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My WetRock, Inc. Just Johnny 01-22-2013

May 15, 2015



This is the powerpoint that might go to the animation for Johnny WaterDrop and Waterman- the SuperHero.

  • 1. If you could change the worldin under a minute.Confidential- Do not distribute 1

2. Would You? Confidential- Do not distribute 2 3. Im Johnny Water DropConfidential- Do not distribute 3 4. Less than 1% Water forforCup of Coffee1,18773 of Water Is Available for Drinking 2,900 Gallons A Pound of Beef 37 gallons SavesElectricityGallons for 1 Blue Jeans Lives Confidential- Do not distribute 4 5. Water Touches EverythingConfidential- Do not distribute 5 6. Confidential- Do not distribute 6 7. Ive seen the water disappear tallerthan a 13 Story Building. We use water 14 times faster than the natural Texas rate of replenishment. More than 130 FeetConfidential- Do not distribute 7 8. And The Problems Just Keep Getting WorseOur Demands For WaterExceeds our Supply Confidential- Do not distribute 8 9. At Times if Feels So Hopeless? Confidential- Do not distribute 9 10. !Confidential- Do not distribute 10 11. Inside is My WetRock- the EarthConfidential- Do not distribute 11 12. Confidential- Do not distribute 12 13. How Would I Do It? Confidential- Do not distribute 13 14. What Wastes the Most Amount of Water? Confidential- Do not distribute 14 15. An Aha! MomentOpportunity to createanimation, cartoon,comic strip, etc. fromCharacters andstory. Additional characters could be introduced in the future.Confidential- Do not distribute15 16. Flushing the Toilet! Over 220 Million Standard Flush Toilets Still Exist.EPA WaterSense Confidential- Do not distribute16 17. WEP$ Factor (Water, Electricity, Pollution Matter, $avings) Flushing Impacts the Environment 13% of the nations electricity consumption1 5% of all U.S. carbon emissions1W aterE lectricityPollution$ avings73 Billion1.7 Trillion Gallons 18.4 Billion Metric Tons kWh to process 2 Pollution matter2$10.3 Billion72B Tons CO2Spent on Flushing125K Tons SO2165 Billion Gallons 210K Tons NOxWater to cool27K Tons PM10 Source; 1. Idaho Rivers Unlimited 2. 4.3K Tons VOCs Confidential- Do not distribute17 18. WaterMan had an Idea! Confidential- Do not distribute 18 19. Drop the Box in to Save Water! Get my Friends to use the Treasure Chest as a way to save Drops of Water- The Drop Box.Displace and Save Gallon per FlushConfidential- Do not distribute19 20. How the DropBox WorksInstallation: User flushes toilet Water returns to fill line Drops capture box Capture box fills with in Tank gallon of water, anchorsinto placeDisplace-ment Box Water returns to fill line Fresh water co-mingleswith displacement boxwater to prevent bacteriabuild upDisplace-ment Box User flushes gallon is withheld fromdrain in capture box** gallon of water weighs four pounds.Confidential- Do not distribute 20 21. Impact from WEP$ Factor- Gallon SavedA Household of Four Annual Impact EquivalentWould Save theFollowing: Save = 17 weeks of laundry forWater 4,092 Gallonsa family of four energy (100 loads @ 40 gallons x 6 loads per week) = 3 months of energy toEnergy41 kWh power a laptop (0.06 kWk / hour x 8 hours x 30 days) Save energy =Not driving to work 104Polution Matter983 metric lbs days a year(8 lbs per average 12 mi commutex 50 weeks) =3-4% savings on$avings $25-$54 water/ sewage bill($600 to $1,600 a year forfamily of four)Estimated cost for water and sewage average of 50 cities $4/1000 gallons (average) to $14/1000 most expensive cities , andConfidential- Do not distribute 21 22. I Know One Person Cant Do It Alone Confidential- Do not distribute 22 23. Im not Alone!Over 220 Million People Want to Make a Difference.Confidential- Do not distribute 23 24. Recruit Lots of Friends to Help!Confidential- Do not distribute 24 25. What if we had 10 Million Superheros;Tremendous Savings onWater45 Billion Gallons Electricity500 Million kWH Pollution5.5 Billion TonsSavings$254 Million Sources: Water: The Epic Struggle For Wealth, Power and Civilization. Charity:Water. CBS America Stands on Water 1/8/2010. Confidential- Do not distribute 25 26. 45 Billion Gallons fills a Wal-Mart*4,909 Times!* 709Do not distribute Confidential- stores, average size is 108,000 square feet. 26 27. Thats a Whole Lot of Water!Confidential- Do not distribute 27 28. We Dont Want To Change The WorldWe Want To Involve The World In ChangeConfidential- Do not distribute 28 29. The EndConfidential- Do not distribute 29 30. A Cool Company, with Cool Products, that Cool the PlanetThe World Is In Your HandsConfidential- Do not distribute 30 31. Awareness builds Apathy Whats NeededIs Action!Action brings Achievement!Confidential- Do not distribute 31