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Music magazine evaluation final

Jul 10, 2015




Music Magazine Evaluation

Music Magazine EvaluationHaleema AliCover

I have used a large, bold title. The title has the largest font size from any of the other text as it should stand out the most.Here I have placed a barcode, with the date and price tag on top. This is a convention which many magazines have.The two main colors I used for the text are pink and white. But to make the stars name stand out, I used a bright green. Also I used a totally different font to the rest of the text to make the name look different and stand out. I got this idea by looking at other POP magazine covers and and I think it looks really good. Although the image of the girl does not have the best facial expression, its clear and sharp which makes it look good.I have used a lure on my magazine which is the buyer can get a free music download code inside the magazine. Under the heading I have placed a slogan for the magazine which is LOVE POP!. This goes well with the masthead as the letter U is white so it looks like U LOVE POP!. On the cover I have mentioned names of artist who will attract to my target audience. This would make them want o buy the magazine so they can read about these artists.Contents Page

I made sure that I had 3 columns for the contents page as this is a generic convention for a magazine.As the background of my contents page is black, the title stand out. Also I used a large font size and different font style for the title.I put a editors note on my magazine to welcome he reader to he magazine. As this is a message from the magazines author, I have made it stand out by outlining the box in pink.I used green for the page numbers as on the cover I used green for the name of the artist and I wanted to continue using the color so I could create a house style.I used a pink box on the sub headings to make them stand out. This will allow the reader to look for the section which they want to read and go to it easily.I have put the image of my cover on the contents page to link it with the contents. The title on my contents page is This Month, I used this because many magazines put headings like his rather than stating it is the contents page. On the side of my heading I used he names of my magazine and put contents under it. I used the masthead from my front cover.Double Page

I am still using the main colors for the text. I am sticking to pink, white and black. Also as I am using small parts of green I have done so in each page to create an effect as it all links.This is my house style. On the top of the page I have a green heartbeat design on top of the word Competition. I did this to continue with the house style of using a little green on the page and this seemed like a simple way to do it.The second page of the article has pictures on it which are selfies and are there because it is the selfie page which means people can post pictures to the magazine in hope to have them publishedThe first page of my double page spread is a quiz which the reader can fill in and then submit in order to get a chance to win tickets to a live performance.I have images of one of my classmates on the double page article in order to advertise the selfie page. I only used pictures from one person because I want the page to be dedicated to a single person so people are more interested in getting involved.In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

On my magazine I have used many conventions of a real media product. This is because I have used a masthead that stands out on my cover, many magazines have this to try and attract audiences, as it will catch the buyers attention if the masthead is bold. Another convention which I have used on my front cover is a barcode and price, magazines use this to make sure the buyer knows how much the magazine costs. I have also put the issue date on the magazine to allow people to know what month and year this issue came out on. On the contents page I have included an editors note as most magazines use this to inform people reading the magazine what they might find inside. I have also used the three column convention with all the categorised in sections.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My media product specifically targets young girls from the age of 12-17. I researched into POP magazines and realised that there is a lot of pink used. Bright pink stands out to many young girls therefore I thought itd be a good idea to do the same for mine. Also, I have used artists from the POP genre and made them stand out so that they catch the readers eye. As I researched into prices of other POP magazines, they ranged from 2.50-3.50 so I thought the best price would be 2.75. It is affordable and audience can buy the magazine using pocket money or asking parents.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

A media institution that might be interested in distributing my magazine can be BBC Media Institutions. This is because they already publish a POP magazine called Top of the Pops. They could be interested in distributing mine as they already have an audience in this genre and if they were to produce another magazine for them to buy then they might make more profits. Another reason as to why BBC might want to distribute my magazine is that it could be popular amongst young buyers whom are usually the ones who spend their pocket money on products such as magazines.

Who would be the audience for your media product and how did you attract/address your audience?

The target audience for my media product are teenage girls aged 12-17. To help attract this audience I have mentioned names of artist whom they might listen to for example, Miley Cyrus. Another thing which I did to try and address this audience is use the colour pink throughout my magazine. I got the idea of using pink from my research because most pop magazines aimed at this audience use this colour. Also the price for my magazine is not too high which means it is affordable for teenage girls as they can get the money from weekly savings or from their parents.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I have learnt how to take sharp images which I was able to use in my magazine. This is because I now know how to focus the camera and take pictures from different angles. I have also learnt different shot types and how they are used within a magazine for example; a mid shot would generally be used on the cover of a magazine whereas a long shot would be used in an article to show the scenery in which it was taken. To create my magazine I had to use a Mac which I had not done before so it was quite difficult to get the hang of it, once I learnt the basic skills I was able to assemble texts and images to make my final product. Another thing which I learnt to use is Photoshop as that is the programme I used to make my media product.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in progression from it to the full product?

Now that I look back at my preliminary task, I see the development of my skills. When I made the school magazine I did not have much knowledge of the technology I was using. When I began to make my music magazine it was a similar situation but then I began to understand more and was able to test my skills with the camera and Mac. My school magazine seems less professional that my music magazine so this can show the progression I have made.

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