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Muhammad: Muhammad: About Ahlul Bayt About Ahlul Bayt By A.S. Hashim. MD By A.S. Hashim. MD Hadiths: Translation by Baaqir Al-Hassani Hadiths: Translation by Baaqir Al-Hassani Ziyarah of Imams taken from: Ziyarah of Imams taken from:

Muhammad: About Ahlul Bayt

Jan 07, 2016




Muhammad: About Ahlul Bayt. By A.S. Hashim. MD Hadiths: Translation by Baaqir Al-Hassani Ziyarah of Imams taken from: Salaams to the Prophet (pbuh). إِنَّ اللَّهَ وَمَلَائِكَتَهُ يُصَلُّونَ عَلَى النَّبِيِّ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Muhammad:About Ahlul BaytBy A.S. Hashim. MDHadiths: Translation by Baaqir Al-HassaniZiyarah of Imams taken from:

  • Salaams to the Prophet (pbuh) Verily Allah and His angels send blessings to the Prophet, O you men of Faith, send blessings unto him with the best of greetings

  • About this slide show:This slide show deals with:Prophet Muhammad about Ahlul Bayt Episodes about Ahlul Bayt Select Hadiths about Ahlul Bayt The many Hadiths about Fatima and AliHadiths about Al-Hasan and Al-HusainZiyarah (Visitation) with its translation

  • The Prophet about Ahlul BaytThe Prophet (pbuh) in emphasizing the high station of Ahlul Bayt:At Umm Salamas house, Ahlul Kisaa Hadiths about Ahlul BaytHadiths about his daughter FatimaHadiths about AliHadiths about Al-Hasan and Al-HusainHadiths about Al-Husain

  • The Prophet about his family Ahlul Bayt

  • Major events on behalf of Ahlul BaytAhlul Kisaa and Ayah of Tatheer Hadith of Al-Thaqalain (to hold to Al-Quran and Ahlul Bayt) Hadith of the Means of Salvation (Safinatul Najaat, Vessel of Salvation)Hadith of Ghadeer Khum (Specification of Wilaayah, meaning leadership)

  • Who are Ahlul Kisaa?Ahlul Kisaa consist of Ali, Fatima, Al-Hasan, and Al-Husain, who joined the Prophet under a mantle (a Yemeni cover). It took place at:Umm Salamas house.Some claim it happened again at A'isha's house, andOthers claim it happened again at Fatima's house.Ayah of Tatheer was revealed on their behalf. In this event the Prophet specified Ahlul Bayt, and prayed for them

  • Ahlul Kisaa

  • About Ahlul KisaaThey came to be endearingly known as The five under the mantle . They were five:Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, AlHasan, and AlHusainIt is narrated through Anas Ibn Malik that for six months following this Ayah's revelation, every morning (while going for Fajr Salat), the Prophet used to knock at the door of Fatima's house and loudly recite Ayah of Tat'heer. Other sources say the Prophet (pbuh) did so for 9 months rather than 6.

  • Occasion of MubaahalaA deputation of a Patriarch with 20 Christian dignitaries, set out to Medina to find out about Islam. Their questions about the Messiah Jesus (a.s.), his birth, his mother, and whether he was crucified or resurrected were answered by the Prophet The Christians were baffled and amazed, even bewildered. Since an Ayah for Mubaahala, (a challenge with a Du'aa), had been revealed to the Prophet, he suggested doing so A Mubaahala is a spiritual contest, it means that each of the two groups would pray to the Almighty asking for His damnation on those who are false (telling lies). If Mubaahala were done, and Prophet Muhammad was saying the truth, then Allah would doom the Christian group and whatever Allah chooses to do to them would come to be! The Patriarch agreed to the Mubaahala, and it was to be done at a certain place and time.

  • Ahlul Bayt and the Occasion of Al-Mubaahala

  • They withdrew from MubaahalaUpon seeing Muhammad along with his family for the contest, the Patriarch was startled! Taken aback he hurriedly consulted with his colleagues. They reasoned that Muhammad was telling the truth, otherwise he wouldnt have brought the closest people to him for the Mubaahala. Therefore for Muhammad to call upon Allah would bring the ruin and damnation upon them. Having thus concluded, the Patriarch came forth with a look of relief.He acknowledged to Muhammad and opted for immediate withdrawal from the Mubaahala! The Patriarch also said: If it weren't for my obligations with the Emperor I would have right away changed to Islam!

  • Ahlul Bayt and The Occasion of Hadith Al-Thaqalain: While quoted in various formats, by more than 20 Sahaaba, and due to its importance, this Hadith was declared on at least 5 occasions:Farewell Haj during the Prophet's Farewell Speech, Ghadeer Khum,After leaving Ta'if, At his minbar (pulpit) in Medina, and Even just before he died, in his room full of Companions. The Hadith was a lot like a unique Will by the Prophet (pbuh).It was a unique legacy to leave after he was gone from this world; The Prophet specified two precious matters.The Quran as most valuable asset to mankind, andAhlul Bayt, as the second most important asset he was to leave.

  • Ahlul Bayt and Hadith Al-Thaqalain:

  • The Means to Salvation:

  • Commentary: The Means to Salvation: This was a nice figurative simile, referring to Ahlul Bayt as the means to our salvation, for they will show the correct interpretation of the Quran, and the authentic Sunnah. Known for their pureness and piety, (and by virtue of their unparalleled knowledge of Islam), they become like the gracious vessel in which rests our spiritual salvation. The Prophet (pbuh) reminds us that when we listen to the teaching of Ahlul Bayt and follow their directions, we will be saved, because theirs is the correct teachings, i.e., reflecting his own teachings. The Prophet foresaw his family's toil for Islam though most of them were as yet not born.

  • The Occasion Ghadeer Khum: It was the 18th of Dhul Hijjah, and the Prophet (pbuh) along with about 100,000 participants in the Haj were on their way home. They had left Mecca a few days back, having finished the Farewell Haj. It was summer, very hot, the blazing sun taking its toll. The place was Juhfa, Juh'fa was a convergence place for several highways leading north, south, east, and west. At noontime the Prophet (pbuh) received a remarkable revelation, and it was so powerful that the Prophet (pbuh) was obliged to stop the people from marching; and He asked them to gather for the announcement; even calling back those who had already left for home. It was an urgent matter. The revelation (called Ayah of Tableegh ) commanded:

  • The Occasion Ghadeer Khum: O' Messenger! Declare what has been revealed to you, and if you do not, then your works will not have been fully declared.And Allah will protect you from [the harm of] people.This was followed by delivering Ghadeer Khum Pronouncement in regard to AliThen the revelation took place: It said: To-day I have completed for you the religion, and favored you with My bounty, and accepted Islam for you as the religion

  • The Pronouncement at Ghadeer Khum:

  • Select Hadiths about Ahlul BaytGENERAL, ABOUT AHLUL BAYT:Hadith about love of Ahlul Bayt.Hadith about acknowledging the rights of Ahlul Bayt.ABOUT ALI:Hadith about Wilaayah of AliHadith about tasks of Ali in days aheadHadith about character of AliHadith about knowledge of AliHadith about the love of Ali versus antagonizing himHadith about obedience to AliABOUT AL-HASAN AND AL-HUSAIN:Hadith about status of Al-Hasan and Al-HusainHadith about love toward Al-Hasan and Al-Husain

  • The Prophet about Ahlul Bayt

  • The Prophet about Ahlul Bayt

  • The Prophet about Ali

  • The Prophet about FatimaThe Messenger of Allah said: "The best of women of Paradise are: Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid, Fatima Bint Muhammad, Asia Bint Muzahim (Pharaoh's wife) and Maryam Bint Imraan. ... A'isha Bint Talha quoted A'isha wife of the Prophet saying: "I have not seen anyone more similar to the Messenger in speech and dialogue than Fatima. Whenever she entered the house, he would greet her, kiss her hands and ask her to sit near him. Likewise, when he entered the house, she would greet him, kiss his hands and etc....."

  • The Prophet about FatimaVerily, in Heaven, Fatima is the Lady Supreme over all Women Fatima is a portion of me, He who hurts, hurts me; and he who loves her, loves me .Whoever hurts Fatima, hurts me, and whoever hurts me, hurts Allah, glory be to Him!" Allah becomes wrathful for Fatima's anger, and He is pleased at her pleasure. . Fatima is my heart and very soul. .

  • Before the Prophet died:The Prophets sickness continued for more than fourteen days. His family was around him worried, sad, and full of anxiety. They were tending to him the best they could.He saw his beloved daughter, Fatima, and pointed to her. He whispered in her ear and she cried broken hearted. Then he whispered again and she became cheerful and smiling! Everyone was puzzled. Sometime after, A'isha asked her about what was going on, and Fatima answered, "At first he told me he was not going to recover, so I cried. Then he told me that I would be the first one in his family to join him, so it made me happy and cheerful."

  • The Prophet about Ali

    Ali is the Wali (The authority) over every Mu'min, after me

  • The Prophet about Ali

    : : I [Muhammad] and Ali are the fathers of this nation. He who recognizes us as such believes in Allah, the Mighty and Glorious. And from Ali are my two grandchildren, Al-Hasan and Al-Husain, each of whom is the Prince over the Youth in Heaven;and among the descendants of Al-Husain are nine, obedience to them is obedience to me, and disobedience to them is disobedience to me.The ninth of them is their Qaa'im and Mahdi (the firmly established), the executor, and the Divinely trained for right guidance.

  • The Prophet about Ali

    Oh Ali, you will clarify to my Ummahwhat they had differed in, after me [after I am gone]

  • The Prophet about Ali

    I am the dwelling of knowledge (Ilm) and Ali is its gateway.He who wants to reach this dwelling, should come through this gateway

  • The Prophet about AliThis Ali is my brother in this world and in the hereafter. Among my descendants he is my Khalifa; he is my successor (vicegerent) in my community. He is the heir to my knowledge; he is the payer of my debt. What belongs to him belongs to me; what belongs to me belongs to him; his benefit is my benefit and his loss is my loss. He who is a friend of his is really a friend of mine and he who is an enemy of his is really an enemy of mine." Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tha'labi in his Manaqib and TafsirDon't try to find faults with Al, he is indeed from me and I am from him, he is your leader after me. He is from me and I am from him, he is your leader after me Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal

  • The Prophet about Ali

    Ali is of me and I am of Aliand none delivers except me and Ali

  • The Prophet about Ali

    The one who profanes Ali will have profaned me

  • The Prophet about Ali

  • The Prophet about Al-Husain

  • The Prophet about Al-Hasan and Al-Husain

    I am in peace with the ones you are in peace with,and I am in battle with the ones whom you are in battle with.

  • An anecdoteAccording to Hudhayfah: We saw delight in the Prophets face one day, so we asked him about it, he said: How could I not be delighted when (archangel) Gabriel has come to me and brought me news of Hasan and Husain being masters of the youths of Paradise and of their father being better to them. Tareekh Ibn Asakir Ch.2 p.209/Thakhair al-Oqba p.129.Truly, al-Hasan and al-Husain are my fragrant roses from this world. Kanz al-Ummal Ch. 13 H.558 p.98

  • Ziyarah of Rasool Allah .... Translation next slide

  • Ziyarah of Rasool AllahI bear witness that there is no god except Allah. He is unique, there is no partner unto Him And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Prophet. I bear witness that you are the Prophet of Allah and that you are Muhammad, the son of Abd Allah And I bear witness that you proclaimed the messages of your Lord and that you advised your people and strived in the path of Allah And you served your Lord with wisdom and goodly preaching until death overtook you; And you fulfilled the duty imposed on you and that you were kind to the believers and severe on the disbelieves. Allah has made you attain the highest position of honor and nobility.Praise be to Allah who, through you, has saved us from polytheism and from going astray; .

  • In ConclusionThe Prophet had repeatedly emphasized the high station of Ahlul Bayt His Hadiths were said on many occasions Starting with Ayah of Tatheer, then other revelations Hadiths about his daughter Fatima Ghadeer Khum in appointing Ali to succeed him Numerous Hadiths about Ali Hadiths about Al-Hasan and Al-Husain

  • Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi Nowadays

  • Be in Allahs Care

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