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Jun 19, 2015



  • 1. My photo captions South trip 2013 Colbun Machicura Benjamn Valds S. 7C 7th grade ISE 1

2. This is the process of hydroelectricity. This picture explains the steps of the hydroelectricity process. 3. Here we can see one security measure in the station; the helmet. The helmet is very important because protects the head. 4. These electricity transformers are used to transform electricity voltage, from high to low level. 5. These yellow and black lines are used to mesaure the level of water that it is in the dam. 6. These are all the doors that Colbun has to empty the dam that it is flooded. 7. This is the upper part of one of the doors that Colbun has to empty the dam that it is flooded. 8. In this picture we can see the Ro Maule, and the part where the water of the dam goes if it is flooded. 9. This is the logo of Colbun. It is important because it represents Colbun Hydroelectricity Station without confusing other stations 10. This is an important machine because distributes the electricity for the houses, the industries, etc 11. This is the lake of Colbun. This lake (dam) was created because of the water falling, that is essential in the process of hydroelectricity.

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