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+ Motivate to Educate Amber Rich

Motivate to Educate

Jul 10, 2015



Amber Rich
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Make Teaching Cool

Motivate to EducateAmber Rich

+LandscapePublic Education DecliningLack Qualified, Young TeachersTeaching Salaries LowLast-In, First-Out

+Objective: Attract potential young teachers to public education

+ Find Potential Teachers

+Survey high school students across America to find those interested in teachingCreate a Facebook survey for those ages 16-24 to find those whove ever considered teachingDistribute memos to High school and college career counselors asking for a list of students they think might possibly enjoy teachingCollect all students contact info (email, facebook, twitter, snail mail, etc) in order to keep in contact regarding teaching initiatives

41. InformFact Sheets What is the Recovery and Reinvestment Act?What are the benefits of being a teacher?How many teaching jobs are available in the U.S.?

+What is the Recovery & Reinvestment Act?How will it help me as a teacher?Whats happening to the bill right now?How can I help make it happen?

51. Inform Potential Teachers


+61. Inform Parents/Family


+1. Inform Schools


+2. Encourage


+In order for students to feel like this is a viable field, we need to talk about incentivesFinancial Incentives Income Based Loan Repayment plansReform Recovery & Reinvestment Act encourages innovative teaching stylesSecurity Recovery & Reinvestment Act aims to improve teaching and learning by securing highly-qualified teachers regardless of age or seniority, Pres Obama vowed to improve achievement in low-performing schools by support and interventions where needed


Directors of Teaching Programs

Another Get Schooled Tour

Video Interviews

Add button to the blog2. Encourage

Speech by President +So how will we distribute these messages?Create an email message that can be sent to the directors of teaching programs across the U.S. The email could touch on the three forms of encouragement financial, reform and security. Ask the directors to distribute the email to their teaching students. This email might also be given to recruitment officers for teaching programs. Discuss these key points during a collaboration with the Get Schooled Program which Ill talk about laterFilm video interviews w/ the president and Secretary Arne Duncan talking about importance of receives almost 2 million unique visits/month so I think it would be beneficial to add a button under the education tab on the blog that talks specifically about incentives for teachers.

103. Make Teaching CoolShow them that it can be done Incorporate CelebritiesMake it feel like a movement

+Show them that it can be done let them see other cool teachers making a difference in kids livesI think inviting celebrities to join the cause is always beneficial when dealing with Gen Y audiencesMake it feel like a movement, help them realize that they are participating in a greater cause113. InspireCollaborate with Get Schooled

+Get Schooled is a program that encourages kids to stay in school by inviting celebrities to speak at under-served schools and talk about how they stayed in school. Get Schooled has an active website, over 20 committed celebs and a facebook page. 123. InspireEncourage advocates to write letters and organize

Send Your Representative a LetterState of Residency County of Residency Share Your Concerns

+Share Your Connections allow users to post online and receive a badge for their pledge133. InspireReality-Style TV Series Featuring the Life of a Cool Teacher

+Lets literally show them what its like to be a teacher. Lets develop a reality-style TV series following five or six young, good-looking teachers. Well show them in the classroom, but also in their lives outside of work. We can post the videos on YouTube and HuluAnd promote them w/ Hulu ads, online radio channels like Pandora, on facebook, and on the white house blog14

+In addition to them being filmed, we would ask the participating teachers to post their stories on blogs, facebook or twitter and as the shows air, we will release the corresponding posts153. InspireReality-Style TV Series Featuring the Life of a Cool Teacher

+Whose cooler than Jay Z or Lady Gaga? Why not ask celebrities to join the cause and do on-camera interviews talking about their favorite teachers and why great teachers are so importantWell ask as many celebrities as we can find and include as many interviews as possible. Well invite the media to attend the filming of the interviews so we can generate more media coverage Then well post the interviews on the same YouTube channel as the reality tv series 16Motivate to EducateAmber Rich