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Moodle mobile (MoodleMoot New Zealand 2014)

Nov 28, 2014




Moodle mobile app presentation (MoodleMoot New Zealand 2014)

  • 1. Moodle Mobile app MoodleMoot 2014 New Zealand
  • 2. Who am I? Juan Leyva: Moodle & Moodle Mobile developer at Moodle HQ Based at Barcelona (the Mobile World Capital) Developer of plugins: Configurable Reports jmail LTI Provider
  • 3. Moodle Mobile Moodle Mobile is the official mobile app for Moodle
  • 4. Development Moodle HQ Team Martin Dougiamas (Benevolent dictator) Juan Leyva (Developer) Barbara Ramiro (Designer) Helen Foster & Mary Cooch (Documentation) Contributors Josep Maria Gifreu, CV&A Consulting (CSS, layout) Daniel Ramirez, CV&A Consulting (Windows 8 versions) Daniel Palou, CV&A Consulting (bug fixes)
  • 5. Features Responsive design for phone and tablets Upload a picture into your private file area Record an audio file and upload it into your private file area Record a video and upload it into your private file area Send a private message to a course participant (can be done offline) Take a personal note about a course participant (can be done offline) Add a course participant to your phone contact Call a course participant touching the phone number Locate a course participant address on Google map Download and view some course resources
  • 6. Features Quick access to your course contents View calendar events Mobile Push notifications Remote layout/style customization (see below) * Support for sites using CAS or Shibboleth as auth methods * View all your past private messages and notifications * View your activity grades and outcomes in a course * Browse your site and private files Note: All features indicated (*) require the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin to be installed.
  • 7. Features Features availability depends on: 1. The Moodle site version 2. Moodle Mobile additional features plugin installed
  • 8. Moodle Mobile additional features plugin Local plugin for adding new features to the current Moodle Mobile app This add-on provides new features and also web services which are currently only available in the latest Moodle version A Moodle 2.4 installation with the plugin has the same Mobile features available than a Moodle 2.7 installation Extra features: Support for sites using SSO authentication methods (Shibboleth and CAS) A new Moodle Mobile major version requires to upgrade this plugin in your Moodle installation
  • 9. Moodle Mobile milestones April 2013 Moodle Mobile 1.2.1 (first release) February 2014 Localization (Spanish (ES, MX,...), Catalan, French, Italian, Dutch...) March and May 2014 Notifications for iOS, Android and Calendar Events May 2014 Notifications for Android June 2014 SSO Support (CAS, Shibboleth) Support for the local_mobile (Additional features) plugin Private messages and notifications retrieval from the site July 2014 View your grades and outcomes New sign in and manage accounts screens
  • 10. Releases Major releases (1.5, 1.6) Includes new features, bug fixes, improvements, language packs updates, etc Usually, new features requires the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin to be installed in your Moodle site to work. Minor releases (1.6.1) Includes bug fixes, improvements, language packs updates Release time: A new version per-month
  • 11. Demo View demo in simulator Requires Chrome or Safari Site URL: mmtest
  • 12. Features: Notifications
  • 13. Features: Remote style customization
  • 14. Mobile strategy going forward 1. View forums online and offline (October 2014) 2. Upload any type file to your Moodle private area using the app 3. Assignment viewing and grading 4. Desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows 7) and other platforms (Firefox OS)
  • 15. Upload any type file to Moodle
  • 16. Future platforms Desktop (Windows 7, Linux and Mac) Currently available as experimental feature Firefox OS The new full OS for mobile
  • 17. Development: Moodle Mobile Simulator
  • 18. How you can contribute Translating the app using AMOS ( Rating the app in the Google Play, iTunes, Windows store with five stars please :) Giving feedback in the forums or tracker Funding new features (SCORM player, etc...)
  • 19. Thanks for your time! You have more information here: