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Microfinance Focus May 2009

Nov 02, 2014



Microfinance Focus (MF) is a monthly digital magazine. It is an international online monthly magazine focused on the microfinance sector. Microfinance Focus initiated publishing in July 2006

  • 1. ` May 2009 Microfinance & Environment Savings: Meeting this Essential Need Interview Padma Bhushan Ela Bhatt Advancement of technology Institution Spotlight Grameen Koota Reinforce Securitization in Palestine Microfinance Focus [ May 2009 ] 1 Multiple Borrowing: Finding Solutions
  • 2. ` May 2009 Contents Cover Story : Microfinance and Environment 19...Microfinance & the Environmental Bottom Line - GreenMicrofinance and CGAP 22...World's First Cell-Phone-Based Carbon-Micro-Credits Implementation - David A. Palella 24...Backyard BBQs Meet Improved Cookstoves Interview 28.. An Exclusive Interview with - Betsy Teutsch , GreenMicrofinance Padma Bhushan Ela Bhatt , (Magsaysay laureate) Horizon 12...Reinforce the Microfinance Securitization in Palestine with priority to Institution Spotlight the Gaza Strip. 25...When the Buck Stops -The Palestinian Network for Small and Microfinance Grameen Koota: More than Just Credit 14...Savings: Meeting this Essential Need of Poor in India - By, Graham A. N. Wright 16..Multiple Borrowing: Finding Solutions - Suresh K Krishna 41 News 29...First Person-New York Desk 06 EditorialThe US Desk 05... Editorial-India Desk Perspective 07...Advancement of technology: Reduce the Cost and Maximize the Benefit to Client Disclaimer By, Dr. Souren Ghosal Views expressed in the article/s are au- thors own views. It does not necessarily represent those of Microfinance Focus . Microfinance Focus does not take any re- sponsibility of correctness of those data. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited . Microfinance Focus [ May 2009 ] 2
  • 3. ` Our People Team BOARD OF ADVISORS India Mrs. Frances Sinha Managing Editor Mr. Sitaram Rao Dr G. Gandhi Vikash Kumar EDITORIAL BOARD HeadKnowledge Management Dr. Souren Ghosal Dr. N Jeyaseelan Dr. Amrit Patel Associate Editor Christina Weichselbaumer GOVERNING BOARD Marketing and Outreach Manager Romain Testard Mr. Suresh K Krishna , Chairman Mr. Ashish Gupta , Member Mr. M. V. Raman, Member The US Vikash Kumar , Executive Director Managing EditorUS Jerome Peloquin Head Office Microfinance FocusIndia Associate Editor Avalahalli, Anjanpura Post , Bangalore( India)-62 Pamela Faulkner P: +91.80.28436237 |f: +91.80.28436577 Email: [email protected] Associate Knowledge Management Web: Raghunand Makonahalli Correspondent : New York Branch office Peter Burgess Microfinance Focus The US 717 Lawrence Street, NE | Washington, DC, Marketing & Technology Editor 20017 Bruce Meraviglia Mobile +410.227.0498 Email: [email protected] Correspondent : Nairobi [ Africa ] Jastus Suchi Obadiah Web: Sponsors : copyright 2008-09 ] 3 Microfinance Focus [ May 2009
  • 4. ` Microfinance Focus [ May 2009 ] 4
  • 5. ` From India Desk Editorial GO GREEN Global warming is no longer just warning but is happening and therefore poses many immediate and long term environmental threats It is our responsibility, a collective as well as an individual to protect our environment from its onslaughts.. Microfinance sector is already well poised to alleviate poverty could also contrib- ute significantly to help poor to acquire appropriate energy source and adopt or- ganic farming to checkmate global warming. Here, I am stressing the need to high- light another set of opportunity where this sector can contribute immensely and keep not only global warming at bay but also poor people to have access to cheap energy and fertilizer. Role of small enterprise is largely a matter of evolving appropriate strategy to en- able them to become not only sustainable but also to contribute in developing healthy environment. In fact there are many wonderful outcomes could be possi- ble from this sector if i collectively they take the responsibility towards the envi- ronment protection. In fact it will add another social value contribution from the MFIs and we should consider it one of the essential parameter for socially respon- sible MFIs. Impacting energy poverty by providing access to sustainable and eco-friendly Vikash Kumar sources of energy is one of many initiative MFIs can promote. Many MFIs are al- ready trying to promote non conventional energy sources like solar lamps, solar Managing EditorIndia cooker, fuel saving stove etc. These all fuel efficient methodology and pollution free renewable energy sources offsets carbon, and therefore there is huge op- Write to the Editor portunity for MFIs and its clients to en-cash its good work (by selling carbon credit) [email protected] and contribute significantly to save environment from the growing warming alarms. It would be further encouraging if .appropriate rewards are also awarded to those who adopt these practices to reduce global warming. Microfinance Institutions reach to entrepreneurs of Micro and small enterprises in rural and urban areas are perhaps best positioned to give significant push to gen- erate awareness and activities to halt global warming. Microenterprise mostly re- late to non -organize sector and many of these enterprises are not following the organic farming for one reason or the other. Here MFIs can play a crucial role spe- cially educating theses entrepreneurs to adopt eco-friendly microenterprise, or- ganic farming, and various sustainable industry standard practices that would help slowing down of global warming.. Donors and investors could provide incentives for adoptio