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Modern Gymnast - October 1970

Mar 23, 2016




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    National Association of College Gymnastic Coaches (NACGC)

    Gym Master Company Research Grant and

    National Gymnastic Clinic (Sarasota) CHAIRMAN: Dr. Hartley Price. Florida State University; Tallahassee. Florida. ANNOUNCEMENT: Four Research Awards wi ll be of-fered this year. GYMNASTIC RESEARCH AWARDS for 1970-71 . 1. The Ch. McCloy Honor Research Award of the

    National Gymnastic Clinic - Sarasota - $100. (President - Frank Cumiskey, RFD Westwood; Rockleight. New Jersey). Decided at Sarasota. Chairman, Dr. Hartley Price.

    2. Two Honor Research Award s of the NACGC (Na-tional Association of College Gymnastic Coaches) - $100 each. (President - Frank Walcott, Gym-nastic Coach, Springfield College. Springfield, Massachusetts. a. Western Award USGF National Western Clinic

    (Chairman. Dr. Glenn Wilson). Decided at T uc-son.

    b. Eastern Award - USGF National Eastern Clinic (C hairman. Hartley Price). Decided at Fort Lauderdale.

    Also at the Gymnastic Clinic at Tucson. Ariz: 3. The Gym Master Company Research Grant

    $200 Chairman - Dr. Glenn Wilson, University of Ari-zona, Tucson. Ariz).

    CRITERION OF COMMITTEE: The committee wishes to stress that studies that benefit a large group rather than a smal l group will be favored.

    PROCEDURE OF CANDIDATES: Candidates cannot submit their outiines to both cli ni cs. A choice must be made.

    1. A prospectus of the problem must be submitted by Nov. 30. a. Studies for consideration for the Honor Re-

    search Awards of the Notional Gymnasti c Clinic or the NACGC (National Association of College Gymnastic Coaches) Eastern Award (USGF National Eastern Clinic) must be sub-mitted to Dr. Hartley Price. Florida State Uni-versity. by Nov. 30. The prospectus wil l then be passed on to the subcommittee of the Re-search Award Committee in order to decide the winn ing candidates. It wi ll faci litate mat-ters if several copies of the prospectus are sent to me.

    b. Studies for considerat ion for the NACGC West-ern Award and the Gym Moster Grant at Tuc-son, Ariz . must be submitted to Dr. Glenn Wil-son, University of Arizona, Tucson. Ariz_

    2. The Prospectus 01 the Research : a. The candidates should include the fol lowing

    points in their prospectus: (l ) Outline the problem. (2) State in hypotheses. (3) Indicate the methods to be used. (4) Report the bibliography that was used in

    approaching the problem. (5) Justify the research.

    b. The deadline for the prospectus for this year's award will be: Nov. 30. 1970.

    c. Indicate the progress that has been made up to date on the research.

    d. The members of the subcommittee wi ll decide what candidate will receive the award after studying the prospecti. Therefore. the prospecti should be very complete.

    e. Each recipient of the awa rd is expected to pub-lish his study in the Modern Gymnast or the Re-search Quarterly of the AAHPER.

    1. He is also asked to report his findings to the Technical Research Committee (Chairman. Dr. Jerry George) for further distribution.

    GYMNASTIC AIDES Wri te to Gymnastic Aides. Northbridge. Moss . for beginning. intermediate and advanced rings. parallel bars and side horse charts.

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    Sizes 1-1 2 . LEATHER HANDGRIPS

    #A- Good (most popular). # B - Better (one-piece) . # C - Best (extra strong) . Lampwick handgrips (S-M-L)

    PANTS Cotton/acrylic stretch Nylon st re tch pants

    White or Cream

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    GYMNASTIC TRAVEL BAGS 6W'Wxl0W'HxI6"L Ava ilable in Blue or Red . . .... ... . $4.00


    Super 8 - in color Complete winning and runner-up optional routines on all Olympic events. Token at 24 fps and edited from 2000 feet of film token from choice loca-tions. Highly educational. No rentals.

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    1970 USGF National Championships Super 8 lilm - in color

    Complete routines of the highest scores. an each event, can be observed. See our finest gymnasts in semi-slow motion (24 fps) held at the fabulous Las Vegas Convention Center. 1970 world cam puis 0-ries included in women 's events. Men 's - 265 It. .. .. .. ...... .......... .. ... $20.00 Ppd. Women's - 255 It. ...... .. .... .......... .... $20.00 Ppd. Order from:


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  • notes FROM THE

    editor: This month the World Games for Gymnastics are being held in Ljubjlana (Cerar's home town), Yugoslavia, Oct. 22-27. Although this will be the 17th World Games it will only be the 4th time a full USA team has entered the competition. In 1955 Jack Beckner (then in the service in Europe) and Charlie Simms (who made a wh irlwind hitch-hiking tour through the aid of the armed forces) com-peted in the World Games held in Rome, Italy along with others in a mixed team. The first Official USA Men's team consisting of Larry Banner, Abie Grossfeld, Art Shurlock, Don Tonry and Armando Vega went to Moscow, Russia in 1958 and placed 7th with 539.85 (Russia 575.45, Japc;:m 572.60, Finland 549.15, Poland 541 .85, Y!Jgslavia 541.05 ). Schaklin of Russia won t he All-A round with 116.05 followed by Ono of Japan - 115.60, Titov (R) -115.45, Takemoto (J)-115.30 ... The USA Men's team (the U.S. also sent a girls team for the first time) to Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1962 were- Banner, Gross-feld , Bob Lynn, Fred Orlofsky, Tonry and Vega. They took 6th place with 555.25 (Japan 574.65, Russia 573.15, Czechoslovakia 561 .50, Red China 559.00 and Italy 555.25). Yuri Titov of Russia won the All-Around with 115.65, Yukio Endo of Japan was second with 115.50, followed by Schaklin (R) 115.20, Ono (J) 115.15, Cerar (Y) 114.95 and Mitsukuri (J) 114.30. Don Tonry placing 21 st with 11l.70 was the highest USA scorer ... For the 1966 World Games in Dortmund, Germany, the USA sent Kanati Allen, Steve Cohen, Arno Lascari, Fred Roesthlis-berger, Makoto Sakamoto, Tonry and Greg Weiss. Here we again took 6th place with a score of 550.40 (Japan 575.15, Russia 570.90, East Germany 561 .00, Czecho-slovakia 551 .20 and Poland 550.60). Top All-Around scorer was Voronin of Russia with 116.15 followed by Tsurmi of Japan with 115.25, Nakayama 114.95, Cerar 114.75, Menichelli (Italy) 114.65 and Kato (Japan) 114.60. Makoto Sakamoto with 11 2.1 5 placed 16th to be the highest USA scorer.

    * * * The U

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