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Move to Taiwan: Slide Guide

Jan 25, 2015



If you are moving to, or considering a move to Taiwan, this step-by-guide will make sure that you have everything you need.

  • 1. Start at the BeginningA passport: If you dont have one, get one.Passports can take awhile to process, and theyhave long life cycles, so once you start consideringan international move, apply for a passport. Even ifyou decide not to move, its useful as a secondaryI.D. and for future international travel.

2. Apply for a Visitors VisaTaiwan has eased up on its entry requirementsover the years, but the better safe than sorryapproach should remove any possible problemsfrom an undertrained immigration employee orsudden policy shift. Entering on a visitors visa ismuch more secure than entering on a landingvisa or as visa exempt. 3. Find Your FlightDetermine whats most important to you (price,comfort, or value) and plan accordingly.Remember, the cheapest flight may not be thebest value flight, and it could be full of longlayovers. 4. Arrange Your AccommodationImmigration will want to know where you plan onstaying, and having something established, eventemporary lodging, will make your transition lessstressful. If you are traveling or moving on abudget, consider a hostel. 5. Let Your Bank KnowThis is an absolute must do. Having your ATM orcredit cards frozen because your bank thinksthey have been stolen is a huge problem. It cancut off your cash flow, and its particularlydifficult to get things fixed from overseas. 6. Establish Bill and MailManagementYou will need a way to pay your bills and handleyour mail from your home country while livingoverseas. Many banks have online servicesavailable, and there are mail forwarding optionsthat offer similar services for your mail. 7. Get Your Documents inOrderMake sure to have paper copies of your flighttickets, reservations, proof on an onwarddestination (a ticket out of Taiwan), proof offunds (bank account ledger), and even copies ofyour passport and visitors visa. 8. Prepare for Customs andImmigrationWhen you get to the counter after arriving in theairport, make sure to have everything easilyaccessible. Have the disembarkation cardcompleted. The more organized you are, the lessquestions, if any, you will receive. 9. Know How to Get to YourAccommodationWhile there are many transportation options atthe airport, the easiest way to get to youraccommodation after a long international flightis by taxi, and its worth the price. If you chooseto use a taxi, use a yellow taxi, as they aregovernment approved. 10. For More InformationTo read the complete guide on moving toTaiwan, please visit: www.movetotaiwan.comFollow us on twitter: Move2TaiwanGet updates on Facebook: MovetoTaiwan