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Nov 14, 2014



a quickly overview of my professional life

  • 1. zemario myprofile

2. outline outline 3. my name is jose mario de carvalho, jr. but why dont you call me ze mario 4. when I was kid, I loved 5. . 6. today I like to 7. . find messy operationsproblems, 8. and make it leaner, cleaner .better! 9. but to do that, I had to study a lot 10. to became Master in Business, Strictu Sensu, 1996Specialist in Management, 1990 Mechanical Engineer, ME, 1984 and I am still very dedicated to learn as much as I can onoperations strategy lean processes 11. strenghts my strengths 12. Strengthis a person ability toconsistently providenear perfectperformance in a specific activity. my strengthsallows me to continue to build relationships anddelivery focusedexpertise, insightful thinking and provenexecution to stakeholders of my daily activities 13. strength 1: I like to look back .Looking back, I understand the present context. And understanding the present, I became more confident to make better decisions 14. strength 2 I like mental activities.This strength give me power to be focused on a problem till I solve it. 15. strength 3 I like ideas I love to find new approaches for old things and solve problems from a new perspective. 16. strength 4 I like to make connectionsI am a connector among different cultures. I have good transit from the shop floor up to the top level people. 17. strength 5 I am accountable.I take the psychological ownership for anything I commit to. When people come to me for help, they know they will get things done. 18. corevalues my core values 19. Values are the basicelements of how we goabout our work. They are the practices we use everyday ineverything we do. 20. translucencyto act free of disguise and falseness 21. integrity to act firmly adherent to a code of moral values 22. fairness to act free from self interest,prejudice or favoritism 23. myresume my resume 24. In 1985, I took a breakthrough decision and 25. went to Japan tostudy the toyotaway, late, the leanmanufacturing. 26. back home, in 1986, a project was ready to take off 27. Muri was founded 28. Muri is one of the 3 MU (Muri; Muda; Mura), that means to streamline the process by eliminating waste of strains. How to Operate QC Circles ActivitiesUnion ofJapanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), 1985 29. executive director @ muri assembly lines 20072004 the company merged with atwusa andbecame awtbrasil2004was a 42M+ company exporting toUK, USA and Mexico1997A new business strategy was launched,and became the first company to develop 1986and built assembly and test in Brazil1986 muri was launched, as a mechanicaldesign house in a 32m2 suit office. 30. Since 2009, I am 31. executive director @atwbrasil 32. among other cool stuffs, I was 33. founder &[email protected] s.a. co-foundermusa, muri usa llc founder & [email protected] consulting board of directors Invited member @unisinos engineerproduct [email protected] 34. projects selected projects 35. whatTo wright a operations strategy book for professionals and students results The book was published in 2004 and a second edition in 2007. It has been adopted as text book on the most important business school in Brazil 36. whatatwbrasil s operations strategy formulation and implementation results Under implementation. To guarantee growth and protect the Gross Margin 37. whatTo revitalize and old warehouse with a new operations concept and tranform it into the new Muris operations plant. after results A streamline process flow lay-out. A complete integration between engineering and production. before 38. whatMuris engineering strategy formulation and implementation results Change from a 2D software platform to 3D software design platform. Complete integration of Mechanical Engineering and Control Engineering 39. whatDesing and implement the ATW Brazil business model results Implemented. The revenue growth from 0 to 18million reais in 3 years. 40. awards awards 41. ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR, 2003,Ernest Young / Revista Exame, So Paulo, BR. ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR, 1996, Sebrae, Porto Alegre, BR.INDUSTRIALIST LEADER, 2003,Gazeta Mercantil, So Paulo, BR.SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, 2001 Deputy Assembly, State of Rio Grande do Sul,BR. QUALITY OF LIFE AT WORKPLACE, 2002Sesi, Porto Alegre, BR. ENERGY CONSERVATION AWARD, 2002Ministry of Energy, Rio de Janeiro, BR. XXXI EXPORT AWARD, 2002 Advb,Porto Alegre,BR 42. lectures lectures 43. Globalizationo Globalization of Brazilian Companies, Lunch meeting and StateChamber of Commerce, FEDERASUL, Porto Alegre, 08 de Outubrode 2003. Invited Speaker. Innovation and Product Developmento Innovation and New Product Development XVI Total Quality; Aug,2006.o Innovation as a source of competitive advantage. XII In.International Quality and Productivity Congress, July, 2006, PortoAlegre.o Innovation Strategy: The Case of Muri, XXVII ENANPAD Atibaia, SP,Sept 2003. Quality and Productivity Managemento Quality Management in Brazil Invited Speaker. XIV InternationalQuality and Productivity Congress; Sept, 2004 . Entrepreneurshipo Entrepreneurship, IV SIMPSIO DE ADMINISTRAO DE EMPRESASDA PUCRS, Porto Alegre, Oct, 2001.o Special Guest Lecturer for Entrepreneur Courses- do Rio Grande doSul Federal University (UFRGS) 1999; 2000; 2001. 44. wrapup wrap up 45. all said, what I have learned after 25 year 46. When I face a challenge I:set the vision create a strategyvision is an inspirational description strategy is choosing to performof what a I would like to achieveactivities differently than before orand accomplish in the mid/long-termto perform different activities thanof a given mission before.define business modelmeasure every stepthe Business model is like a measurement guaranteesthe thatblueprint for a strategy to be people will adoptwhateverimplemented through structures,behaviors and takeswhateverprocesses and systemsactions are necessary to arrives at those goals protect the cashno matter what the plans are, whatcounts is the financial results. Cashis king. 47. reference references 48. Jose is an outstanding professional. His company is one of the best in the industry. Jose's leadership andexecution skills are the key factors of his company success ATW USA/Muri. . inacio moriguchiexecutive directorAAM 49. In one word, what I know and love to do is 50. to use what I did, learned and know! to help industrial companies have success inthe brazilian marketze mario 51. All pictures are protected bywww.creativecommons.orgCreated byCopyright jose mario de carvalho jr 2010 Porto AlegreBrazil Additional information [email protected]