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Michaels Speech Assessment

Jun 30, 2015



year 6 DBIS
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2. Self Assessment writing targets Target Mark Comment Write with appropriate structure and organization. 12345 I think I wrote it out very well with using paragraphs andI organized it in the correct format.I think I did it in the perfect structure. Use quality openings 123 45 I think I used a prettygood opening because I useda very goodrhetorical question and agood intro. Use paragraphs effectively 12345 I used a lot of paragraphs and they effected my speech very well.Italsohelped my speech in lots of other ways. Write with detail 1234 5I think I didnt write with as much detail that I thought I could but I didnt too little either.Also I think it could be improved. Set out arguments and draw them to a conclusion effectively 123 4 5I think I wrote it quite well and I made sure I mentioned what I was trying to tell everybody.It was a pretty set out argument only it needed more information and the conclusion should have been better. 3. Self Assessment Speech Rubric 4. Self Assessment Questionnaire

  • In what way(s) do you think you could have improved the delivery of your speech?
  • I think I could of stopped moving around so much and use more expressions which could help my speech to be better.I also think that I could of practiced more so that I wouldnt have to keep looking at the cue cards or memorize it better.
  • After watching everyones speech, what were some things that stood out in your mind?
  • I think that staying still while delivering the speech, remembering your lines and using expressions was a few of the main points that stood out in my head.There were also loads more points in my head but I cant remember them.
  • How did you prepare for the speech?
  • I prepared by practicing it for about 15 times out loud and said it to a few people.I also tried to say it to myself without looking at the cards or restarting the whole thing all over again.

5. Self Assessment- Questionnaire

  • 4.What were two things that you think were fantastic about your speech?
  • The first thing that I thought was fantastic is the way I wrote my speech and how I wrote it.The second thing that I thought was fantastic was how I delivered my opening and introduction.
  • 5 . How do you feel about giving speeches?
  • I feel extremely nervous when I gave out my speech but I was confident when I was giving my China speech. I think it depends on what type of mood am I feeling on that day and if it is a good mood or not.Usually I would feel very nervous before saying it out.

6. Peer Assessment 7. Peer Assessment 8. Peer Assessment 9. From Mr. Stanhope