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Middle Ages

Dec 31, 2015



Middle Ages. After the Fall. The Decline Roman empire lead to an era called the Middle ages. Invasion affect in Europe. Constant invasions and constant welfare lead to: Disruption on trade Downfall of cities Population shift. Disruption on Trade. Invasion cause a collapse in trading. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Middle Ages

Middle Ages After the Fall The Decline Roman empire lead to an era called the Middle ages

The circle highlights what part of the Roman Empire?The orange shaped area on the map is which empire?2Invasion affect in Europe Constant invasions and constant welfare lead to:Disruption on trade Downfall of citiesPopulation shift

Disruption on TradeInvasion cause a collapse in trading.Money became scarce

What does Scarce mean?

4Downfall of cites Cities abandoned as centers of government

If cities are abandoned as centers of government what will happen to their population?

5Population shift Nobles left cities and went to rural areasCity dwellers left with the leadership to grow their own foodPopulation becomes mostly rural

If the nobles/leadership leave the cities who will follow?

6Germanic invadersCould not read or writeDifferent languages spring up Lived in small communitiesFamily ties and personal loyalty made it hard to establish an orderly government

Compared to the Romans Education was accessable Latin was the official languageLived in large citiesLoyalty to the Empire and Emperior (republic and government)

7The church Most priests and church officials could read and write Churches provided stability during the Middle agesTheir authority grew

They were the people old friend who was always there for them 8MonasteriesMonasteries- a religious communityMonks learned to read and writeOpened schoolsMaintained libraries Copied booksHelp spread Christianity

Continued to preserve the Roman and Greek heritage 9The Church authority Pope became secular leaderSecular- Worldy, power involved in politicsThe entire western roman empire fell under the popes authority Spiritual kingdom


Feudal society Based on mutual obligationsIn exchange for military service a lord grants land (fief) to a vassal (a person receiving a fief)Control depended on the amount of land one controlled

Feudal System KingsNobles (also priest)KnightsLandless peasants

Feudal society Social classes well definedBorn into the classMost people were serfsCould not lawfully leave the place they were bornManorManor-the lords estateDepended on a set of rights and obligations between a lord and his serfSelf sufficient community

15The FranksThe Franks emerged as the leading force in Gaul

Where is modern da gaul located?What do I mean by leading force16ClovisClovis was their leaderWife urged him to convert to Christianity 496-in fighting against an another Germanic tribe Clovis appealed to the Christian godWinsAsked bishop to baptize his army

What do you think it means when clovis baptizes his army?17The Church ResponseThe church in Rome welcomes Clovis conversion and supported his military campaignsAlliance between the Frankish kings and the church begins

What does alliance means?18Charlemagne771 Charlemagne seized control of the Gaul kingdom Conquered new lands (most of western Europe)Becomes most powerful king in Europe

By conquering more land what does that do for this reputation and power?

19Charlemagne and the Church Went to Rome to crush an unruly mob that attacked the popeCrowned EmperorThe pope claimed political right to crown an emperor

Governing the EmpireLimited the NoblesHad Royal agents to make sure nobles govern their countries fairly Regularly visited every part of the kingdom How would you feel if Dr Minshew, Mr Green and Mr Adams regularly visited you in class?21Cultural RevivalEncouraged learningOpened school that were to train future monks and priestBuilt more churchesBuilt roads to connect the empire Germanic tribes migrationAnglos and the Saxons migrated from the continent of Europe to EnglandMagyars migrated from Central Asia to Hungary Captured people to sell as slaves Vikings migrated from Scandinavia to RussiaWorshiped war like godsRaided places quickly BellringerPull out reading packet Begin reading Chapter 14 sec 1 & 2 AgendaReading DiscussionNotes Book work

Late Middle Ages1000s spiritual revival happens throughout EuropeAge of FaithPope and religious leaders reform the Church Church becomes stronger

The CrusadesThe CrusadesByzantine Emperor Alexius Commenis sent an appeal to Robert, Count of FlandersAlso gets read by Pope Urban IIAsked for help against the Muslim TurksUrban II called for an holy War (Crusades)

GoalMust gain control of the Holy land and Jerusalem!Other CausesKing and Church saw the crusades as an opportunity to get rib of the arguing KnightsKnights fighting each otherThreatened peace of kingdomsThose who fought are called crusaders

The first Crusades First CrusadeCrusaders ill preparedDid not know the GeographyClimateCulture Of the holy land

First Crusade cont. Has no StrategyArgued among themselvesCaptured Jerusalem In 1099Set up for Crusader States around JerusalemEach ruled by a European noble

The Second CrusadesSecond CrusadeStates vulnerable to Muslim attacksSecond crusade was to recapture Jerusalem City instead falls to the Muslim leader SaladinCrusaders shocked!

And. Another Crusade (3rd)Third CrusadesTry to recapture Jerusalem again. This time lead by three kingsEngland- Richard the Lion HeartedFrance- Philip Augustus German-Frederick I

Third Crusades cont.Richard and Saladin fought each other many timesBoth ruthless fightersRespected each otherAgreed to a truceSaladin promised to allow unarmed Christian pilgrims into the city

The Fourth Crusade!!! Fourth CrusadesPope Innocent II appeals for another crusade to recapture Jerusalem Knights end up looting the city of ConstantinopleCausing the split in the Eastern and Western churches

Knights get involved with issues between the Italians and the byzantine empire43Even More Crusade..Later CrusadersThey were common and unsuccessful

The EffectsFailures lessoned the power of the popeWeakened nobility Stimulated trade between Europe and southwest AsiaBitterness between Christians, Jews and MuslimsWeakened the Byzantine Empire

Fall of ConstantinopleCrusaders weakened the city Eventually it fell to the Ottoman TurksEnded the Byzantine EmpireBecomes the capital of the ottoman empire

Black Death 1/3 of the population died to the deadly disease known as the bubonic plague

Artist dipicted death as the grim reaper 49OriginsBegan in Asia Came to Europe through tradeBegan in Italy before quickly spreading to France, Germany and EuropeTook 4 years to reach all of Europe Killed 25 million in Europe

EffectsPopulations numbers fell in the towns and country sideTrade declinedPrices roseLess people to workFarmlands abandonedOld manorial system crumblesSerf left manors to find better wages Church losses Prestige Church ScholarsMost who were able to read or write belonged to the church Scholars worked in monasteries where they translated Greek and Arabic into Latin BellringerPull out reading packet and finish reading chapter 14 sec 3 &4AgendaFinish book workReviewBegin on study guide

Homework: Study for test NEXT classMiddle Ages Review After the Roman Empire Split into two parts. The Eastern became known as the ________

The Western half of the Roman empire was invaded/attacked by __________________ who came from central Asia

______________ came to a halt because of the invasions. Merchants no longer felt safe traveling from one city to another

_____________ became smaller as people moved out to the country side for protection

The following describes what system that developed during the Middle Ages

The following describes what system that developed during the Middle Ages

Other than the king who else held power? (more power than the kings?)

62A ______________ was a person who is bond to the land. They work for the lord and in return the lord provides them with protection

Charles Martel defeated the __________ at the battle of the Tours, preventing Islam from spreading into Europe.

How did the monaries continue the Roman traditions?

What is a Crusade?

What was the goal of the crusades?

Who were crusaders?

68Were the crusades successful?

What is a guild?

_________________ the conqueror invaded England in 1066

The 100 year war was between ____________ and _________________