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Music Therapy

Dec 13, 2014




  • 1. - M.Deepa Music heals stress


  • Stress is aphysical, emotional, or chemical conditionthat occurs when a person is exposed to an unpleasant situation or a crisis
  • There are many different ways to manage stress like,breathing exercises, meditation, reframing with a sense of humor, music, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, exercises, guided imagery or visualization, healthy eating, better sleep, good nutrition


  • Music therapy is thepractice of using music as a meditation toolto help calm and relax you during stressful times.
  • Listen to the music that you feel comfortable.

4. Music Help Reduce Stress

  • Music can drastically change and improve your mood. Some experts saythe rhythm of the music produces a soothing effect on a subconscious level.
  • Choose your music wisely

5. Kinds Of Music And Their Effects

  • Studies have shown that a variety of music can aid inrelieving symptoms of stress.Some such types of music are:
  • Classical
  • Celtic
  • Native American
  • Sounds of naturecan be extremely calming
  • Certain types of music can have theadverse effectas well
  • Busy music like
  • heavy metal,
  • sad country or hard rockcould further induce stress levels.

6. Sit or lie in a comfortable position Choose music of ur choice Go for walking before or after MT 3 Tips For Effective Music Therapy 2 1 7. General Guidelines To Maximize The Effectiveness

  • Sound bathfollowed by music
  • Choose music withslow rhythm
  • Forstimulation go for a faster music
  • When going gets tough, go for a music you arefamiliarwith
  • Takewalks with your favorite musicplaying on the Walkman. Inhale and exhale in tune with the music.

8. Effects Of Music

  • Brain Waves
  • Breathing and Heart Rate
  • State of Mind
  • Other Benefits
  • lowering blood pressure
  • boost immunity
  • ease muscle tension, and more

9. Conclusion

  • Listening to music together with whatever treatment you are receiving can have a strong healing effect on your body. It is considered a creative art therapy. With all these benefits that music can carry, it's no surprise that music therapy is growing in popularity.

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