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Michael Page Technology 2010 Employment Index NEXT PAGE Specialists in Technology Recruitment 136 offices in 28 countries |
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  1. 1. NEXT PAGEMichael Page Technology2010 Employment Index Specialists in Technology Recruitment 136 offices in 28 countries |
  2. 2. Job Job Search IntroductionMethodologyBenefits Training Satisfaction Job Security Interim PermContact UsStatusTalent management the key to any successful IT leader. What are the key things that keep the industrys leading IT Directors and CIOs So, whether you are an IT professional looking to check your current salary orawake at night? Deciding which ERP will deliver the greatest benefit to the business interim rate against the industry average, an IT Director keen to understandat a reasonable price? Debating whether outsourcing their support organisation what training your team would most like to see, or an HR Manager reviewingis the right thing to do? Wondering how they can use social networking tools benefits and retention for your IT organisation, this Employment Index will be anthat everyone is demanding with genuine business justification? From my dailyinvaluable tool.discussions with some of the key leaders in the IT Leadership community, thereis no doubt that all of the above play a part in making the role a challenging one.Happy hunting.However, there is one thing that stands out above all others, and is at the core ofevery key decision talent. Whether it be attracting and recruiting the best talent,or having a strategy to retain the best, having a people strategy is critical to everyIT Leader. In a recent interview with the Michael Page International CIO, Andrew Wayland,I asked how important Talent Management was to him It is the most importantpart of my role. Without hiring and retaining the best people, we wouldnt be able Stephen Rutherfordto achieve our objectives. You have to ensure you get your team in place, and that Managing Director, Michael Page Technologythey are thriving in their roles. Click here to read the full CIO interview.As one of the worlds leading professional recruitment organisations, we take ourrole in helping our customers to attract the best talent very seriously. We alsobelieve in using our unique market position to provide insights and information tohelp IT professionals and their respective employers to make informed decisions. 2| Michael Page Technology 2010 Salary Survey
  3. 3. JobJob Search Introduction Methodology BenefitsTraining Satisfaction Job SecurityInterimPermContact UsStatusSurvey MethodologyAbout Michael Page Technology The Michael Page Technology 2010 Employment Index was conducted onlineMichael Page Technology is the specialist technology practice of Michael Pagebetween 29 January and 31 March 2010. Over 12,000 survey invitations were International Plc. We focus on business technology, which we define as theemailed to our candidates and clients. Links to the survey were also included roles which use technology to give business a competitive advantage. Ourin online newsletters and hosted on the Michael Page website. Along withface-to-face business ethos with both clients and candidates allows us tocollecting salary data, we also collected information about additional benefits,ensure that we understand how talent and technology combine. Utilising ourtraining, job satisfaction, job security and job search status. best practice recruitment methodology, we ensure our candidates and clientsreceive world class customer service and a genuine partner for their technologyrecruitment needs. Sectors we cover: EntertainmentandMedia FinancialServices FMCG ITandTelecoms Leisure Logistics Manufacturing Pharmaceutical ProfessionalServices PublicSectorandNot-for-Profit Retail 3| Michael Page Technology 2010 Salary Survey
  4. 4. JobJob Search Introduction Methodology Benefits TrainingSatisfaction Job Security Interim PermContact UsStatusSalary & Benefits With the backdrop of a challenging economic climate in 2009, budget cuts andheadcount reductions, IT professionals faced a similar challenge to the rest of theglobal business community. Although our survey demonstrates that there hasntbeen a significant downshift in the earnings across the IT job spectrum, thereis also little evidence of increases. Only 15% of those surveyed received a payincrease in 2009, and the majority of these increases were less than 10%.What benefits do people recieve?Outside of basic salary pay, total remuneration packages for IT professionals remaina hot topic of conversation for CIOs, HR teams and employees alike. With salaryShares/Optionsincreases limited, leveraging total package becomes an increasingly important toolfor attracting and retaining top talent. 28% of respondents received a performance- Car allowance 14%related bonus on top of their basic pay, while 21% receive a company car or car No additionalallowance. Bonus ranges vary from 5% to 40% of salary, while car allowances21% 22% benefitsrange from 5,000 to 14,000 per annum. 22% of respondents receive no additionalbenefits in addition to their salary.28% 15%Pay increase Bonus 4| Michael Page Technology 2010 Salary Survey
  5. 5. JobJob Search IntroductionMethodologyBenefits Training Satisfaction Job Security InterimPermContact Us StatusTraining & Development When operating budgets are being reduced, it is often training and developmentbudgets that are hit first. It is clear from our research that IT professionals holdsignificant value in training and development, and so CIOs need to ensure that thisis a core element in both budgets and personal development planning. IndustryWhat training are people looking for? What training are people looking for?certifications (both technical and process) still head up the most valued, with 44%of respondents. One of the most interesting findings is that 37% of respondentsWhat training are people looking for? What training are people looking for? Business skills trainingsee business skills training as the most important. This reflects the changing natureof the skills needed to develop a successful IT career the ability to understandBusiness skills trainingbusiness and communicate effectively are at the top of the list for a CIO hiring for Business skills trainingBusiness skills trainingthe future. 37%37%37%37% 44% 4% 44%4%College/Certifications44% 15%44%College/ University courses4%4%Certifications 15% University College/coursesCollege/ CertificationsCertifications15%15% University coursesUniversity coursesCommunication skillsCommunication skills Communication skillsCommunication skills 5| Michael Page Technology 2010 Salary Survey
  6. 6. JobJob Search IntroductionMethodologyBenefits Training Satisfaction Job SecurityInterim Perm Contact Us StatusJob Satisfaction Staff retention and motivation is one of the key topics on the agenda for everyCIO and IT Leader. So what is going to ensure you attract and retain the besttalent? We asked our respondents to think about what matters most to them inthe job. The challenge of the job and responsibility was by far the most importantfactor, with almost half (45%) of respondents citing this as key. As new projects and What is most important toopportunities arise, it has never been more important for an IT Leader to ensurethat their best people have clear career development plans, and are challenged people in their job?by their role. Basic salary was voted as the second most important element, with33%. Perhaps this is not overly surprising given the nature of the recession Benefitsa guarantee of being able to pay your mortgage at the end of the month outweighsthe promise of potential performance related pay. This assumption is supported byBonus opportunities14%the fact that only 14% and 8% respectively of respondents state that benefits and8%bonus are most important to them. 33%Basic pay45%Challenge of job& responsibilities 6| Michael Page Technology 2010 Salary Survey
  7. 7. JobJob Search IntroductionMethodologyBenefits Training SatisfactionJob SecurityInterim PermContact Us StatusJob Security So what impact has the recession had on the perception of job security for ITprofessionals? Our results clearly show that there is a strong element of instability 34% feel very secure in their current jobs, whilst 28% feel insecure. Overall, twothirds of respondents have some concerns about their current security. How do people rate theirjob security?Somewhat secure Insecure38%28% 34%Very secure 7| Michael Page Technology 2010 Salary Survey
  8. 8. JobJob Search IntroductionMethodology Benefits Training Satisfaction Job SecurityInterim PermContact UsStatusJob Search Status What does job security mean for the IT job market in 2010? With the improvementin trading conditions, and a continuing increase in job openings, our survey askedrespondents to give an indication of their activity in the job market. 35% stated thatthey are actively interested in new opportunities, and 34% are passively looking.With 69% in total interested in their next career move, it has never been more Are people looking forimportant for IT leaders to focus on providing a challenging environment, and acomprehensive personal development plan to attract and retain the best IT opportunities?Yes, passivelyNo34%31% 35% Yes, actively 8| Michael Page Technology 2010 Salary Survey
  9. 9. JobJob Search Introduction MethodologyBenefitsTraining SatisfactionJob SecurityInterim Perm Contact Us StatusInterim RemunerationDaily RateHigh () Average () Low () 1st Line Support 160 130110 2nd Line Support 180 150120 3rd Line Support 300 240200 Support Manager400 350280 Network Engineer 400 300250 Infrastructure Manager 450 380300 Architect800 600500 Business Analyst 450 375250 Project Manager500 400300 Programme Manager700 600500 Programme Director 800 700600 IT Director800 700550 9| Michael Page Technology 2010 Salary Survey
  10. 10. JobJob SearchIntroductionMethodology Benefits TrainingSatisfactionJob SecurityInterim Perm Contact UsStatus Permanent Salary DataAnnual SalaryHigh ()Average () Low () 1st Line Support 27,00022,00019,000 2nd Line Support 32,00028,00025,000 3rd Line Support 45,00037,00028,000 Support Manager50,00040,00030,000 Network Engineer 50,00040,00035,000 Infrastructure Manager 75,00060,00055,000 Architect100,000 75,00060,000 Business Analyst 65,00050,00045,000 Project Manager70,00060,00050,000 Programme Manager90,00080,00075,000 Programme Director 110,000 90,00075,000 IT Director130,000 100,000 80,000 10 | Michael Page Technology 2010 Salary Survey
  11. 11. Job Job SearchIntroduction Methodology Benefits TrainingSatisfaction Job SecurityInterim Perm Contact UsStatus Operating from four office locations we have a number of industry specialistLONDON consultantscoveringavarietyofsectorsincludingFMCG,ProfessionalServices, Rutesh Shah (Director) Retail, IT & Telecoms, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, PublicSector&Not-for-Profit,Pharmaceutical,LogisticsandLeisure.020 7269 6216If you would like to discuss salary trends within any of these sectors, or to HOME COUNTIES find out how we can assist with your recruitment needs, please contact theStuart Packham (Director) relevant 020 8742 5963 NORTH James Barrett (Manager) 0161 828 6369 11| Michael Page Technology 2010 Salary Survey