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Mar 29, 2016




fresh, works & preview

  • Dear Mudraites,

    Taking forward our 30 year celebration at the Mudra Group, here is a new Us. After a significant We should all be encouraged to know that there's some really exciting new work being generated within our network that will prove our can do spirit.

  • VipulThakkar



    Ignite Mudra wins SIS Account

    SIS, the third largest total IT Solutions Company in the country and the largest in Gujarat has selected Ignite Mudra as its brand building partner and has handed over

    the creative function to the agency.SIS is an 18 year old group having domain expertise in IT Solutions and System Integration. With a current turnover of more than Rs.1000 crore, a steady partnership with BSNL and 700 associates in 17 states, SIS is poised to make headway in the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) solutions space. SIS also has subsidiaries in USA, Hong Kong and Dubai.

  • 2 Creative Agencies in the top 10, in India. In the first year of reporting; wherein each of our Agencies was listed and polled separately. Mudra India came in 5th and DDB Mudra came in 7th. A wonderful performance by both the Agencies. DDB Mudra and they have already debuted at No. 7, ahead of established Agencies like Draftfcb,

    Rediffusion, Contract, Grey, etc. etc. Mudra Max came in at No. 11 in the

    Media Agency rankings. A bit surprising; but certainly a good show. They deserve better, and I am

    certain that they will be right up among the leaders soon. Pratap Bose coming in at No. 5, in the Hottest Media People list. Bobby debuting in No. 4, in the Hottest Creative Directors' list. This is certainly a proud moment not just for him but for each one of us in the Mudra Group. Added to the above, we had

    Rajeev Raja and KB Vinod coming in at No. 17 & 18. Three creative directors in the top 20, is a very good achievement. Bobby should be a proud man today ! With Bobby also at No. 7, with Madhukar Kamath at No. 8 in the Influentials' Tribal DDB coming in at No. 5 in the Digital Agencies' list, is a good platform for Max Hegerman and his team to leap forward.

    Kidstuff Mudra Max coming in as the second best brand promotion agency

  • Ignite Mudra conducts workshop for youngsters and newbies On21stJanuary2011,IgniteMudraorganizedaworkshopfortheiryoungtalentandnewentrantstotakethemthroughthebasicsofwritinganevocativecreativebrief.Theworkshophadcloseto24participantsfromAccountManagement,AccountPlanningandCreative.Inasixhourmarathoninteractivesession,theparticipantslearntaswellasappliedthebasicsofcreativebriefwriting.Theworkshopwillbefollowedupbyapresentationofanassignmentthattheparticipantswilldothisweek.ThetrainingwasconductedbyMehulShahwiththehelpofMallikaSureshfromPlanningandArulfromtheLLCteam.





    At Mudra Istrategize, plan & execute Out of Home campaigns pan India for various clients like Viacom18, Hindustan Times, Aircel, Reliance capital, Sony etc.

    I Start my day with a glass of warm water with lime & honey

    My team Sunder, Ankita, Jubil and myself.

    My strengths.. I'm an effective communicator, which helps me immensely in my client interactions at any level & also in my negotiations with vendors. It helps in forming an amiable bond with the vendors & acquaintances

    In 5 years I shall be a thorough professional in this Industry & might head one of the divisions or may be get into an entrepreneurial mode or might be doing something completely disparate from what i'm doing now.. cant really predict ..

    My inspiration. my mom & my beloved fiance, these 2 ppl inspire & motivate me to achieve more in life

    I am reading..I am not an avid reader, but love flipping thru success stories. Travel magazines & books fascinate me loads

    If I could be a superhero, my superpowers would be .considering the bumper to bumper traffic in Mumbai, it surely has to be FLYING, thats the superpower i would love possess

    The most important part of the sandwich is Bread !!! if this question is as direct as it reads, then the answer is Bread cos without that one cant even imagine a sandwich but if it has an implied meaning then i really dunno what to say :-)

  • Madhukar Kamath amongst the TOP 6 Ad Gurus in India

    Emirates continues to urge people to 'Keep Discovering'

    Emirates Airline has unveiled its new campaign that urges audiences to guess the city and fly to the destination free. The campaign revolves around the contest from the airline which offers travel enthusiasts an opportunity to win tickets to 15 destinations across the Emirates network this summer. Conceptualised by Mudra Group, the 360 degree campaign includes print, outdoor, digital and television commercials. The campaign invites participants to identify the name of the city by taking cues of the visual representation in the advertisement and enter the contest either by sending a text message or logging onto their website to submit their answers. The campaign, which went live on February 7 nationally will be on-air until March 16, 2011.

  • Move over for the new Moov Heat Belt

    Moov has been a leader in back pain relief products for the last twenty five years. Its success in this segment has spurred it to extend its range and introduce new product variants, namely 'Moov Spray' and 'Moov Neck and Shoulders'. It has now decided to leverage its brand equity by adding several other pain relief products to its portfolio. And, the newest kid on the block is Moov Heat Belt.The Moov Heat Belt is an electrical heating pad that can be strapped around the waist and joints to provide immediate relief from pain. It is hassle-free to use and provides uniform regulated warmth, as compared with the inconsistent temperature of a hot water bag. You also avoid the effort of heating hot water and the risk of burning yourself.The core target group of Moov Heat Belt is the 50+ chronic and severe backache sufferers. In keeping with this, the Moov TVC features a lonely old couple but avoids the stereotype of depicting them in a sad light. Rather, it captures them in a slice of life situation. They have just had an argument and (typically) since the mans ego is bruised, he stops talking and only communicates through gestures, clearing his throat loudly and pointing to objects with his eyes and eyebrows.The deft use of light humor for a pain relieving product sets the TVC apart from the normal clutch of commercials for similar products. The heat belt is effectively depicted as easy to use and hassle free as compared with a hot water bag. The tagline Button Dabao, Dard Bhagao also aptly sums up the convenience and effectiveness of the product.

    Ignite Mudra

    President and Head : Chandan Nath

    CCO : Bobby Pawar

    Creative Director (Art & Copy) : Vivek Singh

    Account Planning : Krishnaraj Bhat

    Siddhant Lahiri

    Account Management : Medhir Pandya

    Devyani Das

    Janaki Oza

    Pranshu Jadon

    Director : Bipin Nadkarni

    Production House : Opticus Picture Company

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    Marie Joker Dukes Britannia

    'No one can eat just one' is used by which chips company?

    None of these Uncle chips Lays Cheetos

    'Definitely male' is used by which bike company?

    Hero Honda Bajaj Kinetic TVS

    'The Josh Machine' is used by which car company?

    Tata Fiat Toyota Ford

    'Eat healthy, think better' is used by which company?


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