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Multicultural Math

Feb 24, 2016




Multicultural Math. Teaching students math through multicultural means. Mayan Math. Number System Concept of zero Base of 20 3 symbols. Native American Math. History of Native Americans in the Plains Usefulness of math. Native American Math-Conic Shapes Lesson. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Multicultural Math

Multicultural MathTeaching students math through multicultural means.

1Mayan MathNumber SystemConcept of zeroBase of 203 symbols

2Native American MathHistory of Native Americans in the PlainsUsefulness of math

3Native American Math-Conic Shapes LessonBefore the lesson begins, students should know (or be taught) some knowledge of Native American life, especially that of western tribes, who roamed the plains, following herds of bison.Explain to the students that today, they are going to be in groups of 4-6 in which they will work on a project involving history and math.In each group, have students create individual and then group lists of things that they will need to have when travelling to hunt the bison. Remind them that they can only rely on technology available in the mid 1800s (1840-1880). If need be, provide worksheets with a general idea.Native American Math-Conic Shapes LessonNext, have students determine how much weight each person will carry. It would be helpful to provide weights and backpacks to give them an idea of what this means. Then, have students predict how often they will stop, whether for breaks or to make camp.Finally, they students will work on the structure of their shelter. They would be using hide and tall sticks to build their teepees. Remind students that they will have to have enough room to shelter all group members.Would it be more efficient to build one large teepee, or several small ones? This can be determined by calculating the surface area of the cone, and height of the cone. In addition, they must determine area needed to build the teepee.Surface Area=SA=r2 + rl, where r is the radius and l is the slant height; Volume=V=r2hReferencesO'Connor, J.J., and E.F. Robertson. "Mayan Mathematics." History Topics. School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 11 Nov 2000. Web. 14 Apr 2013. .Seitz, Richard, Marie Vanisko, and Jack Oberweiser, eds. "Mathematics with Native American Teepees." Montana Mathematical Subjects: Algebra and Geometry High School Mathematics. Montana High Schools, 03 Mar 2009. Web. 16 Apr 2013.

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