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Mission Design and Scripting

Mission Design and Scripting. New Objects in VBS2 Vehicles LAV-AT, LAV-C2, LAV-R, LAV-L RG-31 w/M151, (remote operated machine gun) Husky mine detection.

Jan 18, 2016



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Mission Design and ScriptingNew Objects in VBS2VehiclesLAV-AT, LAV-C2, LAV-R, LAV-LRG-31 w/M151, (remote operated machine gun)Husky mine detectionUnderground StructuresBunker and sewersObjectsGlintLight beaconInvisible camerasEditor ImprovementsGroup selectedLoiter waypoint improvementsWord filter for most drop down menusTow any vehicleDifficulty changed to Simulation OptionsAbility to force settings to client computersEditor icons to rotate or move along an axis

New Animations

Prone positions with launchersFiremans Carry

Other FeaturesWindow damage

Adjust throwing forceScriptingCreate actions not available in the editorMove units without waypointsDisplay custom titlesDesign graphical user interfaces (buttons and menus)Play custom soundsCreate special camera viewsWiki Pagehttp://resources.bisimulations.comCurrent list of all scripting commands

Wiki Page Demo Missions

Example missions of complex scriptsVBS2 Forumshttps://forums.bisimulations.comUser community full of answers and trouble shooting

Scripting ExamplesPractical application:Populate a town with civiliansCustom formationsAdd vehicle weapons to peopleDemo the following:Pick up cargo (sling loads)Use binoculars from a UH-60 aircraftAC-130 turretZombie Apocalypse!Mission DesignFirst Bullet PointSecond Bullet PointThird Bullet PointFourth Bullet PointFirst Bullet PointMain sub textTwo Columns Setup

Two Columns Setup