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Aug 18, 2015


Art & Photos

  1. 1. My Music Magazine
  2. 2. Masthead Extremely large,takes up a vast amount ofthe magazine. The whiteand the red make forextremely bold coloursagainst the black and whitebackground. There is a 3Dshade around the letter Qwhich gives it a much morefinished and glossy lookText style Big andheavy font makes themagazine much morebold. Constantly writtenin capitals to make tocreate a confidenttheme to the magazineExclusives Makes themagazine seem moreoriginal and eliteQuality The use of ablack and white mainphoto gives theimpression of a sleekand glossy coverLayout Very ordered andnone of the pull quotes andheadlines have been clutteredtogether. They have used abasic colour pallet of red, grey,black and white within the textso that the different colourseach represent a different storyand cannot be confused withone another.Cover Price Itsquite costly at 3.90but I think this givesit a higher status andexclusivity againstother magazinesTASK 1: DECONSTRUCTION
  3. 3. Text differing fromLower case toUpper case letters give a uniqueand exclusive lookThe text isextremely bolddue to thethickness and theuse of upper caseletters. The redalso looks daringagainst the whitebackgroundThe pictures takesup the whole sideof the page withlayered textcreated on topBasic black heading anda simple heading makesfor a relaxed sensewhich will help calmthe whole pageBy using three columnsinstead of two makesthe page look moresophisticated and neatas it gives moreinformation with thesmall size of the lettersThe massive Thelps to create morecolour and boldnessto the page whichwill overall attractthe readers. As it istransparent we arestill able to read thewriting but it givesan original senseBy adding the small magazinemasthead and page number at thebottom of the page, it creates amore cutting-edge theme
  4. 4. Mast Head -sophisticatedfont, but is not white likethe Q logo. It is placed atthe top where youexpect it be as themajority of magazinecontents pages do this.The layout - the pageallows the reader tonavigate easily.Although the listingsare the purpose of thispage, they are kept tothe sides so that theoverall look of thepage grabs yourattention. The pagenumbers are bold andthe images theyaccompany aregenerally together toavoid confusion oruntidiness.Necessary Information -the issue number is inthe box at the top of theright side page and isissue 284 of Q, so weknow it is a long runningmagazine which isimportant because itshows how big themagazine is.Text - there is not an overwhelmingamount of text, the only part that containsa bulk of text is 'The Q Review', which isclearly a regular piece in each issue. Thepurpose of the text is to inform the readerwhere they can find what interests them.Font the text standsout, but the samefont is used regularly.This causes thecontents page toappear sophisticated.Images there are atotal of 9 images. Theyvary in size, but only theimage of the animecharacter is large. Theother images are ofsingers and bands.Colour- Red, white, black andpurple are the colours that standout the most. Red and white aremost frequent due to them beingQ's trademark colours- making thecontents page more warm.
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