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Moodlemoot UK 2010 Presentation

May 19, 2015




This is the .ppt version of the slides Derrin used to support his presentation on Mahara for Beginners at the 2010 MoodleMoot Conference in London.

  • 1. Mahara e-Portfolios for Beginners Derrin Kent [email_address]

2. 3. Portfolio-Based Learning 4. Paper Behind Glass Video Text Images Feeds / Filters Hyperlinks Audio 5. Mahara PersonalisedLearning Environment Processes for Reflective Growth Groups and Communities CV Builder E-assessment Processes The Modern Arch-lever file 6. Starting from the learner's perspective...

  • A Self-Development Process

Web: Tel:01299 405719 7. Setting your own learning agendas...

  • My Goals / My Skills

Web: Tel:01299 405719 8. Building your content and your stories...

  • A Learner-Led, Portfolio-Building Process

Web: Tel:01299 405719 9. Showcasing your learning

  • Personalised learning and showcasing...

10. Paper behind glass

  • Easy online showcasing of your learning...

11. Lifelong Learning

  • Online Resume (CV) Builder

Web: Tel:01299 405719 12. Portability of data

  • The Leap2a Open Data Standard

Web: Tel:01299 405719 13. Assessment of Competence

  • An assessor-led evidence-building process:
  • Build (eg Communicaive Language Testing) templates
  • Feedback on submitted views
  • Lock completed views for verification

Web: Tel:01299 405719 14. Information, Advice & Guidance Learners, tutors, Assessors (templates), employers, mentors, verifiers, etc. have the freedom to present My Views... Web: Tel:01299 405719 15. Social Networking

  • Create Groups for Communities of Practice and Professional Networks

Web: Tel:01299 405719 16. Create your own CoPs Each group has many members, each member has many groups: Web: Tel:01299 405719 17. Practical uses include: Web: Tel:01299 405719

  • Group Projects
  • Build your English persona
  • International Working Parties
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Teacher networks(Knowledge Transfer, Capture & Creation)
  • Monitored Social Networking(protection against sexually inappropriate behaviour, cyberbullying, etc.)
  • Stakeholder feedback
  • Formal assessment
  • External marketing
  • Reflective Fridays
  • Lecture / Conference notesharing
  • Internal Reporting
  • Job applications (digital CV)
  • ....and more and more and more...

18. What is theproblemfor which this technology provides thesolution ? Web: Tel:01299 405719 19. Web: Tel:01299 405719 20. Web: Tel:01299 405719 21. Web: Tel:01299 405719 22. Web: Tel:01299 405719 + Integration with Moodle 23. Small Pieces, Coherently Joined Web: Tel:01299 405719 24. Web: Tel:01299 405719 Vygotskian theory stipulates that the development of the child's higher mental processes depends on the presence ofmediating agentsin the child's interaction with the environment.Vygotsky himself primarily emphasisedsymbolic tools-mediatorsappropriated by the children in the context of particular sociocultural activities, the most important of which he considered to be formal education.Russian students of Vygotsky researched two additionaltypes of mediationmediation through another human beingandmediation in the form of an organised learning activity .Thus the acquisition model became transformed into a mediation model.Some mediational concepts such asscaffolding(see Wood, 1999) orapprenticeship(Rogoff, 1990) appeared as a direct assimilation of Vygotskian ideas; others such as Feuerstein's (1990)mediated learning experiencehave been developed independently and only later acquired new meaning in the context of sociocultural theory. ...from Kozulin, A (2003)Vygotsky's Educational Theory in Cultural Context , Cambridge University Press (My highlights added). The Acquisition Model of Learning versus the Mediation Model 25. Web: Tel:01299 405719 Evaluation < > Transmission < > Mediation < > Acquisition LMS< >VLE< >PLE< >SLE/PLN 26. What problems does Mahoodle solve? Key LMS VLE PLE SLE/PLN Evaluation Transmission Mediation Acquisition 27. Web: Tel:01299 405719 The Institution Needs... 28. Web: Tel:01299 405719 The Teacher / Trainer Needs... 29. Web: Tel:01299 405719 The Learner Needs... 30. T = Training D = Design & Development M = Managed Hosting 31. Mahara Certifications 32. Mahara Book

  • The TDM Mahara book practically illustrates how Mahara might be used in:
  • A Primary School
  • An International Corporation
  • A private WBL Provider
  • But the applications are numerous eg:
  • Recruitment Agency / English Language School / Corporate University / HE University / Adult Education Provider / Professional Body /etc. etc.
  • This book also includes theImplementation (Pre-)Planner useful guidelines for any organisational software implementation.

33. 34. Give us a shout... Web: Tel:01299 405719 [email_address] Tel: +44 (0)1299 405719 Mob: +44 (0)7792 569415

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