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Mar 21, 2016




More iMovie. Announcement More iMovie Work on projects Next sessions. OVERVIEW. Dr. Abed advising during this class on 11/26. ANNOUNCEMENT. Last class Tour of major parts of interface Imported video files Captured video using built-in camera Edited video Tonight Preferences>Advanced - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • More iMovie


    AnnouncementMore iMovieWork on projectsNext sessions


    Dr. Abed advising during this class on 11/26


    Last classTour of major parts of interfaceImported video filesCaptured video using built-in cameraEdited videoTonightPreferences>AdvancedMarkersKeywordsPicture and video in/over videoAudioMaps and backgrounds and titlesThemesSharing


    iMovie Menu > PreferencesGeneral tab, check Show Advanced Tools


    Pointer tool, Keywords tool, Filter by Keywords tool

    Pointer tool turns off any open tools

    Keywords toolTag video clips with selected keywords (metadata)Filter by keywords toolSort through your clips by keywords


    Keywords toolTag video clips with selected keywords (metadata)Click the key iconAdd new keyword, select it or select previous keywordDrag the key icon over clip clip turns blue


    Filter by keywordClick magnifying glassChoose keyword click green part of iconLook at source window


    Comment MarkersComment markers are brownMark any frame with comment, return to frame by choosing marker from pop-up menuClick and drag brown comment marker to timelineDrop and type into it to edit


    Pull down menuToggle between markers


    Chapter Markers

    Chapter markers are orangeFor exporting to dvd and podcasts

    Click and drag orange comment marker to timeline Drop and type into it to edit

  • PICTURE & VIDEO IN/OVER VIDEOYou can include 2 video clips togetherBradyBunch/SummerBunch multiple clips ideaBut limited to 1 main clip and 1 additionaliMovie calls this Picture-in-PictureYou can do graphics and video togetherOver-the-shoulder graphics ideaiMovie calls this Picture-in-PicturePreferences>Advanced>Show Advanced Tools must be selectedBoth are treated very similarly in iMovie

  • PICTURE & VIDEO IN/OVER VIDEOSelect video from Event BrowserDrag it over a video clip in your timelineClick Picture-in-PicturePicture-in-Picture clip appears with blue borderDrag to repositionDrag ends to lengthen or shortenCan be resized by dragging corners in the viewerDouble-click the picture-in-picture clip to open InspectorChoose Zoom, Dissolve, or Swap from pop-up menuIn Inspector, Select Visible next to Drop shadow or click border-width, or border color, under PIP Effect


  • CONTEXTUAL MENUWhen dragging and dropping clips into timelineReplace means previous clip replaced with dropped one

    Insert means space will be made for newly dropped clip changes duration of project

    Cutaway pastes over related clip without changing duration of project

  • AUDIO Drag and drop from Media BrowerPin audio to certain frameAdjust levelSet beginning and end Synchronize video with music

  • AUDIOGears icon then ClipTrimmer

    Waveform, Yellow selection handles

  • AUDIOYellow handles to identifyportion you want

  • AUDIOThen click Done

  • ADJUST LEVEL OF ONE AUDIODouble-click the clipClick audioDrag the slider

  • NORMALIZESets volumes of all clips to about same level

  • AUDIOSet beginning and end Clip TrimmerDrag yellow handle near startDrag yellow handle to endPreviewDone/Return

  • AUDIOSynchronize video with musicDrag song first, no video yetClip TrimmerDrag beat marker to the audio waveformAlternatively press M key to tap out beats while playing videoDrag video or photos over top the audio


  • MAPS & BACKGROUNDSMapsSeveral maps Some animatedBackgroundsTitles or with imagesYour own graphics as backgroundsFrom iPhoto



  • TITLESDrag and dropEdit textSet propertiesDuration, font, font color

  • THEMESWhen launching iMovie for new projectChoose from several preset themesThemes give youSpecialized titles and transitionsAlternativelyFile>Project Properties>GeneralChoose theme to apply to existing project


  • SHARINGiTunesiDVDMedia BrowserUse with other iLife appsYouTubeUpload to your accountMobileMeUpload to Apples cloudExport MovieResults in .m4vExport using QuickTimeVarious codecsExport Final Cut XML

  • DEVELOPMENT TIMEWork on projectsCall me over for help, suggestions with anythingWork until about 8:10-8:15Preview/discuss next sessions of course


    11/26 Syllabus says Stop Motion activityDr. Abed Advising12/3 Syllabus says Presentation12/10 Syllabus says Presentation Given the 9 presentations we have and where we are at work-wise Im considering the following:11/26 start class with work on video projectsWhile Dr. Abed advisesEnd class with brief presentation on expectations for final presentations12/3 Stop Motion and work on video projects12/10 Presentations all in one night