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Money matters in Big Local areas, Niamh Goggin

Dec 05, 2014



Slides used by Niamh Goggin, Small Change, as part of the workshop on ‘Money matters in Big Local areas’ organised as part of the Local Trust programme of networking and learning events for Big Local residents. The workshop was held on 8 February 2014 in Corby. Find out more about Local Trust and this and other networking and learning events at and about Small Change at

  • 1. Money matters in Big Local areas Developed by Niamh Goggin, Small Change Hazelwood Neighbourhood Centre, Gainsborough Rd, Corby 8th Feb. 2014
  • 2. Money Matters Welcome Using the workbook Activity something to DO Reference something to read later Checking your learning I get this I can explain this This is important for our Big Local
  • 3. Breaking the ice! Introduce yourself to one of the people at your table, who you dont already know; Find out their name, what Big Local area they are from and what they hope to get from the day; Make a note and well ask you to introduce each other so we all know who is in the room.
  • 4. Whats Up Today! Budgeting Savings Better Borrowing Better Buying Consumer Rights Big Local Money Matters Tips Impact on your Big Local Area Next Steps
  • 5. Money Worries Money Worries Money never seems to stretch to end of fortnight How can we help? Budgeting, better buying Comments
  • 6. Budgeting A budget is a plan of all the money you have coming in and all the money going out. Having a budget and USING it to manage your spending means.. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!
  • 7. How to Budget How do people in the room manage? Jam Jars / cash budgeting Spending diary Cut back calculator Budget planner Monthly Money Matters session
  • 8. Making the Most of your Money Claim benefits you are entitled to Get on top of any debtsclear high interest 1st Stay in control open the bad news envelopes Free Advice and information Money Advice Service is the governments free, unbiased, independent advice service with advice, tools, resources and news on managing your money. 0300 500 5000 or
  • 9. Savings Why save? How to Save Set a savings goal Work out how much you can save a week/month Decide where to put your savings Get started and watch your savings grow
  • 10. Golden Rules of Saving 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Safety first not under the bed! Little and often Rainy day money Goals and rewards Teach your kids to save
  • 11. Better Borrowing What matters most when borrowing money? The interest rate (APR or AER) How long you borrow for (the loan term) How much you have to pay every week or month Whether you can afford the repayments Whether you have to travel to the office to make the repayments How much you repay in total What matters most to you?
  • 12. Five Factors 1. Interest rate - lenders are obliged to quote you an annual interest rate which includes all fees. If they dont do so, they are breaking the law; 2. Cost per 100 borrowed - a handy way to compare costs between borrowers; 3. Can you afford the weekly or monthly repayments? 4. Total cost of credit - how much in total will you have to repay for your loan; Watch out for hidden penalty charges and interest rolled over 5. Finally, you need to match the loan term to the benefit.
  • 13. Better Buying Where could you save money: Gas and electricity? Water? Phones? Mobile phones? TV subscriptions Insurance? Travel? Holidays? Food shopping? What are your best tips?
  • 14. Buying Advice Home phone Broadband Mobiles Gas and Electricity Save Energy Travel Costs Shop smart: Price comparison websites Supermarket vouchers and codes Discount vouchers and codes Smarter Buys The Greater Manchester Smarterbuys Store is a brilliant alternative to high street weekly payment shops who charge very high interest rates. Its being promoted by Northward Housing is an alternative to high street weekly payment shops who charge very high interest rates. Its being promoted by Northward Housing
  • 15. Know your SADFART rights! Goods must be: Satisfactory quality As Described Fit for purpose And last a Reasonable length of Time! The RETAILER is responsible! You have up to six years to return faulty goods, but after six months, you may have to show that the problem is a design or manufacture fault
  • 16. Services Services should be provided with: Reasonable care and skill Within a reasonable time and At a reasonable cost.
  • 17. Online, Mail Order, from Home Distance Selling Regulations Seven working days to cancel The seller must refund your money within 30 days eBay buy it now as above Auction-style purchases much less protection
  • 18. Enforcing Your Rights Know what outcome you want Act on your complaint as soon as possible Stop using goods/services Keep a note of actions/conversations wdate/time Keep a log of extra costs Last resort Small Claims Court
  • 19. Welcome Gary Elmore Citizens Advice Services Corby and Kettering
  • 20. Money Matters Tips What did you learn so far today? What advice would you give to friends? What would help residents in your area?
  • 21. Impact on Your Area budgeting saving better borrowing better buying your rights as consumers. Most helpful to residents? How are residents affected? Effect on whole community? More effect on some groups?
  • 22. Who could you talk to locally? Who could you talk to from your local community? Who works on this type of problem in your area? Is there a locally-based money or debt advice service? Is there a local credit union or CDFI (community development finance institution). Are there payday loans companies, cash-for-gold, pawnbrokers, home credit providers or illegal loan sharks operating in your area?
  • 23. Who could you talk to outside your area? Niamh Goggin, Small Change: [email protected] or 02895 810803 Local Trust: [email protected] or 0203 588 0565 Citizens Advice: 08444 111 444 tm National Debtline: 0808 808 4000 contact_us.php StepChange Debt Charity: 0800 1381111 Martin Lewiss Transact is the national forum for financial inclusion. Phone: 020 73922961 Email: [email protected] Website: ABCUL is the membership organisation for most English credit unions. Website: Phone: 0161 832 3694 Email: [email protected] Website: The Personal Finance Research Centre, University of Bristol Phone: 0117 9289954 Email: [email protected] Website: about/ The Stop Loan Sharks Project allows people to report unlicensed money lenders (loan sharks) in confidence. Tel 0800 0740878 Text 60003