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Monitoring Social Media

Feb 25, 2016




Monitoring Social Media. February 2012. presented by:. Candice Terrell UC Foundation / Alumni Association. Donna Hamilton University Communications Ben Hofstetter Office of the Provost. Kerry Overstake University Communications Ben Stockwell University Communications. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monitoring Social Media

February 2012presented by:Donna HamiltonUniversity Communications

Ben HofstetterOffice of the ProvostKerry OverstakeUniversity Communications

Ben Stockwell University CommunicationsCandice TerrellUC Foundation/Alumni Association1Why Monitor?

BrandThose conversations are happening everywhere and now being shared across the social web. Traditional marketing has changed. Social Media has created new and exciting ways for brands to engage with consumers and build fans.Radian6

Turn social conversations into sales opportunitiesUse social listening to generate leads by listening to your prospects and customers online.

ConversionsExamplesSuper Bowl Command Center

More than 20 people manned the center for 15 hours per day.

Researchers from nearby Ball State University's Center for Media Design will conduct a study of the command center, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses. Michael Holmes, director of the center's Insight & Research Unit, wrote in an email that the command center is an example of the "the ubiquity of social media and the absolute necessity for companies, organizations and communities to use these tools to improve their relations with their customer, audiences and citizens."

5ExamplesPepsiCoPepsiCo has built a Mission Control center for its Gatorade brand, which sole purpose is to analyze and drive conversations about the hydrating beverage on every social platform that matters.

Bough [PepsiCos head of digital] explains how the Mission Control center separates valuable feedback from the chatter, how educating a targeted audience drives sales, and how all marketing jobs will eventually become social media jobs.

Monitoring Tools


The total number of people who Like your PageTotal Likes




The number of unique people who were friends with people who liked your Page as of .Friends of Fans

The number of unique people who have created a story about your Page (likes, posts, comments, shares, mentions, tags, recommends or checks in).People Talking About This

The number of unique people who have seen any content associated with your page from to .Weekly Total Reach




AlertsEmail updates of the latest relevant Google results (Web, news, video, etc.) based on your queries.


Using URL Shortening Services to Track Traffic

In social media, using shortened URLs (fewer characters).More credibility/trust if comes from uc.eduUse service (via [email protected]) to acquire an address.Measure clicks.

Measurement:Posted online July 1. Appeared on research blog July 5. In Office of Research e-newsletter on July 6.

How to Get an URLRequest from [email protected] working on a self-service application.Only shorten addresses.Can only get one shortened URL for each unique URL.Adding Google campaign tags allows formation of multiple addresses that redirect to the same URL.Can measure effectiveness of different media and messages and determine best combinations.

What does Hootsuite do?

Multiple NetworksSave your time and your sanity. Monitor and post to multiple social networks, including Facebook and Twitter simultaneously Custom AnalyticsMeasure success. Create custom reports, track brand sentiment, monitor # conversations, track follower growth, track shortened URLsTeam CollaborationUpgrade to have multiple contributors without sharing passwords. Assign messages for follow-up and track responses.Schedule MessagesDraft and schedule messages to send at a time your audience is most likely to be online.

Setting up Hootsuite

Hootsuite PricingPro - $5.99/monthUnlimited Social Network ProfilesUnlimited RSS / Atom Feeds1 Free Report **Google Analytics1 Free Team MemberAd Free100 Archived Messsages

FREEFreeQuick Reports5Social Profiles *2RSS/Atom FeedsAd Supported

Auto-follow those who follow youVet your new followers, clean out the spammersAuto-send DMs to new followers

Fee: $3.97 bi-weekly for allof your Twitter accounts. Automation fee applies even when you have a Professional account.Doesnotgive you access to Professional features separate fees.

100 latest @mentions and RTs at a glance

Friends and Followers On All Your AccountsTotal Tweets On All Your Accounts (From All Sources)People Followed/Unfollowed On All Your Accounts by SocialOomph


The likelihood that your brand is being discussed in social mediaStrength

Measure of the range of influence (number of unique authors / total number of mentions.Reach

A measure of the likelihood that individuals talking about your brand will do so repeatedlyPassion

Ratio of mentions that are generally positive to those that are generally negative.Sentiment



Unexpected Results? Graphical Representation of follower increase over time

Different visualizations, e.g., Status and followers

Summary of changes in followership, tweets and rank


Free version lacks data on mentions and retweets ($15/month)

Data starts when you begin using service graphs arent useful initially

StrategyPurpose is that purpose already being addressed some other way? Is social media relevant to my audience? Will itCreate conversationCreate communityCreate conversions (apply, give, become a supporter)

AudienceWhat does your audience care about it?How can you engage your audience?Number of followers isnt as important as whether your followers are engaged.

StrategyVoice/ToneBe thoughtful about being conversational. Be casual but not careless.

MeasurementWhat are our goals? How/what will we monitor?How will we report our progress/successes (reports)? Social media contacts Icons Presentation


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