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Mira Connect Integration Sony BRAVIA Professional Sony BRAVIA Professional Family Displays The Sony BRAVIA family of professional displays can be controlled with Mira Connect , Aveo

Jul 12, 2020




  • Sony BRAVIA Professional Family Displays

    The Sony BRAVIA family of professional displays can be controlled with Mira Connect™, Aveo Systems’ smart control appliance. Mira Connect communicates and controls the Sony BRAVIA over an Ethernet network.

    Follow these steps to integrate a Sony BRAVIA with Mira Connect:

    Configure the Sony BRAVIA display for professional applications as follows. On the display,

    Go to Settings → Power → Eco and set Idle TV standby to Off

    Go to Settings → Network → Home network → IP control and set Authentication to Normal and Pre-Shared Key and set Simple IP control to On

    Add the Sony BRAVIA to the room in Mira Portal (, enter its IP address and press ‘add equipment’. Mira Connect will connect to the Sony BRAVIA system and show the status of the connection.

    Mira Portal will show the equipment status as a green circle if the IP address is valid, otherwise the warning symbol, ! , will appear indicating the IP address is not correct or Mira Connect does not have a network route to the display.

    Specify which video inputs are used on the display by selecting Edit from the device’s menu, selecting the Video Inputs tab and enabling an input, selecting an icon, and entering text labels for the desired inputs. This will create a display menu as shown in the following figures.

    The display menu will be built and previewed on the Video Inputs tab within Mira Portal. An optional display name may be entered which is useful if you have multiple displays in a room.

    The Blank feature on the display menu temporarily turns off the display’s output without powering down the display.

    Sony Pro (Bravia)

    Equipment ADD

    1 Step

    2 Step

    3 Step

    Display Power


    Select source:

    LAPTOP Local Presentation


    Soft Codec ROOM COMPUTER

    Local Presentation LAPTOP

    Select source:

    Display Name (Optional)

    This menu will appear on Mira Connect. If you have more than one display, enter a name for each. Drag items to change order. The first item is the default selected input.

    Sony Pro (Bravia)

    Add Equipment

    Equipment Type * Model *

    Icon Label

    Description (Optional)


    Soft Codec

    Icon Label

    Description (Optional)

    Simulate equipmentUniversal

    HDMI 3

    Component 6

    HDMI 1

    Menu Preview



    Local Presentation

    Mira Connect Integration


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    Mira Connect Integration with the Sony BRAVIA Displays

    See the Mira Connect Administrators Guide for more information about using Mira Portal to set up Mira Connect.

    Important information about the integration is summarized below.

    Control Interface

    Network connection using TCP, port 20060. Set a static IP address, or use a ‘reserved’ lease on a DHCP server to ensure the IP address does not change over time.

    Volume Control There is no support for volume control of the display. Use a DSP audio conference device or video conferencing system for volume control.

    Supported Models Mira Connect supports all Sony BRAVIA professional displays that support the Simple IP protocol, including the FW series displays.

    Software Versions Tested with Sony BRAVIA Professional display.