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Mực in ricoh c240 s magenta toner cartridge (spc220s.3)

Aug 07, 2015



  1. 1. THNGTINTIKHONNGNHNG CTYTNHHTMDVNGUYNHPPHT 1)TikhonVND:81956519 NgnhngACBCNPhanngLuTPHCM 2)TikhonVND:0071005627365 VietcombankCNTPHCM TRUNGTMHTRMUAHNGNHANH TPHCM:(08)73084997Hotline:0912761779 Xcnhnnhng BOGISNPHM Ngyphthnhbogi:16/07/2015 ChngtixintrntrngginQukhchhngbngbogithitbtheoyucusau. STT Hnhnh TnSnPhm SLng nGi(VND) Tng(VND) 1 McinRicohC240SMagentaTonerCartridge(SPC220S.3) (SPC220S.3) Mmc:McinRicohC240SMagentaTonerCartridge (SPC220S.3) Loimc:Lasermu Dunglng:2.300trangph5% Bohnh:Chnhhng Giaohng:MinphTPHCM 1 2,420,000 2,420,000 Tngcng(VND) 2,420,000 IUKHONTHNGMI ngitrnbaogmVAT10%. Hnhthcthanhtontinmt,hocchuynkhonngaysaukhixcnhnnhng. Thigianbohnhtheoquynhcanhsnxut. Bogitrncgitr10ngy,ktngyphthnhbogi.
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