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Multi-Tenancy Support in Moodle 2.x Alex Büchner @mcbuchner

Moodlemoot dublin 2012 multitenancy

Jul 01, 2015



Alex Büchner's talk from the Moodlemoot in Dublin about multi-tenancy
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  • 1. Alex Bchner @mcbuchnerMulti-Tenancy Supportin Moodle 2.x

2. Moodle 1Moodle Moodle2 CentralMoodle Moodle53 Moodle 4 3. Multi-tenancy in Moodle 2.3 Tenant 4. August 2011It should be possible to implement this in 2.2dev January 2012This is obviously much much longer and morecomplex than originally envisaged March 2012Multi-tenancy has been dropped in 2.3. It turned out to be more trouble than it was worth 5. Central InstanceSettings User ManagementThemesModulesCourse Management Reports CodeLocal Instance(s) 6. User & Course Management How is user information stored?LDAP / MS-AD / database / external system Are user names unique? Will courses be managed centrally, locally or both? Who is allowed to see what? 7. User & Role Web Services 8. Settings Global vs. local admin settings Freeze values in in config.php E.g. $CFG->loginhttps=false; Flavours 9. Modules & Code Are all instances code-identical? Changes to the central core code? Changes to the local core code? Do all instances require a separate URL? 10. Centralised code Web server configuration Separate vhost for each Moodle instance DocumentRoot identical for all entries Moodle setup (config.php)