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Music Therapy

Oct 19, 2015





  • What is Music Therapy?

    Eric Mammen, MT-BCChild Life [email protected]:1665

  • Music Therapy Music Therapy is an established healthcare profession that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages.

  • A Music Therapy Session is Not Entertainment

    A Special Event

    A Performance

    A Concert

  • Benefits of Music TherapyPromote wellness and quality of lifeManage stress and fearAlleviate painExpress feelings Increase verbal and nonverbal communication Promote gross and fine motor movements

  • Music Therapy is the component of the interdisciplinary team that uses musical experiences and activities in a skilled manner by a trained and board certified music therapist to achieve non-musical goals

  • Who is a Music Therapist?

  • A Board Certified Music Therapist Must Complete an approved college music therapy curricula Complete a supervised internship program Successfully pass the national exam administered by the Certification Board for Music Therapists Maintain and prove continued competency skills in music therapy practices

  • Benefits of the Music Therapy Program Here at CHOC

    Create individualized and group programs for the patients to aid and complement their overall healing process

  • Some Examples of Music Therapy Treatment Plans

  • Physical Benefits Fine Motor Grasping, Hand Eye Coordination, Gross Motor Range of Motion, Marching, DrummingBreath Control-Singing, Whistles and FlutesPain Management and Relaxation Focused and Active Listening Experiences

  • Cognitive BenefitsProcedural EducationMental StimulationFacilitate change in thought processes Increase Communication SkillsMemorization of Songs/ActivitiesProvide songs of hope and victory

  • Social Emotional Benefits Expression of Fear and Negative Feelings-Song Writing, Musical ImprovisationSelf Awareness -Lyrical Analysis and Writing Positive Experiences-Radio Lollipop, Group ExperiencesIncrease Quality of Life-Normalization, Sibling Interactions, Fun and Laughter

  • Instruments Used GuitarKeyboard, PianoVarious Rhythm InstrumentsWhistles, FlutesScarves or RibbonsLyrical SheetsLaptop Computer

  • Vision of the Music Therapy Program at CHOC-

    The opportunity to provide music therapy services to children of all ages who need assistance in pain management, motor development, coping skills, emotional support, or self expression.

  • Goals of the Music Therapy Program at CHOC-Grow the current afternoon music therapy program into an all day program that will enable more children to explore and have the opportunity to participate in both individual and group music therapy sessions.

  • Goals of the Music Therapy Program at CHOC-The music therapy program would also like to allow the older children and adolescent patients the opportunity for self expression and positive self esteem possibilities by incorporating a song writing and recording component of the program that may be played on Radio Lollipop.

  • Questions, Comments, or SuggestionsPlease Call or email Eric [email protected] x1665