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Module 1 London Unit 1 When did you come back?. Free talk 1.How was your summer vacation? 2.Where did you go on summer vacation?

Mar 26, 2015




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Module 1 London Unit 1 When did you come back? Slide 2 Free talk 1.How was your summer vacation? 2.Where did you go on summer vacation? Slide 3 Review the past tense do----did go----went see----saw eat----ate watch----watched play----played drink----drank buy----bought is----was are----were Slide 4 Listen and answer 1.When did Sam and Amy come back? 2.What did they buy in the park? 3.What happened after that? Slide 5 New words when Slide 6 back Slide 7 home Slide 8 those Slide 9 ice cream Slide 10 with Slide 11 finish Slide 12 hurry Slide 13 hurry up Slide 14 wait Slide 15 drop (dropped) Slide 16 Look and read when back home those ice cream with finish hurry hurry up wait drop Slide 17 Listen and read 1.When did you come back? 2.We came back last Sunday. 3.Do you live in London,too? 4.Look at those ice creams. 5.Theres our bus! Finish your ice cream. 6.Oh,no! I dropped my ice cream! Slide 18 Homework 1.Read the new words. 2.Read the new sentences. 3.Role play. Slide 19 Unit 2 Did they buy ice creams? Slide 20 Review play football play basketball walk talk write a letter draw a dragon play the flute sing a song fly a kite run Slide 21 Look and say postcard Slide 22 How to write postcard? Dear,Daming . .. Love, Lingling. Slide 23 Listen and answer 1.Who wrote the postcard? 2.Whom did Lingling send the postcard to? Slide 24 New words dear Slide 25 meet (met) Slide 26 run (ran) Slide 27 Listen and say 1. went to the park 2. met Jonh 3. bought ice creams 4. went home 5. ran too the bus 6. dropped Slide 28 Read and answer 1. Did Lingling go to the park yesterday? Slide 29 2. Did they meet Jonh? Slide 30 3.Did they buy ice creams? Slide 31 4. Did they go home by bike? Slide 32 5. Did Lingling walk to the bus? Slide 33 6. Did Lingling drop her ice cream? Slide 34 Sentences Did you? Yes, I did. No, I didnt. Slide 35 Think and talk about you 1.Did you walk to school yesterday? 2.Did you see a bus yesterday? 3.Did you have an ice cream yesterday? 4.Did you go home by bike yesterday? 5.Did you eat rice yesterday? Slide 36 Look and read Chinese teacher Slide 37 river rabbit Slide 38 letter hen Slide 39 cat apple Slide 40 Listen and write Yesterday, Daming went to the park. Sam played football.Lingling helped her mum. Amy did her homework. MS.Smart ate some Chinese food. Mr. Smart listened to music. Slide 41 Wonderful!