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MPU 3252 Invention & Innovation Chapter 1 Introduction to Invention & Innovation

Dec 24, 2015



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  • MPU 3252 Invention & Innovation Chapter 1 Introduction to Invention & Innovation
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  • Contents: Concepts & Terms Invention, Innovation & History Famous Inventors & Their Inventions
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  • What is Invention? Creation of a completely new product, method or device. Businesses use inventions to create original solutions to meet consumer needs New solutions to existing problems Result of human creativity & curiosity
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  • What is Invention? Few inventions break-through pioneering inventions New industries, business, markets Most inventions incremental development of technology Improved quality Better performance Higher productivity More customer satisfaction
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  • What is Innovation? Process of bringing an invention to market & users Innovation is planned. It does not happen by chance Requires team work and cooperation inventors, researcher, product engineer, lawyers, sales, advertising, entrepreneurs Entrepreneur is a play maker that bring together all those who make innovation a success
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  • Discovery The primary process used in science to uncover new knowledge
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  • Creativity The ability to see a problem in several dimensions The ability to truly understand the problem at hand
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  • Patents Provide inventors with exclusive rights to manufacture a device for a period of time that has been fixed Assigned to individuals, not corporation The inventor must keep dated logs in order to prove who invented something first
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  • Trademarks Trademarks give an individual or corporation a right to identify a product with graphic symbol that customers can readily recognize for the quality and service they have earned Generally trademark has no time limit
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  • Copyrights Provide the creators of written materials the right to a profit from the sale of their works for a definite period of time Related to written material, graphic material or music
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  • History of Innovation The greatest difference between science & technology is purpose The main purpose of science was curiosity, where the main purpose of technology was a matter of survival Science & technology need and serve each other while serving mankind
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  • History of Innovation Early civilizations were based on just a few inventions: The plow Handwriting Metallurgy Pottery Brick making
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  • Invention, Innovation & Discovery Today Information & Communication Technology Specialization of knowledge and teamwork The rise of organized science The influence of government
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  • Intellectual Property To promote rapid growth of technology, there had to be something in it for both users and producers, and if the correct balance could be found, it would be good for the country
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  • Famous Inventors & Inventions NoInventorInventions 1Thomas EdisonDeveloped & innovated a wide range of products from the electric light bulb to the phonograph & motion picture camera. 2The Wright BrothersDesigned, built and flew the first powered aircraft, showing that man could fly
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  • Famous Inventors & Inventions NoInventorInventions 3Benjamin FranklinPolymath who discovered electricity and invented the Franklin stove 4Charles BabbageCreated first mechanical computer, which proved to be the prototype for future computers. Considered to be the Father of Computers
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  • Famous Inventors & Inventions NoInventorInventions 5James WattInvent the steam engine, which was critical in the industrial revolution. 6Alexander Graham Bell Credited with inventing the first practical telephone. Also worked on optical telecommunications, aeronautics & hydrofoils.
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  • Famous Inventors & Inventions NoInventorInventions 7Leonardo Da VinciOne of the greatest ever minds, invented models that proved workable 3-500 years later. 6GalileoDeveloped a powerful telescope and confirmed revolutionary theories about the nature of the world. Also improved compass.
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  • Famous Inventors & Inventions NoInventorInventions 9Tim Berners LeeDeveloped the http://protocol for the internet. Making the world wide web freely available. 10ArchimedesAmongst other things worked out pi and developed the Archimedes screw for lifting up water from mines or wells.
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  • Famous Innovation in Computer NoInventorInventions 1Charles BabbageThe Analytical Engine 2Alan TuringThe Turing machine 3Konrad ZuseThe Z series computer 4John Vincent Atanasoff & Clifford BerryAtanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) 5The US ArmyENIAC
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  • Impact of Inventions & Innovations Countries & companies Enhancing creativity of staff and people Promoting entrepreneurial spirit Increasing productivity Gaining competitive advantage Generating wealth and improving comfort of life
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  • References Top 10 Inventors of All Time, inventors.html inventors.html Computer Inventors and Their Inventions, inventors-and-their-inventions.html inventors-and-their-inventions.html
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  • Quiz 1 In group of 2, find the famous inventions that change the world in your field. Present your finding based on the following criteria: 1.Problem 2.Idea 3.Implementation 4.Impact to the society, nations & world This presentation will consists of 5 marks. Presentation will be held on 1 st October 2014