angel.

    Children in need wrote their wish lists, and members of the AA community were given the chance to

    “adopt an angel” by getting the items on the child’s wish list.

  • Christmas Celebratory Event

    The Student Life Office were pleased to invite AA students and their families to spend some jolly

    Christmas time with us! Different food and beverage stations were available from Treats and Beans

    and Gerard, to Mr. Lollies and Frisco.

    Students were given the chance to blow off some post-finals steam by thinking outside the box with the Escape the Room Carnival which also included Virtual Reality machines.

  • Adopt an Angel Event

  • The Student Life Office organized an event for the angels as part of the adopt an angel campaign.

    The children in need were invited to Amman Academy for a Christmas celebration to enjoy some

    activities, watch a Christmas parade, eat yummy meals and treats, and receive their gifts.


    Thanks to our dedicated student organizers and staff, the first ever national AAMUN was a success.

    His excellency Mr Nasser Judeh honored us with a speech at our opening ceremony. Throughout the

  • conference student delegates lobbied and merged, created resolutions, voted on them, and even

    participated in a crisis simulation. It isn’t difficult imagining our young students at the United Nations

    in a decade or two.

  • Sports Activities

    Swimming Achievements

  • We are very proud of our swimming team! Our students’ effort during Jordan’s Open swimming competition was remarkable!

    Congratulations to our swimming champion Yazan Mutaw’, grade 6, for his outstanding achievement

    at the Jordan Open swimming competition. Yazan came in second place in the 100m freestyle and third place in the 200m freestyle. Way to go Yazan!

    We are proud of our swimmer Adam Al Soufi, grade 8, for his outstanding achievement at the Jordan

    Open swimming competition. Adam won 5 gold medals and 1 silver medal. Adam is expected to join

    the national team soon. Well done Adam!

    Another achievement for our swimming star who just joined the national team, Rashed Abbasi,

    grade 6, who did an excellent job during the Jordan Open swimming competition. Rashed won one gold medal and four silver medals. Great job Champ!

  • Football Achievement

    Another sports achievement - congratulations to our girls’ football team. They did a great job and achieved excellent results during the AAC football tournament last weekend. Way to go champs!

    Our Football midfielder and promising football star, Yousef Hijazi, helped his team win first place in

    the Jordan U15 Football Championship. A great future is waiting for you champ!

  • News from Different Departments

    The Arts Department


    Grade 6 students have learnt about the development of the xylophone and how it was used across

    cultures. They also learnt the differences between melody and harmony, and the importance of playing different parts at the same time.

    Grade 6 students learnt how to play the main theme of Mozart’s Dodici variazioni per pianoforte su

    "Ah, vous dirais-je, Maman" (Twinkle Twinkle) originally composed for piano. Each student played

    different parts, but when played together, rich music was performed.

    Grade 7 students learnt how to play Tableh, and perform some of the most famous beats. They were able to express their personalities by creating their own beat variations.

    Grade 8 students performed a two hand piece that they composed, inspired by musical eras they

    were introduced to. Students learnt about the characteristics of Baroque, Class ical and Romantic music, and the most famous composers of each era.


    The English Department

    Grade 9

    Grade 9 students wrote poetry as part of a campaign for their action to encourage other students to

    be more comfortable being themselves, and expressing their own “vital truth.”

  • Grade 10

    Grade 10 students used organic chalk paint outside, writing quotes from Nineteen Eighty-Four, and practicing embedding their quotations in sentences.

  • The Design Department

    Product Design

    After evaluating their ideas against product design specifications and choosing the best solution that

    meets the users’ needs Grade 9, 8 and 7 students started manufacturing their chosen solution in the

    workshop to create a final prototype for further evaluation and development.

  • Grade 6

    Grade 6 students visited the school’s media center to inquire about proper ways of paraphrasing and summarizing information to help them acknowledge their research in Digital Design classes.

    IBLP: Inquir