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Motivation and Motivation Cycle

Nov 26, 2014



A very short presentation about Motivation & Motivation cycle and various motivation theories.

Motivation & Motivation Cycle

Motivation is the internal drive that encourages us to achieve our goals.

Primary Drive motive based on biological and survival oriented needs. Secondary Drive motive based on learned needs that have been acquired through the learning process.

Motivation Theories

Motivational theories

Incentive theory

Drive-reduction theories

Need theories

Broad Theores

Cognitive theories

Cognitive dissonance theory

Need hierarchy theory

Goal setting theory

Two-factor theory

ERG theory

Self-determination theory

Abraham Maslow s Need hierarchy Theory

Abraham Maslow (April 1, 1908 June 8, 1970)

A Theory of Human Motivation. (1943)

Abram Maslow s need satisfaction model

Motivation CycleThe motivation cycle describes how most people go about satisfying a need.





Motivation Cycle

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