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Moodlemoot spain 2013. juan leyva & martin dougiamas on moodle mobile (1)

Nov 18, 2014





  • 1. Moodle Mobile Moodlemoot Spain 2013 26, 27 y 28 September
  • 2. Speakers Martin Dougiamas CEO & founder Moodle Juan Leyva Moodle Developer (since 2003) working @ CV&A Consulting Developer of plugins: Configurable Reports jmail LTI Provider UMM (Unofficial Moodle Mobile) Anonymous posting in forums, Collaborative real-time editor, ConfigTabs, Forum discuss subscription,
  • 3. Development CV&A Team Juan Leyva (Lead developer) Laia Canet (Users advocate, UX and documentation support) Josep Maria Gifreu (CSS, layout) Moodle HQ Team Martin Dougiamas (Strategic direction) Jerome Mouneyrac (Support for Moodle issues) Barbara Ramiro (Designs) Contributors Adrian Bedford (Kineo Senior Project Manager) David Shaw (Kineo Solutions Architect) Tony Blundell (Kineo Developer) Michael Palmer (Kineo UI Designer)
  • 4. Development
  • 5. Development 1. Android Tablet 2. Windows 8 Tablet 3. iPad 2 4. iPhone 4 5. Google Nexus 6. Lumia Windows Phone 1 5 43 2 6
  • 6. Moodle Mobile brief history April 2013 Moodle Mobile 1.2.1 (first release) May 2013 Moodle Mobile 1.2.2 for Android Maintenance release, security issues September 2013 Moodle Mobile 1.2.2 for iOs Maintenance release, security issues September 2013 MoodleMobile 1.3 for iOs and Android Polishing the design and a lot of small improvements and bugs fixed
  • 7. Mobile strategy going forward Moodle (since version 2.5) 1. Improve usability on mobile devices (beyond the themes) 2. Deprecate MyMobile as a standard theme 3. Focus on responsive base themes (clean) Moodle Mobile 1. Offline 2. Notifications 3. Make some operations faster 4. Improve usability 5. Customization and branding for institutions 6. Desktop and other platforms (Windows 8)
  • 8. Priorities
  • 9. Priorities Offline Read only forums Make some operations faster Internal messaging My grades Improve usability Top menu Logout Multiple sites
  • 10. Priorities Customization and branding for institutions Complete support for themes New Moodle remote settings for customization Online PhonegapBuild 100% support Desktop and other platforms Proof of concept for Windows 8 platforms Experimental Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) support using NodeWebkit
  • 11. Future platforms Windows 8 Evaluating due to native support for HTML5 using WinJS Desktop Evaluating NodeWebkit support using Node.js as API for using the O.S internals
  • 12. Future Contributions (Totara Lite) Themes system Support for feedback plugin Completion support Configurable frontpage Self enrolments Find courses New settings menu Offline SCORM player
  • 13. Thanks for coming! You have more information here: